From Techno Geek to Retro Chic: Wedding Entertainment to suit your personality

Whilst we understand that most weddings will follow a similar format, at Warble we really feel that your big day should reflect your personality. So, we’ve put together some wedding entertainment ideas to help brides and grooms show off their own style!

The Techno Geek

Techno geek bride and groom personalityDo you like gadgets? Is your head buried in an iPad or circuit board more often than a good book? Do you talk in acronyms and understand what LED or CAD means? Does anything electrical light up your life (other than just a lamp)? If you’ve answered yes to most of these then we’ve officially called you a techno geek and you should appreciate the following:

Future Harp
Future Harp alternative wedding entertainmentHigh tech, unique and visually stunning – perfect for the evening reception and  if this act does’t tick all of the boxes for you techno geeks then we’re not sure what will?!

Light it upCustom designed light up instruments – need we say more?? Techno geeks all over the country are snapping up these guys to play alongside the DJ at their evening reception!

The Practical Joker

Practical joker wedding personalityDo you own a whoopee cushion? Is April Fools your favourite day of the year? Is You’ve Been Framed clogging up your Sky +?  Did you answer Yep yep and yep? In that case you you’re going to love these wedding entertainment ideas:

Living Trees
Living Trees Alternative Wedding EntertainmentPerfect for scaring your guests out of their wits… Then making them feel better with a big hug! These guys would fit in perfectly during the drinks reception at a garden party wedding, in a marquee or a stately home wedding.

Del BoyThe original cheeky chappy himself! Del Boy is guaranteed to be an instant hit with your guests once they’ve got over the fact that it’s not the real thing!! He’s a laugh a minute and can be booked to interrupt your wedding breakfast or generally hang out with your guests at your evening reception. Get ready for selfies ahoy!

The Weird and Whacky

Weird and Whacky wedding entertainment theme ideas
Ross Hurley Photography

Do you sleep in a coffin? Have you got more than 7 piercings? Are you considering getting married in Takeshi’s castle? Do you have a pet rat called Freddie?  We’re not entirely sure what constitutes weird but hopefully you get the picture…

Johnny SIf outrageous entertainment is what you are looking for then Johnny S is your guy. With Sword swallowing, chainsaw juggling, pierced weightlifting and the ‘Human Blockhead’ in his repertoire, he is sure to make a lasting impression and his charming manner will entertain rather than repulse your guests!

The Mermaids unique and alternative wedding entertainmentYES! Wierd, whacky, stunning, and not double but quadruple take worthy. The Mermaids are sure to create a stir and can you imagine the wedding photo album!! You just need to make sure granny and grandad are well prepared or as weird and whacky as you are!

The Hopeless Romantics

mr-mrs-640x420Is Valentines day your favourite day of the year? Is Paris where you got engaged? Do you always share your last Rolo? If so, then grab your matching monogrammed hankies and check out these happy tearful worthy entertainment ideas:

Mime artist
Mime Artist romantic wedding ideas
If Paris is the city of love then  channel the romance of this special place with entertainment from a by gone era to your big day. Perfect for mingling with your guests, helping to break the ice and providing some light hearted fun within a romantic theme to your drinks reception.

The Giant SnowglobeCould this BE any more romantic, beautiful, amazing or awe inspiring? Just imagine unveiling the giant snowglobe as a surprise for your guests between courses at the wedding breakfast or during the evening reception – the look  on their faces will have you reaching for those hankies again!

Retro Chic

Retro Wedding Entertainment ideas

Do you wear your Nan’s old curtains? Would you prefer a gramophone to an iPhone? Are you considering booking a big red bus to ferry your guests to the reception?  If so then hop on board with our retro entertainment ideas:

The Daisies – Vocal Harmony Group

These beautiful ladies will dazzle your guests with their intricate harmonies showcasing  classic hits from bygone years and modern songs with a vintage twist!

Living Statues
Living Statues Vintage Wedding EntertainmentNot only do these guys help set the scene of your vintage theme wedding, they provide a great sense of fun when they unexpectedly come to life, then leave your guests in awe and suspense when they turn back to a statue!

So, whatever your personality, style or theme, the main order of the day is to have lots of fun and enjoy your special moment!

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Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night

If you’re the Maid of Honour or the Best Man, one of your duties is to make sure the Hen or Stag night is a memorable one – in a good way! No doubt you know your good friend (the Bride or Groom) well and you’re aware of your task. You probably have a list of ideas already bubbling away and you may even have some possibilities of a venue. However, if you aren’t sure what to do or you want to add something different into the mix, we may be able to help take some of the strain away as we’ve researched suggestions for Hen & Stag Night themes with some entertainment ideas of our own thrown in for good measure.

Before you start you might want to consider the following factors:

Numbers – Before you book anything, firstly, you need a good idea of guest numbers. Ask the Bride or Groom who they want to be invited and show them the list of names before you fire off an email so you are sure everyone who needs to be is included.

Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night
Theme –
When deciding on the theme, while you may think it’s a great idea to surprise the Bride or Groom (and of course, there should be an element of surprise) make sure that what you choose is something he or she will enjoy. Ask the Hen or Stag the type of things she or he is thinking of and see if you can incorporate these into your chosen theme. As an example, your shy, retiring Bride might not want a stripper or to carry an inflatable man around all night! Similarly a Groom with a love of armchair football may not want to spend the weekend on an assault course.

Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night
Budget –
Budget is very important. Canvas the guest list and find out what everyone wants to spend. Don’t start sharing amounts with all the guests as some can afford more than others. Take an average and suggest that be the limit. It’s normal for everyone to contribute (if they can) but the Bride or Groom should not have to pay. At the same time as organising the budget, suggest suitable dates in advance. Once you have decided the guest list, date and budget you are ready to decide what to do! Tip – don’t make the hen or stag night too close to the wedding; leave at least a week for recovery time!

There will always be different budgets but by no means does this mean that the more expensive the party, the better it is. Here are some ideas for Hen Nights and Stag Nights for all different budgets:

The Spa Experience for Hens (although not exclusively to Hens!)
If there is plenty of budget for an overnight spa stay then research some local hotels offering spa packages. Alternatively, there are plenty of spa day experiences available with lunch and tea included at a lesser price but equally as luxurious. We came across this website, which has lots of different breaks and packages throughout the UK  and they’re all in one place so it saves time searching through the internet.

If the Bride loves being pampered and enjoys all things beauty related then the spa experience is an obvious choice but you don’t have to stop there. By including some extra entertainment you can have a real point of difference… How about some gorgeous Singing Fireman who will check the venue is fire safe before creating a fuss with the manager and bursting into song!

If you are on a tight budget, you can re-create the entire spa experience at home, either hiring the expertise of a beautician for the day or night, with some fluffy bathrobes and slippers or if a beautician is out of price range, give each other spa treatments. You can even hire a hot-tub for the night or weekend! There would be no expense on the venue, food can be take away pizza or sushi with copious amounts of Ben & Jerry’s and a few bottles of wine –and there may even be some budget left over for an entertainer!

Cocktail Nights and Pub Crawls
Make it a night to remember with a Cocktail Night, or Pub Crawl perfect for Hens or Stags! You can either decide to head into town or visit the best cocktail bars or pubs in the area. As an example, enjoy a plush venue and spend the evening with a few cocktail games. Blow all the budget on champagne or even consider a cocktail making masterclass where you will be taught by a mixologist how to concoct great tasting, potent cocktails before drinking them!  Don’t just turn up at a series of bars or pubs, do the research first so you have an itinerary to avoid not knowing where to go next.

Cocktail Nights and Pub Crawls
As far as entertainment goes, you could hire a caricaturist to draw a group caricature of all the hens which can be then be framed as a lasting memento.  Or the Stags might enjoy  a cool, contemporary mind-reading magician to keep them entertained and completely blow their minds! Or think about have a famous person join you, especially if you know the Bride has a thing for Johnny Depp, James Bond or David Beckham! Perhaps the Groom likes Marilyn Monroe or Madonna? All can be organised to make the Hen or Stag one he or she will talk about for years to come!

Hen Night Caricature
Caricature from Bill the Caricaturist

If you do decide to travel into town and visit some extravagant bars why not hire a limo and be treated like a star all night too! You could include some true star quality and hire your own Paparazzi Photographers to follow you wherever you go – you’ll be guaranteed to attract plenty of attention and have some fabulous shots of your night to treasure forever!

Paparazzi Photographers
Outdoor Activities
If your Bride or Groom is the outdoors type then consider a sailing day, paintballing or even a theme park. There are companies such as that organise It’s a Knockout tournaments, based on the popular TV show (way back in the 80’s with a revival a few years back – you may remember). There are various venues for this activity around the UK, and it’s a popular way of celebrating a Hen or a Stag and you will often find other parties going on at the same time.

Treasure Hunts
Why not plan a treasure hunt? You can do this yourself and organise a treasure hunt basing clues on the Bride or Groom’s life taking the group all around various locations near where he or she grew up and stopping at various cafés, pubs, restaurants and a later on a club.

Paparazzi Photographers
Join the Circus
Consider Circus training! From just £435 (dependent on numbers) your Hen or Stag party can learn a range of amazing circus tricks taught by professionals and come away from the party with a skill to enjoy and show-off for life. These workshops are so much fun and guaranteed to thrill the Bride or Groom and the rest of the Hen or Stag guests.

Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night circus swing act circus workshop
Be a Murder Suspect…
How about a Murder Mystery Night? Mingle your Hen or Stag guests with brilliant characters and watch a murder unfold before your eyes leaving the guests as detectives trying to found out “who dunnit”! It’s a superbly thrilling evening where you learn who to trust and who not to trust while you work out who committed the terrible crime but beware of twists in the tale….!

Alternatively, with the Bride and the Groom’s consent – you could always combine the two and have one big, fat, Hen/Stag night together (otherwise known as a STEN or HAG). This saves on budget as by combining the two, you can afford more. The huge positive is getting two crowds of friends together before the wedding, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other. You could say it’s a good way of keeping an eye on each other! Many celebrities are choosing to do this event jointly and you can easily theme it, such as a dress-up Prohibition Party set in the 1920’s (don’t forget to include some suitable Vintage entertainment such as Great Gatsby inspired Charleston dancers). Or record a pop song together recreating an iconic music video (you could play it at the wedding!), or outdoors types, good old fashioned whitewater rafting or a sailing day are options, but if you prefer a party then why not hire a party double decker bus?

double decker bus Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night
We hope we’ve given you some food for thought. If you need some help with organising your Hen, Stag or HAG/STEN entertainment, just give us a shout on 0845 643 9384 or visit the website.

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Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas that won’t break the bank!

It’s hard to find a better day to propose on than Valentine’s day, which is already considered worldwide as the most romantic day of the year. The easy side to a Valentine’s proposal is that you know you will be spending it with your partner, so it’ll be no surprise that you are making plans. The hard part is to think of a unique way to propose that ensures you get the answer you want! We’ve put together a list of the best ways to make your Valentine’s day proposal the best it can be without breaking the bank.

1. Make it public
Proposing in front of a crowd adds the excitement and romantic atmosphere that your partner will want from their proposal. You could go to a sports game, and propose in front of the crowd at the interval on the big screen. Or, you could go to a theatre performance and arrange with staff to propose on stage during the interval. Alternatively you could pay for an ad at the cinema to play during the trailers. Just make sure with these ideas that you get tickets early as Valentine’s day tickets sell out quickly!

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 2. Make it fun
If you and your partner are always joking around and laughing together, it might be a good idea to incorporate this side of your relationship into your proposal. This will make the proposal especially personal and add extra suspense. One idea we love is to organise a scavenger hunt for your partner! Put together some clues and hide them all over town, each one leading to the next, ending up with a ‘marry me’ note and the ring at the end of the hunt. You could use all your date locations to hide each clue for extra romance.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 3. Make it memorable
How amazing would it be to capture the moment of your proposal in a photo to keep forever? We love the idea of taking your partner to a photo-booth to propose. This could just be an ordinary Valentine’s date, you could claim you just want to mark the day with a picture. Then whilst the photos are taking show your partner the ring and see her reaction! Some re-prints of these would make great save-the-date invitations! Alternatively, you could hire a photographer to hide nearby the scene and take some secret snaps of your proposal and your partner’s reaction. These pictures, if you keep them a secret, could be the perfect wedding day gift for your partner!

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 4. Make it cute
Who doesn’t love puppies? Or kittens? Or any cute animal for that matter! Small pets can provide a unique way to present your engagement ring to your partner. Either attach a balloon with ‘marry me?’, or, have a sign or the ring attached to the collar.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 5. Make it shiny
A good way to disguise your proposal until the last possible moment is to incorporate this into a Valentine’s day present, so that your partner believes this Valentine’s day is just like any other. Charm bracelets are great for this type of thing. Invest in a ‘Marry me’ charm for your partner’s favourite charm bracelet, or buy the bracelet too! Your partner will think that this is an ordinary Valentine’s present until they see the message on the charm.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 6. Make it tasty
Another public way to propose would be in a restaurant. Again, this will keep your partner in the dark until the very last moment, adding the shock factor to your proposal. Book a table at your partner’s favourite restaurant and have the chef/waiter write ‘marry me’ in sauce on the desert plate. Or ask the waiter to use your own inscribed plate so that once your partner has finished eating, the message will be revealed. Again though, make sure you book early as restaurants are hot venues for Valentine’s dates!

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 7. Make it sweet
Chocolates and sweets are always a popular gift for Valentine’s day, so they are a good way to disguise your proposal until the opportune moment. Your partner will think you’ve bought an ordinary box of Valentine’s chocolates, the same as every other year, but you could replace one of the chocolates with the ring. Sweets are just as good as chocolate – why not use some candy love hearts? Find the one that says ‘marry me?’ and say tell your partner you’ve found the perfect one for them.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 8. Make it thoughtful
There’s nothing more romantic than showing how thoughtful you are, and how much you appreciate the time you spend with your partner. A great way to show this is how you feel without saying it in words is to re-create your first date, or go to the location you first met each other to propose. When you are there you can explain that you have brought your partner there because it is the place you first met the person you knew you were going to marry!

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas We hope this helps and good luck!! Oh, and if you need entertainment for your engagement party or wedding just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is similar to the New Year we celebrate in the West, full of traditions and vibrant celebrations. The Next Chinese New Year falls on February 19th 2015, when the Chinese calendar turns.

Why February 19th?
The Chinese follow a lunar-solar calendar based on the ancient Chinese calendar, which was a religious and social guide dating back to 14th Century B.C., when the Shang dynasty was in power. The calendar’s structure is set according to lunar phases and the solar solstices, therefore the date changes each year, always corresponding with the new moon which reaches its fullness in late January/February. Traditionally, celebrations last about 15 days, from the first day of the first lunar month, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month, when the new moon is full. At the moment the public holiday in China lasts 3 days, so business usually pauses during that time for people to take part in massive, public celebrations.

Lantern Festival for Chinese New Year
The Chinese Calendar works on a cycle of 12 years, with each year marked by one of the 12 zodiac animals. Those animals are; the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The Chinese lunar calendar usually has 354 days, so the date is always 11/12 days earlier each year. Once it gets to be before January 21, a 30-day month is added to the Chinese calendar year and the date is moved to 18/19 days later. The year of the Horse began on 31 January 2014. It is year 4712 on the Chinese Calendar and will become the year of the sheep in February 2015. If you’re looking at booking some entertainment for your Chinese new year party and you’ve got young children at home you could hire a balloonist, like Miss Fantwistic, to create the zodiac animals – this would be great to entertain the kids and also a good way to teach them about the festival.

chinese new year balloonist
So how can you celebrate Chinese New Year at home?
The Chinese New Year is not just celebrated in China, the Vietnamese and Koreans strongly believe in its traditions, as well as people in Thailand and Singapore too. The holiday does have its similarities to Western traditions – the household is cleaned thoroughly before New Year’s eve. In China this is believed to wipe out bad spirits from the previous year and allow new, good spirits to come into the house. But all cleaning must be done before New Year’s Eve. In fact, if one is to clean during the 15 days of celebration then this is considered really bad luck.

Another similarity with Western festivities is that Chinese New Year always involves a family feast. The New Year’s Eve dinner is called the Reunion Dinner, and is believed to be the most important meal of the year because extended friends and family all come together to celebrate and be thankful. In contrast to roast potatoes and turkeys though, the Reunion Dinner most often involves rice, to represent harmony, red chillies for good luck, and fish to signify unity and prosperity. Long noodles are also given to guests to promote a long life.

Reunion Dinner for Chinese New Year celebrations
The decorations for Chinese New Year are quite similar to Christmas decorations – lights are put up outside people’s houses to signify the holiday. Decorations for Chinese New Year always focus heavily on the colour red, and often doors and windows are painted with red paint. Red is the colour of luck for the Chinese, supposedly because it frightens off the monster Nian who is supposed to come to your home on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, gold is used to compliment the red decorations, promoting wealth and prosperity for those inside.

chinese new year party
Chinese New Year decorations are full of deep meaning and never chosen at random. For example, the Lotus flower is the only flower you will really see displayed during the 15 day celebration, as it symbolizes re-birth and new growth. Mandarins with their leaves still intact are considered the fruit of happiness for the Chinese and are placed in bowls and left on display for guests to indulge in throughout the New Year period. Beware, if you are thinking of following this tradition, even numbers are a must and mandarins should always be eaten in pairs for good luck!

Aiming to celebrate Chinese New Year on a larger scale?
Traditionally, fire crackers were set off during the festivities in China, but these are now banned in major cities because of the potential danger to onlookers and performers, and because of the noise pollution they can cause. The loud bangs and roaring fires were used to scare away evil spirits and prevent them bringing bad luck forward into the New Year. In modern day China, fireworks and rockets that explode in the air are still allowed, and often used as a replacement for the traditional fire cracker. We book groups such as the Fire Belles for lots of Chinese New Year celebrations in the UK, as it’s a great way of keeping with the theme and representing tradition.

chinese new year fire performers
Dragon, lion, and snake dances of huge proportions are performed in China during this period. The loud noises and scary dragons are supposed to chase away evil spirits from the previous year. Chinese mythology teaches that dragons are the symbols of the nation and the people. Dragons and snakes are easy to make as decorations for the home with children by linking long rectangular pieces of colourful paper together into a chain.

Finally, Chinese New Year festivities culminate with the Lantern Festival 15 days after the celebrations begin. Candles are always lit and put up on this day to guide good spirits into the home. Lanterns are released into the sky to represent hope for the future – to let go of one’s old self and allow a new self for the new year. At Warble we will be making our own lanterns using colourful paper, following this easy tutorial, which is a great activity to do with kids around Chinese New Year.

We hope this helps explain what Chinese New Year is all about for you and if you are celebrating we hope you have an awesome time!

Gung Hei Fat Choi! – ‘May you have good fortune’

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Simple and Practical Advice for Booking a Wedding Band in 2015

Eeeek… So you’re officially getting married this year! How exciting! But also a little bit daunting maybe?? Until now it has all been ‘next year’ and has felt so far off but now  the reality of all the things you still have to do and the lack of time to do them may feel a little overwhelming.

Don’t panic! Instead make a list and work through it together. If booking a live band is on that list then check out our top tips and handy hints below as this will save you time and any problems at a later date.

1. Book early!
If you haven’t already booked a band for your wedding this year then do it now. This will mean another thing ticked off your list and it will save disappointment of the band you want not being available, especially if you are getting married on a Friday or Saturday between May – September. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

early_bird_edit2. Style of band
There’s so much to chose from so where do you start? Keep it simple – what kind of music do you both like? What kind of atmosphere would you like to create? Or, what kind of theme are you having for your wedding? There is something for everyone and to save time, just give us a call, let us know the answers to the questions above and we’ll narrow it down to a more manageable list of options.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding bandSimple and practical advice for booking a wedding band3. Speak to your venue.
Not all venues are suitable for all live bands. Some have restrictions such as sound limiters in place. So speak to your wedding coordinator and let them know what you are planning and if they think it is feasible. And fear not, if your venue does have a sound limiter there are still lots of fantastic options available for you – we specialise in providing bands and live music for venues with sound limiters across the whole of the UK.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding band4. Logistics
There are a few standard logistical issues you will need to check prior to booking a band:

Space. Ideally a 3-5 piece band will require a performance area of 5m x 4m. They can often be flexible and are used to performing in strange spaces but measuring your room first and letting the band know at the time of enquiry will save any issues cropping up later on or even on the night.

Power. Most standard bands can work with 2-3 standard plug sockets located close to their performance area. They will bring along all their own extensions etc. If you are getting married in a marquee and they are providing the power, bands tend to need enough power for a 1k PA and ideally on two separate rings – one for the music and one for the lighting.

- Car parking. Check there is somewhere for the band to park their cars or van.

- Access. This isn’t generally a problem as most bands are very flexible but it is good for them to be prepared with regards to where they can unload and if there are any stairs they need to pysch themselves up for. Remember, they do have lots of heavy equipment so any help in terms of lifts or access close to the performance area would be much appreciated!

- Refreshments. The band will need something to keep their energy up. If you consider they will have traveled to your venue (sometimes up to 3 or 4 hours), unloaded and set up lots of heavy equipment all before they are due to put on a high energy performance before then packing everything a way and drive home. Most bands are very easy going with this but it is good to organise some sandwiches or a hot meal  and soft drinks for them.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding band5. In case of emergency
It’s every bride and grooms worst nightmare that their band doesn’t turn up and they are left with no music or entertainment just when everyone is getting in the mood to party. That’s why Warble Entertainment are here. First of all we only work with vetted and reliable bands but we also provide a 24 hour emergency helpline service. So, if something unforeseen was to happen we would be on hand to provide a suitable alternative without your guests even noticing and leaving you to enjoy your big day without any of the worry or stress.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding band We hope you’ve found this helpful and remember we’re only on the other end of a phone or email and we’re more than happy to provide support throughout the whole process.

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Hottest Acts To Look Out For In 2015

2014 has seen Warble welcome an array of new talent to its roster – bringing entertainment to events all over Europe. We’ve also seen some of our former acts go on to big things this year including former MP3’s drummer Benji as one half of the hugely successful Royal Blood and Sean- formerly with us as The Swinging Wolf – who became part of “The Jack Pack” on Britain’s Got Talent.

As an agency bursting at the seams with talent, here we look at just a couple of our recently added acts to look out for in 2015.

Bring The Noise! stormed onto the Warble Entertainment roster in late 2014 and are picking up great feedback wherever they go! The boys put everything in their set lists from the Stereophonics and Feeder to Rihanna and Daft Punk so know how to make sure that everyone’s musical tastes are pampered to.

Many people believe that Rock’n’Roll will never die and here at Warble, we tend to agree. So when acts like The Jump Jets come along, it makes us jump too. With a completely authentic feel and sound, this four piece band deliver a full sound which is bound to keep the Dance floor full at many different types of event.

jump jets
2015 sees the 75th anniversary of The Battle Of Britain and Warble has already booked some great entertainment for events that will mark the occasion. Vocal trio Femmes of the Fourties will bring close harmonies and a vintage look and sound to any event with an extensive set list of the wartime classics. They can also tailor to suit any budget by performing with a full 6 piece band accompaniment or let their vocals shine with an acapella set.

Femmes of the Fourties
There’s no denying that when Dynamo and Derren Brown came onto the scene, magic got very cool again. Mat Black works along the same ethos – sharply dressed and delivering amazing tricks using any number of items including phones, cash and other belongings and also engages with a persona that sees guests always trying to lure him back to their table to do “one more trick”!

London based Affonso and Shears combine Guitar and Cello along with silky vocals to put well known songs in a different light. Thanks to a set list that can go from Britney Spears and Daft Punk to The Beatles and Louis Armstrong, they are set to figure amongst Warble’s top duos in 2015.

Future Harp is a visual feast of multi-coloured laser beams which create music by being played like a harp, hence the name. Corporate logos can be projected over an audiences head and the show can be tailored to match themes. It’s no surprise that Future Harp has been booked to amaze at events all over the world, including Canada, USA and the Caribbean.

Warble have booked for thousands of events in 2014, so you can be confident that whatever event you’re planning, we offer one of the biggest and most diverse choices of entertainment to make sure you get the perfect act for your event in 2015 and beyond!

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Top 10 Last Minute New Year’s Eve Entertainment Ideas

Christmas 2014 was amazing, wasn’t it? If you’re anything like us Warblers you may be feeling slightly down in the dumps now that Christmas is over and it seems like the festive fun is coming to an end. But we believe that the party never ends! The next stop for us is New Year’s eve – a great excuse for you to invite the friends and family around, indulge in some more drinks and snacks, and celebrate a fresh start. Don’t worry if you haven’t sorted out any entertainment for the evening yet, there is still time to book and there are plenty of interesting acts for you . Take a look at our top 10 last minute ideas for your New Year’s eve entertainment.

1. Caricaturists
If you’re staging a party this New Year’s eve, then a caricaturist can really help to break the ice between people that may not know each other. Generally a caricaturist can draw 10-15 caricatures in an hour, making this a good choice for crowd entertainment. Caricaturists are also great if you’re on a tight budget as they normally provide their own drawing materials and any drawings done on the night are free for your guests to take home, making your event personal and memorable.

2. Magicians
Magicians are another great ice-breaker for large events, but also very versatile and can perform at much smaller events for New Year’s eve. Magic might look amazing on television, but there is nothing like seeing live magic being performed right in front of your eyes. Close-up magic is great to get guests actively involved and keep them amused during the quieter times of your event.

NYE party last min entertainment ideas 2014 fireworks
3. Balloon Modellers
I bet you never thought that would be on the list! Balloon modellers are great value for money and it is amazing the type of things they can produce for you! They can make balloons tailored to the theme of you event, and are even happy to teach guests how to twist balloons themselves. This is a unique form of entertainment that is suitable for all ages.

NYE party last min entertainment ideas 2014 fireworks4. Pianists
Of course, New Year’s eve events can be very classy, requiring some sophisticated entertainment. A Pianist is a really good option if that’s the type of event you have in mind this year. Most pianists are happy to discuss set lists with you in order to create the type of show you are after. Live music adds that extra spark to any event, especially New Year’s eve when your guests are expecting to see the year out with a bang.

5. Rat Pack Singers
Rat Pack singers cover all the greats, from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Tony Bennet, to more modern music from Michael Buble. This is a great entertainment option if you want to entertain all ages for New Year’s eve, and Rat Pack singers can be hired as solo acts or with a band.

6. String Quartets
Another classical option for your New Year’s event, but still able to adapt to your theme! String quartets are a good option if you are on a tight budget but want that big band effect. Most quartet groups have options for trio, duo, or solo performances too, so it’s always worth asking for other options. Some quartets even boast electric instruments which can make the show even more impressive.

7. Harpists
From classical to contemporary music, jazz tunes or musical show favourites, a harpist is an extremely versatile act. If you think a harpist is just for a wedding, don’t be fooled! Harpists can play more modern music to incorporate into the theme of your New Year’s event. Although harps look like large instruments, a harpist will only need about 2 meters squared to perform, so even if your event is a bit smaller you could still hire a harpist. Take a look at Warble’s harpists if you feel like a more sophisticated form of entertainment for your New Year’s bash!

8. Saxophonists
The saxophonist is one of the most vibrant acts you could hire for your New Year’s event. They can play along to high quality backing tracks or as a soloist. Often concentrating on jazz, funk, and soul, our saxophonists are also keen to discuss more modern song choices with you to help make your New Year’s Eve event a hit. A saxophonist can also be a really good accompaniment if you plan to have a sit-down meal at your event.

9. Dancers
There are numerous dance groups across the UK who can perform for New Years Eve parties. Dancers can perform meet and greet sets, or produce a choreographed show to wow your New Year’s Eve guests! Various themes are available such as; Can-can, Moulin Rouge, Cheerleading, 1920s, Las Vegas, Bollywood, Street dance, Hula, Hawaiian, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Broadway, Arabian Nights, Wild West, James Bond, and burlesque. Most dance groups will perform along to music from a CD, so all you would need to do is provide the sound system and you have the perfect New Years Eve entertainment!

NYE party last min entertainment ideas 2014 fireworks
10. Vintage Singers
If you fancy a singer but you are looking for something a little bit different for your spectacular New Year’s Eve event, look no further. A vintage singer could be the right act for you! Warble has many solo vintage singers, duos, trios and bands. Vintage acts can perform traditional vintage songs, wartime songs, or more modern songs in a vintage jazzy style – it’s entirely up to you! Most vintage acts will also have a range of themed costumes available to wear if you are going for a full-on themed party.

From caricaturists, to burlesque dancers, to classical pianists, there are plenty of entertainment options for New Year’s Eve that you may not have already thought of. Just remember to book quick as time is running out!

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Merry Christmas from Warble Entertainment!

We have to say, our minds are a little boggled on how we will narrow down what has happened at Warble this last year… Without writing a novel of course. Warble has grown both in numbers, acts, ideas and tea rounds so it’s safe to say we have a lot to update you on. Turns out, the best and quickest way to do this would be a top 5 favourite Warble moments chosen by the gang themselves. So here goes…

1. The Monster Mash! If you follow Warble’s goings on you may have heard us mention Warble’s annual Halloween do before. Okay wait… You WILL have heard about it because it’s by far our favourite event of the year. It just gets better with each year and 2014 certainly didn’t disappoint. Not only did The Indie Killers completely smash it out of the park but with the help of some very talented acts the fun just kept on coming with giant vampires, walking trees and mind reading magic. So we can quite simply say that The Monster Mash… Just rocked. And for all involved, thank you you brilliant bunch of humans.

Monster Mash Halloween Ball
2. Zombie Killing! Yes, this happened. If you know us Warblers even a small amount, you will know we tend to do things a little differently. So when it came to deciding on what our Christmas party would be, you guessed it… A Zombie Apocalypse. I’m sure you can only imagine how this went but being chased in the dark through a derelict estate by deadly blood sucking life forms is actually way more fun than it sounds. Although we think our Lois may have had a few too many scares and Jon definitely thought it was the real deal. We can confirm that no lives were lost that day and a cracking pub lunch helped us recover.

zombie apocolypse
3. The Orchard Acoustic Sessions. We know a lot of people will agree with us on this one when we say that you just can’t beat a spot of live music. So when we teamed up with Orchard Studios to create our very own live lounge we just knew special musical things were coming our way. Using Warble’s very own acts we have been blessed to listen and watch musicians sing, loop and play their favourite covers right in front of our eyes. To all the acts who took part in the sessions, we really couldn’t thank you enough… But thank you anyway :D

4. Souled Out with Union Street. And boy does that band have soul! Warble booked Union Street for our very own Motown event held at The Nantwich Civic Hall and after working with the band for many years we really couldn’t wait to see exactly what all the fuss was about ;) We have to say Jaelee and the boys just blew us away with some serious musical skills. The vocals were out of this world, the interaction meant we just couldn’t stay away and the song choices kept us dancing all night long. Meeting and seeing you guys was more than a pleasure, so thank you!

Union Street Soul Band
5. Working with you lot! Last but certainly not least… And quite possibly our most favorite of all! Every day we have the pleasure of working with so many talented beings which just makes our job at Warble that every bit awesome. We couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to work with and no day is ever the same thanks to you all.

So there you have it. A handful of Warble’s favourite moments for you to feast your eyes on. Although one of the biggest happenings at Warble which you may have all noticed is the fact that we have another new face… Or two. Or 11 of us to be exact and hopefully this newsletter will give you a little insight as to who we are and what we’ve been up to this year.

We’d love to hear all about your highlights and if you’d like to share your favourite pics from any Warble bookings we’ll try and share as many as possible via our social media. You can email these

We’re hoping to meet more of you guys in 2015 so if you have any bookings or showcase events you’d like us to attend, again just give Sam a shout. Or, if you’d like to be involved in one of our showcase events or acoustic sessions, let Jon know at

Thanks again for all your help, support and hard work this year, we really do appreciate it and we can’t wait for more exciting times in 2015!

Sending big Christmas hugs and this cheeky Christmas vid:

From Sam, Jon, Lois, Annaliza, Emily, Ben, Niki, Joanne, Coral, Matt & Tracey x

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Hogmanay Is On Its Way

Hogmany is the Scottish word for the last day of the year – what we celebrate as New Year’s Eve. Historically the Norse celebrated the winter solstice on this day. Christmas was not celebrated in Scotland for around 400 years from the 17th century until around 1950 due to Protestant reformers believing it was a Catholic festival. As a result, Hogmany has been the more traditional celebration of the Winter in Scotland. It can be hard to find the right entertainment for a New Year’s eve event, when you’re not really sure what to look for. But there’s no need to worry this year, Warble would like to give you some guidance.

No New Year’s Eve celebration is complete without singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ after the clock strikes midnight. The song was first published by Robert Burns in 1788 and traditionally sang at midnight, with the joining of hands in a circle, to bring in the New Year. It is still sang like this today, and is now known to be one of the most sung songs in the English language. At large events in Scotland Auld Lang Syne is often performed with accompaniment from a piper. If you are looking to re-create the more traditional Scottish performance then have a look at the pipers on the Warble website who are guaranteed to give your event a more rustic, genuine feel.

HogmanayThe ‘First foot’ tradition is still practiced today – this is belief that the first person to cross the threshold after midnight brings good luck to the household. To ensure good luck the ‘first footer’ was traditionally a dark-haired male and would need bring a symbolic gift to ensure luck throughout the following year. To be the ‘first footer’ without bearing a gift is said to be extremely unlucky, even today!

Firework displays and lantern processions date back to the times of the Vikings, when the winter solstice was celebrated on mass. Since the 1960s Scotland has boasted its own ‘Fireballs Ceremony’ which takes place in Stonehaven, just South of Aberdeen every New Year’s Eve. This celebration involves performers swinging around giant fireballs and parading up and down the streets. The fire represents the burning off of the bad spirits from last year to make way for the positive spirits of the new year.  The performance normally welcomes in the ‘belles’ – when the clock chimes midnight.

HogmanayAt Warble there are a range of fire acts who can perform short choreographed shows like this, or even create an ambient fire experience for the background of your Hogmanay event. Here is an example of one of our fire acts, the Fire Belles, showing you just how impressive fire entertainment can be.

There are plenty of New Year’s eve traditions from centuries ago that we still celebrate today, not just in Scotland but across the world. But when planning your Hogmanay celebration the most important thing to remember is that the underlying message of New Year’s eve has always been to start afresh. As the New Year begins we should celebrate together to put all the negatives from the previous year behind us and focus on the positives that are to come.

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