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FAQs / Help and Advice

Which Act do I choose... there are so many?!

Indeed, where to start! Well, there are 2 main ways of narrowing this down. Firstly, give us a call! We’re available during the hours of 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday on 0845 643 9384 (Local Rate) and always happy to offer no-obligation help and advice. We can give you an idea of prices, the most ideally suited and located band or entertainer for your event and we can offer you advice as to what may or may not work. Our helpful agents are experienced in every type of event and can answer any questions or queries you may have. We’re more than happy to send across ideas once you have provided details for your event, such as the ambience you wish to create, the age range you are looking to cater for and the type of event you are planning. Then, working with you and listening to your feedback we will fine-tune choices so as to ensure the perfect artist is chosen.

The second way of narrowing down the acts is via the easy to use website. You should have a rough idea of what you are looking for... at the very least you will know if you are looking for a live band, a magician, dancers, etc. and that’s a great place to begin. But, it is a very difficult decision to get the right act to suit both your guests and your own tastes just from a website. Begin by narrowing down slightly what it is you are looking for. For example, although you want a live band, what style are looking for? Jazz? Rock? Latin? This should get you off to a good start as you can select this kind of choice from the navigation menu at the top of the page. It’s a good idea to then search based on the budget that you are looking to spend and also on the area your event is taking place. Once you have done this you will be able to look at individual act profiles in-depth. Things to think about as you do this are - look at the photos – does that particular act send out the right image for your event and the mood you are trying to create? Listen to audio clips where relevant and see if you like the sound of the singer’s voice. We all have personal tastes so don’t be afraid to tell us if you don’t like someone or something... one man’s wine is another man’s poison. Read the previous client feedback for the acts and see how other customers have felt about them. See where the act has performed before – they may have even played your venue and so know the layout and any details specific to it.

As you look through the profiles you can add ones that you like the look of to your basket by clicking on the ‘Egg’ icons.

When you have shortlisted all the acts you would like to check the availability of and obtain an accurate quote submit your enquiry by clicking on ‘View Basket’ at the top of your screen. Fill in the enquiry form and click ‘Chirp’ at the bottom of the form. And, that’s it! We’ll then do all the work and come back to you with availability and quotes for your chosen acts.

Can I speak to somebody about enquiring?

Of course! We’re always happy to help and offer free no-obligation advice. When you make the call you will be allocated your own specific entertainment co-ordinator. This co-ordinator will remain the same person throughout the life of your enquiry, meaning that you won’t have to repeat the same information each time you call or email. It also means that the co-ordinator will be familiar with your event and exactly what is required. Your co-ordinator will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have, so feel free to call now on 0845 643 9384 (Local Rate).

Why should I use an Agency when I’ve heard so many bad things?

Don’t worry. We’ve heard plenty of bad things about agencies too so you aren’t the only one. The difference with Warble is that we’re here for the long haul. We’re not here to make a quick buck and then never be seen again. We are striving to build on and continue to develop the fantastic name and status that we have so far acquired. And, because of this you can definitely count us among one of the good guys. Reputation is paramount to us and we realise that if we do a poor job today then we won’t be in business tomorrow. So, having established that we want to get things perfect for our customers and our own innate high standards, the reason to use a ‘good’ agency is simple – we relieve worry and stress. When you hire a band or entertainer from us you can rest assured that the act will provide you with the most awesome entertainment. You won’t have to worry about the act not turning up, you won’t have to fret over their appearance or quality or how they handle themselves with your guests... you can just enjoy them. We vet our acts to the highest standard and ensure that they are reliable, professional, outstanding performers and have plenty of experience. We turn down nearly all of the acts that apply to join our roster and so those featured have withstood the rigorous protocol and passed with flying colours. It is not in any band or entertainer’s interest to let us down, because if they do, they will be removed from the roster and lose a valuable source of income. Plus, in this industry word spreads very quickly and so a bad performance or error of judgement could be very costly.

In addition, we have transparent and legally enforceable booking contracts and terms and conditions written in plain and straightforward language to protect both you and the act you have booked. This means that everything is formally agreed between both parties and you know exactly where you stand given any situation.

Another reason to use Warble is that we genuinely care about your event and making sure that it goes to plan. However, we realise that even with the best laid plans on very rare occasions things are beyond anybody’s control. For example, the lead singer of the band you have booked has been struck down with a serious chest infection and is just too unwell to perform. What now? Is this where the stress and worry kick in? No, not at all. Had you booked the local band that you saw at the pub a few weeks ago then there would now be a lot of worry because they will call you, tell you, and then leave it with you... it’s your problem. However, if you had the foresight to book a Warble Entertainment band then you can rest assured that you don’t have to lose any sleep whatsoever. In this instance, we make sure that all of our bands have fully-trained deputy (‘dep’) performers. This means that if one of the line-up should fall ill then the dep can stand-in and there is no disruption to all that planning. Obviously, things can get trickier than this... what happens if the whole band catches the chest infection? Again, we’re here to rectify this situation for you. We provide 24/7 emergency cover should any kind of situation like this arise and we will work tirelessly to provide you with a suitable replacement. We work with bands and entertainers all over the country and have thousands of acts available to us from connections and the networking that we have done over the years. We wouldn’t just leave you in the lurch like many agencies out there because as I mentioned, if we can’t fix it then it’s our reputation on the line. So, whatever happens we will be there to provide support and relieve the stress and worry.

Warble is a professional agency run by qualified staff and provides the security and legitimacy of an established business with a fabulous reputation amongst both customers and the acts we work with. We are always just a phone call away.

Why should I book with Warble Entertainment Agency over any other?

We believe that Warble provide a service second to none. With our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff you will be treated to customer service of the highest standard. Reputation is paramount to us and we realise that if we do a poor job today then we won’t be in business tomorrow.

Our response rate to customers is the best out there. We don’t keep you hanging on for days for a reply to your questions or enquiries. We are contactable by telephone during the hours of 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday and are often able to answer any questions on the spot. Our email turnaround rate in 95% of cases is the same day, and in case of emergencies we even have 2 staff providing emergency telephone cover 24/7. So, you will get the answers you need quicker than anywhere else.

In addition, we are an established company who won’t just disappear off the face of the internet as many Agencies do. We have a reputation to maintain and plan on being around for a very, very long time to come.

When you hire a band or entertainer from us you can rest assured that the act will provide you with the most awesome entertainment. You won’t have to worry about the act not turning up, you won’t have to fret over their appearance or quality or how they handle themselves with your guests... you can just enjoy them. We vet our acts to the highest standard and ensure that they are reliable, professional, outstanding performers and have plenty of experience. We turn down nearly all of the acts that apply to join our roster and so those featured have withstood the rigorous protocol and passed with flying colours. It is not in any band or entertainer’s interest to let us down, because if they do, they will be removed from the roster and lose a valuable source of income. Plus, in this industry word spreads very quickly and so a bad performance or error of judgement could be very costly.

We also offer a very straightforward and simple process for finding and booking entertainment. We realise that in most cases this is not something our customers tend to do every day. So, we believe that by being as helpful as possible and making the whole procedure easy to understand and transparent you will never feel uneasy or out of control. At the end of the day this is your event (your BIG day even!) and we think that worrying over legal jargon or stressing about not being able to understand the contract are things you can just do without. Our contracts and terms and conditions are extremely easy to understand and offer you safety and protection.

One thing to be aware of is that many agencies out there are actually run by band members themselves to help fill their weekdays when they are not out performing. That’s all very well in theory because they have a basic idea of the industry, but in practice on a Friday or Saturday if a problem arises who is going to answer the phone and help you? It certainly won’t be them as they’ll be getting ready to go on stage and perform. Our agency is staffed by entertainment industry savvy people with experience in abundance. We have 24/7 cover with at least 2 members of staff who will be available to handle any issue that may arise.

How does the booking procedure work... is it easy?

YES! The booking procedure is extremely straightforward and transparent; quotes are fully inclusive with no nasty hidden extras that will catch you unawares later on, contracts and terms and conditions are written in plain English with no small print to worry about, and, you still get to speak directly to the act you have booked. For further details, take a look over our Guide ‘How to Book’.

A basic outline is that you would find the act you like and tell us you wish to confirm a booking with them. We will then issue a booking contract and an invoice for a small deposit, which should be returned with 7 days. The act is now secured for you. 3 weeks before your event date the band or entertainer will contact you directly to fine tune any last minute details and introduce themselves. The balance payment will then be paid directly to the act on the day itself either via cheque or cash. The balance may also be paid in advance if you would prefer.

Will I receive a contract?

Yes, without a doubt! All of our events are fully contracted for your peace of mind and backed by our easy to read and understand Terms and Conditions. The booking contract features the details specific to your event (Click here to see a sample contract) and the terms and conditions reinforce the contract itself (Click here to see a copy of our current terms and conditions).

Can I see the act I want to hire before I book?

In most cases this is quite tricky because the bands or entertainers tend to be booked for private events only, such as Weddings and Corporate Events. However, occasionally showcase events are arranged, or events open to the public are booked. It’s always worth double checking with your agent to see if the band or entertainer you are interested in has any such event lined up. Some bands are happy for you to attend a rehearsal so that you can speak to them before and have a chance to hear them play live. However, this is dependent upon the act. In cases where a band cannot be seen it is always a great idea to take a look over their profile in depth to see if there are any video clips of them performing and read their previous customer feedback. This will give you an indication of how well they have been received previously. In addition, rest assured that if the band or entertainer was not a fantastic addition to any event they would not have passed the Warble vetting procedure and be listed on the roster.

How do I know your bands or entertainers are any good?

When you see any act on the Warble Entertainment Agency website you can rest assured that they have not just been allowed to join merely because they want to. Also, we do not charge acts to join our site – so, we have no interest in just adding as many as we can regardless of quality.

We have a strict vetting procedure at Warble and refuse almost every band or entertainer that applies to join.

In the majority of cases the bands or entertainers have been seen in action by at least one of our artist sign-up staff so that we are able to gauge just how good they really are. Where this has not been possible the act has been added due to word of mouth recommendation by trusted industry sources, fantastic feedback from previous customers and exceptional quality video or audio examples that represent how good they are at what they do.

In addition to this each act has plenty of paperwork to plough through as we pass them very in-depth questionnaires with regards their act and pertinent industry issues surrounding it. Only the most ardent and committed will see this process through, which again helps us to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Also, in order to make sure that the band or entertainer is maintaining the high standards that we expect we ensure that each event they perform at is followed up by an after event feedback email. This email asks for the customer to provide their feedback on how well the act performed, presented themselves and whether they lived up to expectation. Any kind of failure or fall below par will instantly result in the act being quizzed over any shortcomings with the risk being that they lose their space on the roster. And, as we gain a lot of work for our acts this can be very detrimental to them so it is always in their best interest to make sure that standards do not fall... especially for a Warble Entertainment event.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Unfortunately, there are rare occasions where a customer needs to cancel the booking of their band or entertainer. Because the act has been holding the date for you and may now face the very realistic prospect of not being able to refill the date and therefore lose revenue a cancellation charge may be applicable.

The Warble Entertainment terms and conditions outline the cancellation rate based on the date of cancellation in line with the date of the event.

However, in some circumstances a cancellation may be made with no additional charges being applicable (other than the loss of the booking deposit). This is where the cancellation falls into the category of ‘Force Majeure’. This is also outlined in the Warble terms and conditions.

Why do I have to pay a cancellation fee?

If you cancel an act for a reason falling outside of ‘Force Majeure’ then you will more than likely be liable for a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee is applied because in the time that you had the act booked they will have undoubtedly turned alternate enquiries and work opportunities down. Therefore, if they are unable to refill the date they will be losing income, which, as a professional full-time act can be of significant relevance to them.

The cancellation fee will be minus any travel and accommodation costs that had been added by the artist and will be due within 7 days of the cancellation itself. If the date that had been cancelled is refilled then the act will reimburse the cancellation fee paid. This will be either the total amount if this is the amount the artist is receiving for their new event or the difference between their normal rate and the price being paid.

Please note – any cancellation fee goes directly to the band or entertainer that you had booked and not the agency.

Each cancellation is judged on its own merit and Warble will always endeavour to negotiate the fairest outcome.

What if the act I have booked cancels?

It is extremely rare that an act will need to cancel an event. However, if this does occur for reasons falling outside of ‘Force Majeure’ then the artist will be in breach of the contract. This means that legally you would be able to sue them for damages.

If the act has cancelled and the reasons fall within ‘Force Majeure’ then their liability is negated.

In both instances, you would be relieved that you had booked with Warble Entertainment as we will work with you to rectify the situation and source a suitable alternative. However, it is worth reiterating that cancellation by a Warble band or entertainer is extremely rare because they do not liking letting either customers or Warble Entertainment down in any capacity.

Will your bands perform my First Dance or take requests?

Some bands are happy to learn and perform your first dance free of charge providing they are given adequate notice, whereas some will charge a small fee to cover the cost of a rehearsal room so that your track may be practiced. Unfortunately, other bands may be so busy throughout the year that they physically will not get the time to undertake this task. Always check with your agent at the time of enquiry if a band learning your first dance is something very important to you. With regards requests the situation is very similar, some bands are happy to learn a couple, some will charge, and other won’t have time. Again, check with your agent. There’s definitely no harm in asking as it may be the case that the band have it in the full repertoire but just not in the current set-list. Or, perhaps the track was taken out of the repertoire not too long ago and so may just need a bit a brush up.

How does a standard band booking work?

A standard band booking is based on the following:

  • The band will arrive at 6pm to set-up and soundcheck at your venue. In some cases where the performance is taking place in the same room as the meal (and there is no room turnaround time) the band may need to arrive earlier to set-up. Normally, in this instance an additional charge to the standard fee is made.
  • Set-up and soundcheck normally takes anywhere between 60 – 90 minutes depending on how easy access is to the performance area (i.e. distance from the parking, stairs to climb, etc.)
  • The band will perform 2 x 60 or 3 x 40 minute live sets any time between 8pm and Midnight. For the best idea of what works with regards to timings it is best to listen to the band’s advice. For example, having the first live set at 8pm may not be the best idea if evening guests are only just arriving and are currently chatting as opposed to being ready to dance the night away.
  • The band will perform their sets and provide pre-recorded party music before between and after until midnight to ensure that the party does not stop because their performances have. Some bands offer a DJ Option whereby a member of the band is able to take requests via a Laptop or iPod DJ mixing hardware. And, in some cases, bands will offer a complete separate DJ with full lighting rig etc. Ask your agent for further details on DJ options available.
  • As standard the band will finish either their last performance or stop the pre-recorded music at midnight (often in compliance with the venue licensing limitations). Where a 1am or later finish is required a band will normally make a slight additional charge for this.
  • Once finished the band will break down (or pack away) their equipment, load up the vehicles and head off to their next destination.
What is the ‘Artist Rider’?

One very important clause in the Terms and Conditions relates to additional extras that the band or entertainer you want to book is going to need. For example, parking will be required, soft drinks for the duration of the acts stay, food refreshments (where an act will be at your event for more than 3 hours) and a changing area. These items are purely to ensure that the band or entertainer you have hired will be able to perform at their absolute best at all times. Parking at your venue is essential because often an entertainer has heavy or awkward equipment to carry.

The drinks and food refreshment do not need to be extravagant 3 course meals, and more often than not a platter of sandwiches will be more than adequate. The changing area is so that after an act has set-up their equipment they are able to change and prepare for their performance, and again, be at their most stunning. Ideally, this area should be lockable so that they can store any instrument cases and other bulky items out of the performance area so as to maintaining the best possible appearance.

My venue has a noise limiter so can I have a band?

Yes, yes and yes! OK, everyone agrees that noise limiters aren’t the most helpful of things when it comes to live bands. But, in all honesty past experience has taught us that the main reasons for noise limiters being an issue are one of the following; Drums, Brass instruments or inexperience.

The Drum issue is solved easily – a good drummer will know how to deaden the sound by employing certain tricks of the trade, such as using Hot-Rod drum sticks or ‘padding’ the kit. In some cases some drummers will opt to use an electronic drum-kit, which means that the sound is fully volume controllable.

The Brass issue is a little trickier and so it may be that you have to consider using a band that does not have live brass. If this is the case but you have your heart set on brass, consider thinking about booking a band with keyboards as in most cases brass sounds can be replicated via keyboard voices.

Inexperience... this is something you won’t have to worry about with a Warble band as many of our acts have plenty of experience working with noise limiters and how to make them work for them.

It is worth bearing in mind the levels that the noise limiter is set at however. Unfortunately, anything under 95Db is going to be very difficult for a standard party band to work with, regardless of how much experience they may have had in the past. So, always check with the venue what the limiter is set at.

In addition, sometimes, regardless of the limiter level, some bands will not work with them in any capacity. This is because some limiters cut the power supply to the performance area, which means that there is a risk of the performer’s expensive electrical equipment, such as amplifiers and PA, being damaged. Because of the amount spent on their equipment this risk is just too great for some bands.

Always advise your agent at the time of enquiry about Noise Limiters and they will be happy to advise on the most suitable course of action and bands.

People keep telling me they are fully self-contained... what does this mean?

Self-contained basically means that the band or entertainer will provide everything required to perform their act. For example, in the case of a band they will provide all instruments, PA, lighting, and in the case of a magician they would provide any props required. If an act is fully self-contained then you do not need to do anything other than book them!

What is a PA?

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic amplification system with a mixer, amplifier and speakers, used to reinforce a sound source. For example, a person giving a speech, a DJ playing pre-recorded music, or a band playing a concert or event.

Simple PA systems are often used in small venues by Cabaret or Stage Magicians or Comedians to ensure that their routine may be heard by all in attendance. Simple systems may also be used by bands for smaller events where only the vocals are required to be reinforced, and additional instruments use their own amplification.

The simplest PA systems consist of a microphone(s), a modestly-powered mixer amplifier and one or more loudspeakers. Simple PA systems of this type are often used in small venues and if necessary a sound source such as a CD player / iPod may be connected so that music can be played through the system.

For larger events and bands, a more powerful PA System is often used to provide live sound reproduction. In this type of setting, a PA consists of two PA systems: the 'main' system and the 'monitor' system. 

The 'main' system (also known as 'Front of House'), which provides the amplified sound for the audience, will typically use a number of powerful amplifiers driving a range of large, heavy-duty loudspeakers. A large club may use amplifiers to provide 3000 to 5000 watts of power to the main speakers; an outdoor concert may use 10,000 or more watts.

The 'monitor' system reproduces the sounds of the performance and directs them towards the onstage performers (typically using wedge-shaped monitor speaker cabinets), to help them to hear the instruments and vocals.

When live sound reproduction is being used, sound engineers and technicians are often used for larger events to control the mixing boards for the 'main' and 'monitor' systems, adjusting the tone, levels, and overall volume of the performance.

Will the band or entertainer provide all their own equipment?

Yes, in pretty much every case an act will have everything they need in order to perform at your event. In the case of bands this will include the PA, Speakers, Lighting, Instruments, etc. For magicians, they will provide any props and caricaturists will provide all the materials they need too. On certain occasions, for example, large corporate events or venue / club events, there may be sound equipment and engineers already provided. In these cases the acts will still provide their backline equipment (the equipment they require to perform their act), and the front of house equipment (large PA, lighting rigs etc.) will be in-house (provided by the venue). When this is the case the band or entertainer will provide a technical specification list outlining what they will be bringing with them so that the in-house team are able to cater for them. When an event is taking place in a foreign location it may be the case that the backline equipment will also need to be provided (for example, guitar amps, drum kit etc.). In instances such as these a technical rider will again be provided by the act so that all requirements may be catered for.

Why should I hire wedding music?

Booking live music for your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast will magically enhance your special day. Your musicians will be alert to what is going on during the proceedings and ‘fill in’ any gaps that occur. For example, if the Bride is late or there is some kind of delay in the proceedings they will carry on playing during those nervous quiet moments! Your musicians can also make a real difference to a wedding processional as they will play until the bride has finished making her entrance and will then fade out - no waiting for the CD to finish and then having it abruptly turned off.

A good music group will have a mixed repertoire that caters for all age groups. Having musicians at your drinks reception and wedding breakfast creates a real focal point for your guests, and will create a good ambience to help get your celebrations underway.

As a rule background music for weddings breaks up into the following three separate sections:

  1. The Ceremony involves playing as guests arrive, a processional as the bride makes her entrance, during the signing of the register, and a recessional whilst leaving the room.
  2. Drinks reception after the service (usually whilst photos are happening, as there can be general milling around for the guests).
  3. During the wedding breakfast.

Civil ceremonies
The registrars do not usually allow guests into the room until about 10 - 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony - your musicians will start playing as soon as the guests arrive in the room prior to the start of ceremony. Then, perform a processional whilst the bridal party enters, 2 pieces during the signing of the register, and then a recessional as the bride and groom leave the room.

Church ceremonies
Guests usually arrive a bit earlier so your musicians would start playing about 15 - 20 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Depending on whether the church has an organ and organist, you may want the organist to play the recessional or processional. Hymns almost always sound better on an organ. Unless your guests are regular singers at church you may wish to book a choir or singer to help lead the hymns.

Drinks receptions
Usually 1 ½ hours (as the meal is normally 2 - 2 ½ hours after the start of the service). You will need to consider in advance whether your drinks reception will be based totally outdoors. Most musicians don't like playing outdoors, as it not good for the instruments and music needs an acoustic to travel. So if your reception is to be outside do check to see whether there is sheltered spot that musicians can gather on. Most receptions have a room indoors adjacent to the gardens where guests can base themselves if they do not wish to go outside. With windows and doors open, it may well be that that will be the best place for musicians to set up as the sound will carry outside. If your venue does not have that option and you are booking a string quartet or harpist make sure that they have a hard level ground surface to set up on and that there is shelter on at least 2 sides around them, a gazebo is good. Most venues have a regular sheltered spot that musicians use, but be guided by what the venue usually provides and the space available. Check with your entertainment agent prior to booking as they shall be able to find out from the venue or via the musicians if they have performed at your venue previously.

Wedding breakfast
You should expect your musicians to be ready to play in the room at the start of the line up - normally 20 minutes prior to the sit down time arranged with the hotel. They will then play during the meal, until coffee is served. This will give musicians enough time to pack up and leave the room discreetly before the speeches start. Make sure that you let the venue know that you have booked musicians as this will affect the way they layout the room, and also tell them the space requirements for your musicians. The venue can then advise you as to whether they can then be fitted into the room comfortably - for most venues this is usually not a problem.

Wedding reception
This is when the party really starts! With regards to booking a Party Band, Theme Act or Tribute Band, please refer to Warble Entertainment’s ‘Guide to Booking a Party Band’.

And remember, your musicians are able to create the perfect ambiance to make your day truly special, and by booking your wedding music through Warble Entertainment you can rest assured that this is what it will be.

Why should I hire a wedding DJ?

Firstly, why should you book a Wedding DJ? After all, Warble’s Party Bands provide pre-recorded music between sets anyway... well, here’s why:

  1. A Wedding DJ has the ability to cover a wide variety of music and can handle any last-minute or unusual song requests.
  2. A  Wedding DJ plays the ‘original’ versions, which sometimes can be difficult for a band to perform even with the most talented of artists.
  3. A Wedding DJ does not need breaks. Whilst all of Warble’s Party Bands will play pre-recorded music when they take a break this is inevitably not as effective as having a DJ who can gauge the audience every minute and adapt their playlist accordingly.
  4. A Wedding DJ requires less space and power. So, if space is a concern at your venue booking a DJ is a great option for enabling the Party to still go ahead.
  5. A Wedding DJ will also invariably be cheaper than a band and therefore ideal for those on a tighter budget. As there are normally one or two members of the DJs crew this means that the cost is kept low with both personnel and also extra concerns such as the feeding of the artist.
  6. A Wedding DJ can effectively manipulate their volume. For venues where the level of sound is an issue (for example, those fitted with decibel limiters) a DJ can provide the ideal solution as they can easily turn up or down accordingly. Whilst Warble’s bands are extremely conscientious about this also and are able to play quieter when necessary, a drummer can only play so soft before it becomes detrimental to the Party-ness of the Party Band.
  7. A Wedding DJ can take requests. Booking a DJ gives you the flexibility of allowing your guests to make requests both before and at the time of your event.
  8. A Wedding DJ can be a fantastic master of ceremonies. A good DJ is a confident, articulate and skilled orator, who is able to make relevant announcements and introductions.
  9. A Wedding DJ can be the perfect addition. Warble Entertainment’s DJs are happy to work alongside any ancillary entertainment you may already have lined up. They are ideal for creating segue ways ‘into’ and ‘out’ of a Party Bands set and for keeping the ‘groove’ going before, between sets and after the Party Band has finished.
What do I need to think about when I hire a Caricaturist?

If you’re thinking about booking and hiring a caricaturist but not sure if one would be worth it... think again! A caricaturist is an ideal way for breaking the ice at your party, entertaining guests between proceedings (especially for weddings), or, attracting attention to your exhibition stand.
Most importantly, having a caricaturist at your event will entertain your guests, provide a great talking point and leave them with a cherished memento of your day.
On average a caricaturist is able to complete 10 – 15 caricatures per hour, usually to howls of laughter from the victim’s friends. However, this does depend on whether the caricaturist is using colour, drawing one victim or a couple at the same time and if a background is required.
Our caricaturists are happy to work in almost every environment, providing that there is enough light to adequately see, and they are also able to work in a single position or ‘mix and mingle’ with a portable drawing board.
Things to remember:

  1. Think about the timing ratio against the number of guests
  2. A caricaturist will typically manage between 10 – 15 caricatures per hour; so, take into account the number of guests at your event and the length of time you wish to book the caricaturist for.
  3. Make sure there is enough light and space for a caricaturist to work
  4. Adequate light and space are the main requirements for a caricaturist to operate successfully, so make sure a well lit area is provided. Furthermore, if you want the caricaturist seated then make sure there is an area of appropriate size so as to fit the artist, easel, victim and sniggering onlookers.
  5. Caricaturists are ideal for all types of events

Warble Entertainment represents only the most professional and outstanding Wedding Caricaturists, Corporate Caricaturists and Party Caricaturists. So, you can rest assured that when booking a caricaturist with Warble your event will be one to remember!

What do I need to think about when I hire a Magician?

Booking a magician for your wedding, private party or corporate event is a fantastic and unique form of entertainment. Magic is the perfect ice breaker; formal occasions, social events or just plain mix and mingle we’ve all been in a situation where we don’t know everyone quite as well as we’re supposed to... the groom’s father, brother’s lover, unwanted children or the MD’s wife! Whatever, it can be awkward. However, having a magician perform will engage everyone with a moment of wonder allowing them to react together and have an experience that will be talked about long after they are gone.

Close-up Magic is magic performed to small groups of people by a magician who carries everything he needs on him and who can move smoothly from one group or area to another, providing an unusual mobile entertainment service. The magic is performed right under your very eyes without the aid of lighting, mirrors, cumbersome props or Ladies called Debbie. Performing Close-Up, Sleight Of Hand Magic, with common objects, is a true test of a magician’s skill, performed well it is something that can’t be appreciated passively, forcing you to think and question your own take on reality.

But why may you want Close-up Magic? Well, for start it is convenient and fully self-contained. It can be performed at a moment’s notice throughout your event and similarly stopped just as quickly.

Booking a magician for close-up magic is perfect for creating atmosphere and is an ideal adjunct to music, dancing or eating.

Cabaret magic is great as after-dinner entertainment at corporate functions or any large gathering and is more interactive than stage magic.

The show can last from 20 to 40 minutes and is suitable for audiences of up to 150 people. In comparison, stage magic is suitable for audiences of 150+, typically within an auditorium.

Stage magic often features large-scale illusions and involves less audience participation than cabaret does; the spectators simply watch in amazement as objects appear from nowhere, disappear and/ or behave in mysterious ways.

Things to remember:

  1. Think about the timing ratio against the number of guests
  2. A magician can typically entertain approximately 30 – 50 people per hour, depending on the crowd and based on big round top tables that seat 10 people. So, make sure you book your magician for the appropriate amount of time so that they can get around all the tables or guests.
  3. Magicians are ideal for all types of events

Warble Entertainment represents only the most professional and outstanding Wedding Magicians, Corporate Magicians and Party Magicians. So, you can rest assured that when booking a magician with Warble your event will be one to remember!

What do I need to think about when I hire a Comedian?

Booking a comedian is a highly personal thing. We all have a sense of humour, but what makes us laugh varies from person to person and group to group. Warble Entertainment has a wide variety of comedians available to cater for all budgets and genres... including, household named TV personalities, ‘clean’ comedians, ‘old-school’ stand-up comedians, contemporary circuit acts, after-dinner entertainers and even a ‘bit of blue for the Dad’s’.

So, whatever your event and whether you know which act you want (please remember, Warble Entertainment is able to source ANY comedian) or not, call one of our expert Entertainment Agents for no-obligation help and advice.

Anyway, booking a comedian... as with all artists, comedians like to be seen and heard - they want to hold your undivided attention. However, this is particularly important for a comedian as in essence they are naked on stage – i.e. they have no band, backing tracks or dancers... it’s just them, and the effectiveness of their show depends upon you watching and hearing it. In essence, when booking a comedian you should treat the event more like a stage show rather than a booking for a DJ or Band.

It is important to realise that setting the right atmosphere will enhance everything the comedian says and does. In order to do this, the first thing required will be a self-contained or enclosed space where there will be no outside distractions, such as those created by a party in the next room or random members of the public ‘popping’ in and out. Also, within the enclosed space try to make sure that if there are possible distractions, such as televisions, juke boxes, fruit machines, etc. they are turned off.

One obvious method of making sure the comedian is seen and heard effectively is by ensuring that there is a raised ‘stage’ area and the quality and size of the PA is adequate for the room. Lighting the stage is also a great idea for creating the right ambience.

Finally, make sure that there is a good line of vision towards the stage and that most, if not all, of the audience will be able to see it. This may be helped if seating is provided for members of the audience.

Things to remember:

  1. Set the right atmosphere- by providing a well-lit staged area, your audience will realise that this is a show meant to be watched and heard and not something purely for background entertainment.
  2. Your comedian should perform from a self-contained, enclosed area where distractions will be kept to an absolute minimum.
  3. Make sure that when booking a comedian the PA you provide is of good quality and adequate size to cater for the size of the room and a sold-out/ capacity performance.
  4. Ensure that there is a good line of vision towards the stage- this can easily be accomplished by providing the audience with seats.
  5. Warble Entertainment represents only the most professional and outstanding Wedding Comedians, Corporate Comedians and Party Comedians. So, you can rest assured that when booking a comedian with Warble your event will be one to remember
What do I need to think about when I hire a Band?

If you've not booked a band before but are determined to have one for your special day (and why on earth shouldn't you!), then the following information should make everything go smoothly from beginning to end.

Check the venue allows Bands and holds the appropriate licenses

Sometimes, even if the venue does have the correct licenses you should enquire as to whether the performance area contains obstructive noise or decibel limiters. Sometimes, if these limiters are set too low it may be that a Party style band will not be able to perform due to the risk of equipment damage and it may be worth thinking about a quieter style act (i.e. a Swing or Jazz act) or a Warble Entertainment professional DJ.

Check the venue has enough space and power for everything you want!

Remember, if your venue only has a 6 x 6 ft performance space then booking a 10 piece Party band just isn't going to work!! As a general rule 14 x 14 ft is enough space for a band with 3 - 4 members, but the larger the line-up the more space required. However, many bands are flexible with regards space and are happy to accommodate wherever they can.

Also, please remember, any band that uses a PA, lighting, amplifiers, etc. are going to require a safe supply of power. Normally, a minimum of 3 plug sockets is required but this can vary so it may be worth checking just in case. And, don't forget - if your event is in a marquee; confirm with the marquee suppliers that they will be able to supply an adequate generator.

Consider when it is best for the Band to set-up

Nobody would want the band setting up right in the middle of the wedding speeches or starting to sound check halfway through the Wedding Breakfast! So, if the room where the band is to perform is the same one where the rest of the day's events are taking place it may be worth arranging for the band to set-up earlier in the day. It may incur a little extra cost, but it will mean the ambience of your big day is stress free. In addition, in some venues it is normal practice for guests to ‘retire' to another area while the room is rearranged between the meal and the evening reception - this may be the perfect time for the band to set up.

The Band will need looking after too!

Don't forget - the band are only human! They may have had to travel to be with you, they will have had to carry equipment and unload, set-up their performance area, sound check... and this is before they are expected to give the performance of their lives... which, don't worry they will! But, treat them well- make sure that they are adequately provided for by allowing refreshments, unlimited soft drinks and tea, coffee, etc. Also, make sure that they have somewhere to prepare themselves so that they can look their best. Check with the venue to ensure they have somewhere to change and relax before they take to the stage.

Consider the Band's payment

And, finally... ensure that you have thought about paying the band... no act likes to go looking for somebody at the end of the night to ‘collect'. Think about this before and maybe designate payment of the band as one of the ‘best man's' duties?

Warble Entertainment represents only the most professional and outstanding Party Bands. So, you can rest assured that when booking a Party Band with Warble your event will be one to remember!


Tips for hiring a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding only lasts a day, but the memories will last forever with the right photographer. So my biggest piece of advice, to any couple, is to choose a photographer you are comfortable with. Even the most unobtrusive photographer will be a prominent part of your day and is responsible for your memories in relation to the photos they capture and the album they design and produce.

Us photographers can start talking a foreign language when it comes to our work – so here is my simple guide to point you in the right direction when choosing your photographer and the process involved.

  1. Firstly consider the photographic style you want. These can be grouped into three main areas – traditional, contemporary and reportage/photo-journalistic . All good photographers should be able to do any and all of these so don't be fobbed off by a photographer telling you it is not his or her style. It's your wedding after all and they should be able to give you what you want.
  2. Secondly, pick a sensible budget and try to stick to it. Most photographers will throw in a few extras if they can, so you could get a better deal, but shhh! don't let everyone know. By the nature of the job we are all a little extrovert and definitely fall into the category of being ‘a people person'. We generally want to help you with your plans not hinder them.
  3. Once you have picked your photographer, sit down and map out the whole day with them. They will more than likely take notes of your approximate timings and plans. It will give you a chance to get to know them and vice versa.
  4. A great idea is to collect any photos from the internet or magazines of shots that you like, so you can discuss them and give a copy to your photographer. We won't be creating exact copies, but we are visual creatures and as they say, a photo tells a thousand words and will help us to realise your vision fully. They don't even have to be wedding photos, but can be anything – fashion, film etc. A bride once brought me the ‘Reservoir Dogs' poster which we used as inspiration in one of her shots. You can let your visual mind go crazy!
  5. If you want formal group shots, and let's face it most people do, make a short list of their names in the groups you want. It is usually better to get the big group shot done as soon as possible, so people can go off and relax rather than hanging around and distracting you by taking their own photos.
  6. Another important thing to consider is MAKE TIME for your own private shots. This is important for both you and your photographer. It can be a relaxing and fun moment with you, your partner and your photographer away from the gaze of your guests. So use this time to really relax and be yourself. A great idea is to stop off at beauty spot or gardens on the way to the reception and get some really super shots with no distractions.

At the end of the day your photographs are important to you and your photographer, but he or she does not want to spoil your day. We are professionals and have a lot of experience doing this. Use us to make sure you get the most out of your day. It's all about balance, so make sure you like and feel relaxed with your photographer, show and tell them what you want, ask questions and get the right deal for you.

Finally a little quote I like:

“A smile happens in a flash, a memory fades in time, a photo lasts forever!!”

Think about that when you choose your photographer. You need someone with good photographic instincts to get great shots, so that you can just relax and enjoy your day.

This article was kindly provided by Jenny Martin Photography (North West Based)

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