Hogmanay Is On Its Way

Hogmany is the Scottish word for the last day of the year – what we celebrate as New Year’s Eve. Historically the Norse celebrated the winter solstice on this day. Christmas was not celebrated in Scotland for around 400 years from the 17th century until around 1950 due to Protestant reformers believing it was a Catholic festival. As a result, Hogmany has been the more traditional celebration of the Winter in Scotland. It can be hard to find the right entertainment for a New Year’s eve event, when you’re not really sure what to look for. But there’s no need to worry this year, Warble would like to give you some guidance.

No New Year’s Eve celebration is complete without singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ after the clock strikes midnight. The song was first published by Robert Burns in 1788 and traditionally sang at midnight, with the joining of hands in a circle, to bring in the New Year. It is still sang like this today, and is now known to be one of the most sung songs in the English language. At large events in Scotland Auld Lang Syne is often performed with accompaniment from a piper. If you are looking to re-create the more traditional Scottish performance then have a look at the pipers on the Warble website who are guaranteed to give your event a more rustic, genuine feel.

HogmanayThe ‘First foot’ tradition is still practiced today – this is belief that the first person to cross the threshold after midnight brings good luck to the household. To ensure good luck the ‘first footer’ was traditionally a dark-haired male and would need bring a symbolic gift to ensure luck throughout the following year. To be the ‘first footer’ without bearing a gift is said to be extremely unlucky, even today!

Firework displays and lantern processions date back to the times of the Vikings, when the winter solstice was celebrated on mass. Since the 1960s Scotland has boasted its own ‘Fireballs Ceremony’ which takes place in Stonehaven, just South of Aberdeen every New Year’s Eve. This celebration involves performers swinging around giant fireballs and parading up and down the streets. The fire represents the burning off of the bad spirits from last year to make way for the positive spirits of the new year.  The performance normally welcomes in the ‘belles’ – when the clock chimes midnight.

HogmanayAt Warble there are a range of fire acts who can perform short choreographed shows like this, or even create an ambient fire experience for the background of your Hogmanay event. Here is an example of one of our fire acts, the Fire Belles, showing you just how impressive fire entertainment can be.

There are plenty of New Year’s eve traditions from centuries ago that we still celebrate today, not just in Scotland but across the world. But when planning your Hogmanay celebration the most important thing to remember is that the underlying message of New Year’s eve has always been to start afresh. As the New Year begins we should celebrate together to put all the negatives from the previous year behind us and focus on the positives that are to come.

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Couple Kissing Under The Mistletoe

Simple and Effective Christmas Proposal Ideas!

Whilst weddings may be our specialty, at Warble we believe that the proposal is just as important as the big day. After all, you can’t have one without the other! If you know that your partner wants a summer wedding in 2015, or if you are desperate to pop the question before the year is out, then a Christmas proposal may be perfect for you. But how to go about it? There are so many ways to ask that all-important question, so we’ve put together a list of our top 6 choices.

Christmas Proposal Ideas1. Use the weather!
If you’re putting up with all the agro that bad weather can cause, then you might as well get some use out of it, and snow can be extremely helpful for romance. Not only does a blanket of snow make any scene instantly beautiful, but you could use it to propose. Why not write the question in the snow like this? This is a perfect idea for spontaneous proposals, and although it seems simple and easy to do, it looks so romantic!

Proposal in the snow2. Singers
If you want you want something a little out of the ordinary, hiring a vocalist to sing your proposal is a sure way to impress your partner. There are lots of ways to go about this. For a more public proposal  why not take your partner out for a lovely meal and surprise them with a singing waiter/waitress.

Singing waiters proposalAlternatively, if you like the idea of singers but want your proposal to be a bit more private, you could think about hiring a local choir or singer to knock at your house pretending to be an ordinary caroler. The Warbletones would be perfect for this – a group that are happy to dress in any theme you like, maybe Victorian costume, Novelty Christmas Tree / Cracker outfits or Winter Woolies.  Whatever the setting, a singer or choir can change the words of a carol to include your personalised proposal, ensuring that your partner will always remember it.

3. Mistletoe
For something a little more traditional we would suggest a bit of good old kissing under the mistletoe. Hang the mistletoe up high and weave the engagement ring into it. When you’ve had a little smooch point upwards and your partner will marvel at how inventive you’ve been. This will also ensure that you and your partner always remember your first kiss as an engaged couple.

Couple Kissing Under The Mistletoe4. Hide the ring
Fancy being a bit crafty with your proposal? Hide the engagement ring in a Christmas ornament and hang it on your tree with your partner’s name on it. When he or she realises that the ornament doesn’t fit the rest of the decorations the ring will be revealed.

Lego Christmas Tree ProposalAnother way of hiding the ring is to wrap it in a box. Then wrap it in another box, and another box, and another. Putting the ring in several boxes that gradually get bigger will disguise what’s really inside. This is a very sophisticated and private way to propose that gives you the opportunity to say all that you want to say in the privacy of your own home. Wait until Christmas morning when he or she opens the presents, they won’t expect a tiny ring to be in such a big box!

Christmas Gift Proposal5. Magic
Sticking with the theme of illusion, we love the idea of hiring a magician to aide your proposal. At Warble we have a range of magicians who perform close-up, mix and mingle magic.
There are a range of tricks that could be tailored to a proposal, like hiding the ring and having it emerge from somewhere else, making the words ‘marry me’ appear on a playing card that was clean before hand. Whatever trick you decide on, hiring a magician guarantees a magical proposal.

Street Magician6. Christmas lights
Alternatively, if you want to go all out and make sure everyone witnesses the big question, then you could go for a visual proposal. Displaying the words ‘will you marry me’ in Christmas lights guarantees the shock factor and shouts out to the world that you are in love.

Christmas lights proposal Whether you do this in the privacy of your own garden, or in public for all to see, a light display joins the magic of Christmas and marriage together.

If you’re looking to propose over the Christmas period, we hope these ideas have helped and that he or she says a big fat YES!!!

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Live Band Ideas for your Xmas Do!

Christmas is right around the corner once again and one of the highlights of the season has to be the big work parties!

Unless, of course, you’re charged with organising the entertainment and don’t know where to start. There’s a massive amount of choice out there but worry not, we’re here to take the pressure off and give you some ideas to making the works knees-up a huge success.

No conversation about party entertainment can be complete without The Indie Killers, who will once again finish the year as our most popular act. If you want your party to be high energy, these Brighton boys will deliver an unforgettable party experience. They bring the performance area – normally restricted to the stage, out to the dance floor and get everyone involved while delivering a punchy set of classic songs that has something for everyone.

The Indie Killers are an awesome band for Christmas parties.Maybe you’ve got different ideas for your corporate party? If so, Warble has entertainment to suit almost all budgets and musical tastes. The Blue Valentines are a versatile duo that can bring an extra bit of class to your event. With a varied song list that can lend itself to providing background music to a sit down meal and then switching into a set guaranteed to provide a more upbeat feel to proceedings.

The Blue Valentines are a fantastic jazzy band from ManchesterIf you’re on the search for the next big thing and something that will bring a real wow factor to your event, book Bloxed Beatbox while you still can. This year, the boys have been seen at several high profile events throughout the UK – from festival stages to performing at the NFL’s International Series Games on London. Their amazing beat box skills even attracted the talent team from The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the US so we expect big things for these guys next year!

Tributes often get an unfair rep these days but there are many acts doing it to a massively high standard. The Boys from Jersey offer an evening’s entertainment that can work at almost any sized venue or event. The show captures the essence of the era in a feel good, sing-a-long vibe that also comes accompanied with large screens that really add to the performance.

The Boys From Jersey are a fab tribute to the music of Frankie Valli.It seems that we’re currently in a folk-rock revolution and acts that offer up a Mumford and Sons style performance are in big demand. We’ve plenty of choice here at Warble and Mr. K has been proving a popular draw throughout the year. From The Beatles to Guns and Roses, the Foo Fighters to Rihanna – these guys have an ability to take any big hit in any style and give it the folk-rock treatment.

And for those huge events where it’s really a case of power in numbers, The Forte have become one of the number one choices for providing the musical soundtrack to the UK’s biggest corporate party events. Backed by a huge 500 track repertoire, these guys are guaranteed to have both the style and experience to suit any event and make people talk about your event until it’s time to do it all again next year!

And for those huge events where it’s really a case of power in numbers, The Forte have become one of the number one choices for providing the musical soundtrack to the UK’s biggest corporate party events. Backed by a huge 500 track repertoire, these guys are guaranteed to have both the style and experience to suit any event and make people talk about your event until it’s time to do it all again next year!

The Forte corporate band know how to get a party started!For friendly help and advice on how to make sure you Christmas do hits all the right notes, give us a shout on 0845 643 9384 or email enquiries@warble-entertainment.com

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Christmas Wedding

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Wedding

Is there anything more magical than a Christmas wedding? The time of year associated with all things party, everyone is in a festive mood – houses are twinkling with fairy lights and Christmas trees adorn the high street, glittering invitingly in windows. Decorations are covering the trees and street lamps. People are infused with the enchanting mood of Christmas and smiles are abundant so really, what could be more spectacular than getting married during the season of peace and goodwill? Hopefully, family and friends are already planning to be close to each-other so if you’re planning your wedding over the party season then let the fun begin.

If you haven’t thought about it already, when choosing your venue for your Christmas wedding you should always bear in mind the distance to travel from the car to the front door. If it’s in a country house for example, you may need to walk from the road. If it is very snowy or icy this could pose a problem so look at car parking and make sure you (and elderly guests) won’t have too much trouble getting in and out of your venue of choice. Do look at the view as well. Country hotels, country houses and village churches should have a pretty backdrop as you would want your photographs to reflect the wintery Christmas mood. If you’re lucky enough to have snow don’t panic, photographers will be ready for anything and the photographs will be incredible. Check out Wedding Idea’s Top 5 wedding venues for a wonderful winter celebration for more inspiration.

Christmas Wedding Entertainment IdeasWhen people conjure up images of Christmas, minds becomes a swirl of seasonal colour – think gold and silver, winter wonderlands of snowy white and use this as inspiration for your church and room décor. There are of course limitless choices of colours but the two we will focus on are the traditional berry tones and sparkly winter wonderland. Traditional colours work beautifully when the outside is cold and wintery – they are inviting and warm. When the shops are full of poinsettia and holly it is only fitting for your wedding to complement these seasonal colours. White table linen with berry runners and Christmas lanterns with chunky, golden church candles, holly and berries surrounding them at the base and a table centre of deep red roses interspersed with greenery and hints of gold will make a remarkable looking room. Adorn the ceilings or pillars (if you have them) with sparkling fairy lights, keep the lighting low and you will create a truly spectacular looking venue. You can also request golden chairs or if not, consider covering them and trimming with heavy, deep red velvet sashes. In line with the traditional Christmas theme, don’t forget to serve mulled wine at the reception with tiny Christmas puddings and mince pies covered with a swirl of thick, melt-in-your mouth cream.

Winter BridesmaidsIn keeping with your traditional room theme, bridesmaids and page boys will look wintery wonderful in berry tones. Plum, raspberry, grape, purple all look superb set against a backdrop of wintery trees and even snow. They bring a dash of colour to the season. Alternatively if you don’t fancy your bridal party dressed in these colours, consider a sash or the bouquets in red and gold, berried ivy, red hypericum and glossy green foliage and mirror this in the men’s buttonholes.

If you prefer something more modern you may be tempted to choose a silvery theme with a room of white and glittery silver decorations. Your table linen could be crisp white with silver organza runners, the chairs brushed silver and the table centres mouth-watering with silver twigs, rosebuds and crystal drops, surrounded by white roses, eucalyptus and hellebores amongst glittering silver baubles and sprayed pinecones. Add grand storm lanterns to various areas of the room with large church candles, the soft glow will bring the theme together perfectly. Your place names on the table could even be silver and gold Christmas crackers!

Inspire Gospel ChoirWhen it comes to entertainment there are so many different types of choices it’s hard to know where to begin. Brides & Grooms often ask for a choir especially over the December period. The sound of Christmas carols as the guests are seated then moving effortlessly to the traditional wedding march as the bride makes her way up the aisle brings plenty atmosphere and definitely makes it extra-special but choirs will depend on space. If you are getting married in a large church the acoustics are perfect. Speak to your officiant and ask their opinion on acoustics and size, you don’t want the sound to be overpowering, however, if you are getting married in a smaller church or venue you can still have a single operatic singer, grand voices carry beautifully. Alternatively, a string quartet or a single harpist will create oodles of atmosphere before you say I do.

Jessica the Wedding HarpistDeck the Halls – after all, it is Christmas so it’s elegant to have an exquisitely decorated Christmas tree instead of floral displays at the reception in keeping with your colour theme so whether it’s a traditional tree with berry shades of red, ruby and purple or a twinkling, glittery silver and gold tree make it really superb and bring a splash of colour or a dash of glamour to the reception area.

On the theme of reception, you could also keep guests entertained with something special. If you have plenty of children attending why not invite Father Christmas to the reception? He’ll have children mesmerised while guests mingle drinking champagne or mulled wine. Of course if Santa Claus isn’t really your thing, then choose from a single pianist with background music or a classical wedding singer – nothing too overbearing. If your reception area is large enough, you could consider a small jazz band, popular with all ages and getting everyone in the mood for the wedding party later on and if you think you will have a long reception then add in a magician or a caricaturist to keep guests engaged. Your magician could double up during the wedding breakfast too, visiting each table for a short period of time or if you want to try something different – how about a mind reader?

Talk to your venue about the food – in keeping with the tradition of Christmas, you could serve a roast, either turkey, beef or ham but add all the succulent trimmings such as sausages, stuffing, roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Desserts are easy at this time of year, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, mini mince pies, a traditional Yule log, cinnamon ice cream or even a fully-loaded alcoholic trifle!

Wedding DancingAfter the speeches it’s time to dance – this is where anything goes! You don’t want a “Silent Night” Christmas is all about having a party so choose a rip roaring band guaranteed to thrill even your oldest relative! Make sure they have a good repertoire of Christmas songs too and get the younger guests going with some giant sunglasses, glow in the dark necklaces and blowers…If you prefer a disco it’s always a good idea to listen to plenty of options before you decide what you want and again, take into account size of room and acoustics. You want a fantastic party so you need a superb DJ who knows how to get people onto the dance floor! Some weddings have a band up until late evening turning into a disco into the early hours. For extra wedding wow factor and if you really want to go to town, we’ve even seen dancing Christmas Trees join in the wedding festivities – after too much mulled wine, Great Auntie Edith will wonder if she’s seeing things…

Christmas Trees Alive!With a carefully planned Christmas wedding your guests will have a sensational day, as the song goes, Walking (or dancing) in a Winter Wonderland.

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Football Themed Entertainment Ideas

Apparently, Scotland Vs England is the oldest international fixture in the world and was first played in 1872 in Glasgow. For all the football geeks out there you can check out more interesting history and facts on this subject here, but for the rest of us, we’re just interested in another excuse for a party and more importantly a themed party!

Obviously our theme today is football, which you’d think would be a difficult one to pull off but after the shenanigans during the world cup over the summer it’s clear that we have an abundance of football theme entertainment to play with!

World Cup Entertainment IdeasWe’ll start with this chap, because often when you think of football in the UK David Beckham springs to mind as one of our football legends and whilst it may not be possible to have him rock on up to your party you can certainly have the next best thing. Andy, our David Beckham lookalike is the most sought after in the UK and as you can imagine, he has had a very busy year so far! It’s easy to see why…! He can showcase some amazing football tricks as well as being extremely easy on the eye, which makes for a great photo-op and in the new age of selfie mania, this is extremely important, not only for our Facebook profile pictures but also for spreading the word about how awesome your party or event was.

David Beckham LookalikeNext up, if you’re looking for showcase style entertainment then The Football Freestyler is a fantastic option. Colin has traveled all over the world captivating audiences with his football wizardry. He is able to be very versatile and adapt his performance to meet your needs and can incorporate stage shows, interactive meet and greet performances as well as short workshop for your guests!

Now we need to add some music to proceedings and go Football Crazy! These guys are able to provide a strolling Jazz, Brass or event Military band who will perform all your favourite team songs as well as the national anthems to really create that match day experience and lift the crowd at your football theme event!

For that grand finale, what better than an an explosive performance from our cheerleaders who will provide fantastic costumes with electric choreography… And LOTS of pompoms!! A sure fire hit with all your guests!

American CheerleadersFor additional entertainment ideas on a football theme, or pretty much any other sport check out the website at www.warble-entertainment.com or give us a call on 0845 643 9384.

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UK Thanksgiving Entertainment

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK

On the fourth Thursday of November every year millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day all around the world. This year it falls on the 27th, so with the date fast approaching we at Warble have put together some ideas of how to celebrate over here in the UK.

What does Thanksgiving day actually represent?
The tradition began hundreds of years ago, in 1621, with the first Pilgrims and Puritans in Massachusetts, who, legend says, were thankful for a good harvest that year. Over a century later, in 1789, George Washington, the first President of the United States, proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving day. Typically a day to give thanks for food, family, and health, Thanksgiving day has been an official annual holiday in the U.S since 1863. Nowadays, the holiday is celebrated by getting family and friends together to indulge in a huge meal, normally whilst watching American Football on the television. Most major American cities put on Thanksgiving day parades which provide entertainment for the family, and the day after Thanksgiving, known as “Black Friday”, signifies the start of the shopping season in the run up to Christmas.

What if you’re not in the US?
If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving but you can’t get to the States to see the parades, there’s no need to be miserable, you can celebrate over here! Thanksgiving is not based on any specific religion, so if you feel like giving thanks and celebrating with friends and family, this is definitely the day to do so.

Eat food: With every year that passes it is becoming more and more fashionable for British restaurants to hold Thanksgiving themed events in November, so why not book into a restaurant for a pumpkin pie or slice of turkey? If going out isn’t your thing, you could try your hand at cooking your own Thanksgiving day feast at home. Have a look here at this amazing menu to give you some festive ideas.

Hire a band: As an entertainment agency, Warble believe that live music is one of the best ways to celebrate any holiday. But if you need persuading any further take a look at Brixton Barndance, an acoustic trio who love entertaining their guests with rich soulful bluegrass up-tempo covers. This 3-part vocal harmony create music that is great to sing and dance to. Consisting of a guitar, mandolin and double bass, the group can also boast the use of a banjo and drums at no extra cost, to give your Thanksgiving event that extra sparkle.

Alternatively, if you want to go extremely rock and country, the Hoedown Band are the ones for you. This 4 piece band are committed to providing the best country/rock entertainment around. The ‘Hoedown’ is an American barn dance originally performed by agricultural workers in the South East at the end of the day when they actually put down their hoes and could stop working for the evening. This band’s female vocalist, Dawn, takes the role of ‘caller’ during the performance, providing expert dance instruction to the crowd. Guests are guided through line dances, square dances, and other country moves. Your guests will find it extremely hard not to join in the fun with Dawn’s bubbly personality and this excellent American themed entertainment.

The Hoedown BandMake your own parade: If you can’t be in New York for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Warble can help you to re-create the parade at your own event. Our Cheerleaders have performed at numerous corporate events and can design their performance to suit your needs. This act perform breathtaking choreography and will produce a custom show to suit whatever budget you have for your event. The group also range between 2 and 12 dancers, so let your imagination take the lead to design your very own Cheer-leading show.

American CheerleadersAnother great entertainment option for bigger events is the American Marching Show Band. Specialising in arena displays, corporate events, and parades, this group perform musical routines to choreographed movement. The band can also perform a drum line to end your event with that extra bang.

American Marching Show BandIf you are celebrating on a smaller scale then how about re-creating the huge balloons of New York’s parade in your own living room for friends and family by having Polly put together some American themed balloons? Polly models balloons of all shapes and sizes so whether it be turkeys, footballs, or whatever you can think of, try Polly!

Take photos: Whilst stuffing yourself with fantastic food is a brilliant way to get the family together, this holiday is not just an excuse to eat. The friendly approach we take at Warble can be seen all over our blog and website by the amount of pictures we take at our own events. Taking photos is a great way to mark the day, record special moments and gives you a momentum to keep forever. If nobody you know fancies having control of the camera then hiring a Paparazzi Photographer could be perfect for your event. Acting as paparazzi these professional photographers can add that celebrity feeling to your event.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the UK may seem impossible at first, but in fact it is easy to organise when you realise you have lots of American themed entertainment at your fingertips. Whether you are organising a large scale event for hundreds of guests, or celebrating at home with friends and family, take a look at www.warble-entertainment.com to find some awesome entertainment.

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Monster Mash Ball

Warble Showcase – The Monster Mash Ball 2014

Warble understands that many of our customers would like to see our acts perform live to help them with the decision on booking the right entertainment for their special occasion. This is why we’ve hosted more showcase events over the last 18 months than ever before, providing our customers with a great opportunity to see just what our acts could bring to their Wedding, Party or Corporate event. These events, also see several people who have booked entertainment from one of the acts before, but enjoyed them so much, that they come along them to see them once again!

This year, one of our flagship events, The Monster Mash Ball, took place at Nantwich Civic Hall in Cheshire for the third year running. We welcomed a number of acts that not only brought a real wow Factor to the event, but also gave people a chance to see them up close and personal.

Trees Alive! are a great act that will bring  constant photo opportunities for every kind of event. Wearing appropriate accessories, such as flame design “pots” for feet and armed with toy tridents, the Trees proved massively popular at The Monster Mash Ball and there was no shortage of cameras and phones out to take pictures with this quirky and original pair. The Duo can don accessories for many different types of events, making them perfect for Corporate, Weddings and Private Parties.

Trees AliveJoining them as walkabouts at the early part of the evening were the Stilt Walking Characters, who provide a larger-than-life ice breaker to people attending events. They combine height with well-acted performances – something which delighted guests at the entrance and welcomed them in with a warm and engaging humour to really settle them in on arrival.Walkabout CharactersCompleting the walkabout entertainment for the first part of the show was Ben the Mind Reader. Ben worked from table-to-table making guests’ jaw drop in surprise as he performed a host of Sherlockian style feats of mind reading that left any table he visited both perplexed and wowed at his talents. From reading peoples thoughts to card tricks of illusion, Bens act is both versatile and curious at the same time and one that has universal appeal across all demographics.

By the time the walkabout acts had entertained, the venue had filled with all manner of Halloween costumes and props and one thing that never fails to surprise at the Monster Mash Ball is people’s imagination. Almost every monstrous genre was represented from Fairytale Horror and Comic book characters to the icons of some of the goriest film franchises and the sight of such fantastic outfits in such detail really added to the evening.

Monster Mash Ball 2014Kicking off the Stage entertainment was X-Factor Finalist Kitty Brucknell. Kitty made a name for herself back on the hit show in 2011 when her quirky antics drew the attention of the judge’s right through until the final episodes of the series. Here she performed a 45 minute set of upbeat tracks which consisted of a mix of covers, that Kitty put her own spin onto, and her own material.These included “Glitter in the Sky” from her new album and also “Yearning”, a song that she’s entered the Eurovision Song Contest with. By the time concluded her set with a costume change and a rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, it was clear to see why the X Factor judges were so taken aback with her vocal talents.

Host for the show, DJ Adrian kept the evening flowing between sets the dance floor was filling. Adrian provides lighting for the room as well as playing party music from across the genres and decades. The lighting looked fantastic at last year’s event and the bar was set incredibly high by that, but Adrian once again showed what can be created with his years experience adding flair to all kinds of events.

Indie Killers 4The final act all set to close off a fantastic evening of live entertainment were The Indie Killers. Back at the Monster Mash Ball for a third year, the flagship band for Warble Entertainment did not disappoint. Being able to mix a set of Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, The Kinks and Pharell with twinges of Rage against the Machine and have it all fit and keep the dance floor brimming throughout is no mean feat but the Indie Killers manage it time and time again at Weddings, Parties and Corporate events – week in, week out.

Indie Killers MMRegularly climbing off the stage and onto a dance floor full of Werewolves, Zombies and other frightful creations, both Damien and Luke looked absolutely at home – in part due to their own Halloween attire but mostly due to an affinity with the audience that very few party bands in the country can deliver.

After a set weighing in at over 100 minutes, The Indie Killers played an impromptu request of AC/DC before a crowd sing-a-long of Champagne Supernova saw the close to a triumphant set confirmed by a rapturous reception from the dance floor and also those dancing in various other spots of the room.

Indie KillersWith DJ Adrian taking the show past the witching hour, the evening was a great success and demonstrates the importance of such events. Not only do they give acts a chance to put on public performances and showcase what they do, but they also create a great night of entertainment for a ticket price which offers fantastic value for money.

Warble Entertainment’s next event takes place in December with The Ultimate Christmas Party, once again at Nantwich Civic Hall. The show takes place on Friday 12th December and tickets are priced at £10. See www.warble-events.co.uk for more details.

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Naughty Elves

Top 10 Unique Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year at Warble. Partly because we get to eat lots of chocolates, but also because everyone is in the mood to party and let their hair down after a busy old year.

We love helping our customers find Christmas themed entertainment for their Corporate Party or Winter Wedding and we have compiled the following list of our top 10 unique Christmas entertainment ideas.

Big Fat Santa1. Big Fat Santa
You can’t have a Christmas party without inviting Santa! This act will bring the magic of Christmas to your event and fill your guests with that exciting feeling of being small again and waiting to see what Santa brings! We can tell you that this Santa will bring lots of fun, laughter and some great photo opportunities!

Christmas Dancers2. Christmas Dancers
The Christmas dancers are perfect to liven up and add the glitz and glamour to any Christmas themed event. You can chose the Christmas showgirls to meet and greet your guests and provide a showstopping entrance or you can book a dynamic dance routine to really get the party started.

Naughty Elves3. Naughty Elves
For lots of silliness and guaranteed smiles these guys are perfect for helping to break the ice and inject some fun and frolics into any Christmas party!

Living Table4. Living Tables
Perfect to help set the Christmas theme and create a wonderful meet and greet centerpiece whilst creating a fantastic talking point. You can use the tables for arrival drinks, nibbles, goodie bags or anything you fancy. We’d suggest mince pies and winter Pimms, eggnog or mulled wine to really set the Christmassy tone!

Giant Snowglobe5. Giant Snowglobe
If you are looking for something truly unique and magical to WOW your guests and providing a talking point for years to come then this act is for you. Watch acrobats perform a stunning routine showing their agility, flexibility and strength accompanied by the perfect music and falling glitter. It really does have to be seen to be believed!

Stilt Walking Christmas Tree6. Stilt Walking Christmas Tree
Our Jack in the box stilt walkers can provide all kinds of themes and costumes including a giant Christmas Tree. With great audience interaction this act will engage with your guests and provide a novel and memorable performance.

Musical Santas7. Musical Santas
Festive, fun and energetic, this is a jazz band with a Christmas twist! They will perform all the Christmas classics whilst dressed as Santas to get your guests in the mood and ready to throw some shapes on the dance floor!

Comedy Walkabout Crimbo Puds8. The Chrimbo Puds Comedy Walkabout
This cheeky little act is great for guests of all ages and is perfect for injecting some silliness to your event. They are perfect for helping to set a more relaxed and fun tone to any event.

Stilt Walking Elves9. Stilt Walking Elves
Full of banter, these guys will create a fantastic Christmas jovial atmosphere to proceedings whilst creating a fantastic visual spectical.

Warbletones10. The Warbletones
Imagine an ensemble of Christmas carol singers waiting at the entrance of your venue to greet your guests. Simply stunning!

With all these fabulous, exciting and unique Christmas entertainment ideas there’s no there’s no excuse not to standout from the crowd and make sure your Christmas party or winter wedding is the one everyone is talking about well in to the new year! For additional Christmas Entertainment ideas check out the website www.warble-entertainment.com/christmas

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HIstory of English Weddings

Warble Investigates: The History of English Weddings

Everyone loves a good wedding – whether old fashioned or new-fangled but have you ever wondered where the tradition came from? Or did you think it was something to do with jumping over a broom? We decided to delve into our old history books and find out just why we love watching two gorgeous people say ‘I do’ and celebrating with a spectacular party afterwards.

While common law weddings occurred for centuries it was only during the Middle Ages a law was introduced (in 1076) stating that marriage must be blessed by a priest. Later on in the 16th century it was declared that marriage must be performed by a priest with witnesses present. This is when documents such as contracts started to be drawn up (a little like the documents we have today – including prenuptial agreements and licenses, they would also state dowry, property and rights).

The wedding license dates back to 1521 (before that you didn’t need a license to get married) but actually only the nobility had “legal” weddings until 1753 when The Marriage Act was passed in parliament. Before that, the commoners had common-law ceremonies often led by phony priests. From 1690 a marriage tax was introduced which managed to disclose many illegal marriages (those not carried out in a church) this resulted in heavy penalties particularly for the clergy as it was their responsibility to ensure that all marriages took place in church. This did not deter the commoners from getting married – many made private vows to each other and lived in common law unions. Some even got married on the church porch or at the door of the church (therefore avoiding marriage tax) but showing the public that they were married in the sight of God.

Well into the 18th Century many couples were unsure whether or not they were legally married, it never became an issue unless property and inheritance were involved. Bigamy was common too, especially as divorce was unknown at the time.

Brides of the Middle Ages would use cosmetics to brighten lips and cheeks, pluck the hairline (high foreheads were fashionable) and dye hair using the sun and lemons to lighten it. Hair was worn loose or with garlands of flowers and brides carried a sachet of herbs (not a bouquet at this stage). Preparing for your wedding would mean taking a nice, hot bath if you were rich and if poor you would just douse yourself in perfume. If men were wealthy they would wear their finest clothing and jewellery – even fur. Dresses were blue rather than white (blue was a symbol of innocence and purity) or if a bride did not own a blue dress (they didn’t have a dress made or bought for the occasion) she would wear something blue – hence the saying today. The garter became popular at this time too as after the wedding, it was traditional for guests to put the bride and groom to bed! Guests would then try and take something from the bride for “good luck” and it was often the garter, which is why it is still a tradition today.

During the Middle Ages, if you were of noble birth, your wedding breakfast would take place in a country estate or manor where you would enjoy a great feast or banquet (not dissimilar today). The entertainment would be in the form of jesters, court fools and medieval music. Medieval banquets are still popular today and our very own court jesters, magicians, circus performers and jugglers are requested time and again by brides and grooms to be.

Take heart for the noble marriages, as while they were grand they were mostly arranged and loveless. However, peasant marriages were different in that many were a race up the aisle after an unplanned pregnancy! On the subject of fertility, the tradition of throwing confetti came from peasant marriages when seeds of grain were used to wish them a fertile marriage.

Your wedding cake, which today may well be a choice of buttercream with soft sponge or rich chocolate perhaps even fruit cake – was nothing like the cakes served in the Middle Ages. In fact wedding cakes were made of meat or mince and the history of tiering came from guests bringing little cakes to stack on top of each other. The bride and groom would then try and kiss over the top of the cakes without knocking them over.

When thinking about your bouquet and who is going to catch it on your big day, bear in mind that this is a relatively new tradition and actually, the superstition of who will wed next was very different. In the 18th century a glass ring was hidden inside the wedding cake and the person who found it (and hopefully didn’t swallow it) was destined for marriage next (or so the tradition said). While on the subject of rings, engagement rings became popular in the late 19th century after an advertising campaign by diamond experts DeBeers (yes, they even had advertising and marketing then!) Thank you DeBeers! Wedding rings have been exchanged since the Middle Ages. If you were wealthy in that time you would give each other a ring but grooms who were poor used to break a coin in half and keep one side giving the other to the bride.

During Elizabethan times, Crying the Banns appeared. This was announcing the intention to marry and still happens today but at the town hall where we post our banns. The announcement would be made in church three weeks in a row on a Sunday and anyone marrying without doing this would be declared an illegal marriage. Weddings were held in the morning before lunchtime – hence the feast afterwards being called the Wedding Breakfast.

In these times, bouquets became popular and bridesmaids would be in charge of making them – the popular flowers at the time were rosemary and roses and the bride would carry the garland until after the ceremony when it was then placed on her head. It was up to the father to foot the bill of the wedding but in poor circles, guests would lend a hand bringing dishes to the feast. There was another tradition too… the bride ale! A bride would sell ale to people in her courtyard to raise funds for her wedding. This tradition didn’t hold though – luckily! There were no invitations as yet, if in court you may be slipped a note but invitations were word of mouth generally.

Wedding tradition changed during the Regency period becoming more private affairs. White weddings became popular as white was fashionable to wear then. Reading of the Banns still occurred but you could also now obtain a common license from a bishop or archbishop. Marriages could take place in a church or chapel where either bride or groom would have to have lived for at least a month. You could also get a special license issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Doctors Commons in London which allowed a couple to marry anywhere and at any time.

Queen Victoria put the seal on the white wedding dress by wearing it to her own wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. A white wedding dress in those times was seen as a symbol of wealth as it was a dress to be worn only once and bought by the bride’s father. Flowers were also used to decorate the church and reception. Men started to put flowers into their lapels which became the traditional buttonhole and morning coats became popular at weddings. In the countryside, a bride would walk to the chapel on a carpet of flower petals. Church bells would ring to let people know that a wedding was taking place.

Weddings often included harpists, pianists, violinists and church choirs much like today. We are always asked about our wedding ceremony musicians and it is popular to have string quartets and full choirs if the space is there much like our Victorian ancestors.

Today – anything goes! From small, intimate affairs to full-blown big, fat weddings, beach and Boho styles as well as more traditional celebrations. Entertainment can be a nod to the Middle Ages with medieval jesters, jugglers, magicians and circus performers to jazz and blues bands, a funky disco or a fabulous modern band playing favourites from all the ages.

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Halloween Entertainment Ideas 2014

Top 10 Halloween Entertainment Ideas for 2014

This year it seems everyone has gone all out for Halloween! Whether it is for a hotel party night, Halloween themed wedding or private party at a house or venue, people have really pushed the scary ghost ship out and we have received more bookings than ever for Halloween themed entertainment.

Here are our top 10 most booked acts for Halloween events in 2014:

Indie-Killers-Rock-Halloween-20141. Indie Killers
Guaranteed to rock any party, wedding or event, these guys are fully booked throughout the whole of November performing for Halloween events all over the UK, including our very own Monster Mash Ball.

Check out Indie Killers Here >>


Daniella D'Ville Halloween Entertainment2. Daniella D’Ville’s Freak Show
As a multiple Guiness World Record Holder with all things dangerous and scary Daniella has been a natural option for frightening party goers with her death defying stunts. Beware of nails, swords and other lethal weaponry!

Visit Daniella’s Profile Here >>


Fire Performers for Bonfire Night3. Fire performers
With Bonfire Night and Halloween being so close, our fire performers are always chocca throughout October and November. From solo performers to large choreographed shows our fire performers will be showing off their fire eating, body burning, fire juggling and pyrotechnics.

Visit Warble’s Fire Performers Details Here >>

Unusual Halloween Entertainment4. Trees Alive!

A live walkabout tree with devil horns – what could be more scary?! Especially when at first glance it looks like some decorated topiary… These guys will have some fun surprising guests at our annual Monster Mash Ball! A very unusual Halloween entertainment idea that is proving very popular!

Find out more about Trees Alive! >>

Halloween Stilt Walkers5. Stilt Walking Characters
To stand out from the crowd and add some flare to an event, stilt walkers are a great option. And again, we have chosen two scary themed stilt walkers to greet guests at The Monster Mash Ball – they provide a great talking point and photo opportunity.

Check out more Characters Here >>

Johnny S - Sword Swallower7. Johnny S

For outrageous entertainment from another Guiness World Record holder, Johnny S is your man. His stunts include the use of chainsaws, straight jackets and sword swallowing – perfect for keeping your guests on the edge of their tombs!

Find out more about Johnny S Here >>


Ben the Mind Reader8. Ben the Mind Reader
Halloween is all about the scary and unusual and Ben can certainly provide the latter! Ben’s show includes mind reading and mentalism which is perfect for any Halloween themed event, wedding or party.

Check out this Entertaining Mind Reader Here >>


Lady Gaga Tribute8. Lady Gaga tribute
Queen of all things crazy and bizarre, having Lady Gaga perform at your event is surely a Halloween hit! Take a whacky ride though classic chart toppers and be wowed by the craziest of costumes guaranteed to win any fancy dress competition!

Check out Warble’s Lady Gaga Tribute Here >>

Hula Hoop Entertainer9. Hula Hoop Dancer

Quirky, fun and unique – perfect to provide a great talking point for your guests. This act can be extremely versatile and work as a walkabout act or on a stage as a show. Great to keep the kids (and adults!) entertained as well.

Find out more Here >>

Bloxed Beatbox10. Bloxed Beatbox

Like any good Halloween event these guys really push the boundaries of their talent. You really need to see them to believe that what they are producing is not some kind of trickery. They may not be scary or traditional Halloween fayre… but they are so good they can literally wake the dead!

Hire beatbox extraordinaires Bloxed Beatbox Here >>

And there you have it, some of the popular Halloween entertainment ideas from 2014 at Warble Entertainment. Check out the website (www.warble-entertainment.com) for all additional entertainment available to hire.

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