Funky Bands for the Bruno Mars lovers

So Bruno and Mark went and bagged themselves the ‘Best British Single’ award at The Brits and in honour of their awesome win we’ve put together what we think are the best bands you can get your hips stuck in to. So pull up your braces, find yourself an over-sized blazer and put on your darkest, coolest shades for Warble’s funkiest bunch.

Union Street

Jaelee and the guys have not only been booked for Warble’s own events, but they also performed recently at the British Wedding Awards for the industry’s best suppliers. With a combination of incredible vocals, wicked musicians and some of the best tunes around. Union Street are definitely ones to watch!

One Eye On The Wedding Cake

Warble has had the pleasure of working with this bunch of awesomeness for some time now and we just can’t think why they do so well? Maybe it’s the massive amount of energy they perform with, or it could be the absolute monster of a repertoire they have, or it might just be the incredible sound they make. Who knows but we sure love ‘em!


Big band, big vocals and big moves. If Frankenstein made a band, this is what he would come up with. Soulidify are a magical ensemble of musicians with a choice of some of the best vocalists we have heard. We can definitely say anyone in the same room as these guys would be full of funky vibes once they’re done.


Not only do these guys look the part but they sure do match it with their musical talent. The 5 guys have style, smooth moves and some serious vocal skills which have made them a huge hit with us Warblers and party go-ers all over!

Soul Grooves

Now here’s a band who have got the Bruno moves potentially nailed even better than the man himself. With the band’s attention to detail and effortless musicianship they have gone down a storm… The biggest challenge would be to watch their video and tell us you didn’t pull out your best chair dance.

Brandon Mars and the MB’s

Come on? We couldn’t blog about Bruno without showing off our very own tribute to the Hawaiian star. Performing all of his best hits and a taste of old school classics, Brandon and the MB’s kill it with some impressive dance moves, big band and a show you will never forget for all the right reasons!

So there you go, just a handful of Warble’s best movers and groovers but it doesn’t stop there… Warble has tonnes of amazing bands that will blow your minds! Check them out and your hips won’t lie!

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Warble’s top ten Northern Wedding and Party bands

Other than a proper good brew and your local chippy, us Northerners love a top band or ten. And we sure know how to produce some great music with the likes of The Beatles, Stone Roses and The Arctic Monkeys coming from our neck of the woods. So as the title ever so kindly suggests, we have put together Warble’s top ten Northern bands for you to enjoy with your favourite biccie and a perfect cup of Yorkshire tea.

1. Friends of the Bride

Chris and the guys really know how to rock a good old Oasis classic or make you sway to a Beatles tune or two. Not only do the lads know exactly how to make you throw your best shapes on the dance floor, but they are also a lovely bunch who you can trust to make your night a success.

2. Luminate

This funky bunch are spreading musical vibes across and around the Leeds area and what a cracking job they are doing too. With vocals that will blow your mind and a set list that will no doubt have your hips shaking… This lot are definitely ones to watch.

3. Blue-Heart Mitch and the Blazin Jacks

Warble has worked with this crazy lot for some time now and for some real good reasons. Performing a mixture of ska, rock n roll, swing and jive, these guys will put their own spin on your favourite tunes from up North… And we love it!

Blue Heart Mitch and the Blazin Jacks
4. The Kickstarts

Manchester based, lots of beard and full of energy… Couple this with a belter from The Arctic Monkeys and you and your guests will have a party that your dancing feet won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

5. Black Cadillac

Very cool, very chic and very much perfect for any vintage themed event. The Lancashire based band make new songs sound old and old songs sound retro so they definitely get the thumbs up from us Warblers.

6. Meet the Beatles 

Need we say anymore? If you are dedicated to being a true Northerner, a tribute to Liverpool’s biggest band would be spot on and we couldn’t suggest a better band to do it.

7. The Story

After being booked all over the Northern region, these guys are becoming one of Warble’s most booked and why on earth not?! They look cool, sound awesome and have a degree in keeping dance floors full (Possibly not true on the degree part but they sure are good at it).

8. Gary & The Swing Kings

Although Yorkshire based, our Gary and his band travel all over the country swooning and crooning wherever possible. Not only do they perform some of the smoothest tunes around but they can also turn it up a notch with some dance floor classics to make sure everyone of your guests are busting the moves.

9. The Wild Molly’s

Known by many as ‘The best Irish group never to come out of Ireland’, this rowdy bunch mix the traditional and not-so-traditional Irish songs which we warn, may result in guests dancing on tables.

10. The Icons 

With the very talented Maria fronting the band with a voice to be reckoned with and stage presence that puts front men to shame, this band will have you singing and dancing to every tune going. They definitely get the thumbs up from over here!

So there you have it, our top ten Northern bands available to book for your party, wedding or event. That’s not to say we don’t have lots more awesome options to chose from, we just thought our top fifty or top one hundred may end up being a little wordy!

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The British Wedding Awards 2015

Friday the 23rd January saw the 2015 British Wedding Awards take place at the Tower Bridge Hotel in London and Warble made the trip down to attend as we were selected to provide the headline entertainment at the event.

The awards are run in conjunction with Wedding Ideas Magazine and are designed to recognise some of the UK’s finest wedding brands with awards for “Best Bridal Designer”, “Best Bridal Collection” and “Best Wedding Venue” to name just a few.

After a champagne reception and dinner, the ceremony began with hosts, Jade and Dan Peperall, of Giraffe Media, presenting the first award. With a reputation for being one of the South West’s most in demand venues, Berkeley Castle walked away winners of the first award for “Best Wedding Venue” against some superb nominees – of which any one of them could have picked up the prize.

Throughout the evening there were 12 awards to present and a fantastic representation of the vibrant landscape that the UK wedding scene offers. Amongst those also picking up awards were Benjiman Roberts (Best British Bridal Collection), Dessy (Best Bridesmaids Collection) and Giggle Booth (Best Special Touches) and the final award for Best Bridal Designer went to Kate Halfpenny, who received the most rapturous winners applause of the evening and as one of the fashion industry’s leading designers (having designed for Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Twiggy and Cheryl Cole), walked away a deserved winner.

Once the presentations had drawn to a close, it was over to one of Warble Entertainment’s most popular bands, Union Street, to close the evening in style. Delivering a lively and energetic performance of Soul and Motown including “Superstition” and Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, right through to up-to-minute renditions of Pharrel Williams “Happy” and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. The five piece London based band have become one of the most in demand acts at weddings and corporate events and it’s easy to see why.

The hour long set put the icing on the cake of a fantastic night that was both well attended and well organised and already plans are afoot to go bigger in 2016!

Full List of Winners:

The Best UK Wedding Venue – Berkeley Castle

Best Wedding Stationery – Bohemian Dreams

Best Gift List Service – Cancer Research UK

Best Special Touches – Giggle Booth

Best Bridal Accessories – Ivory & Co

Best Bridal Shoe Collection – Rainbow Club

Best Honeymoon and Weddings Abroad – Thomson Weddings

Best Hen and Stag Party Provider –
UK Girl Thing and Gents Events

Best Bridal Retailer – Isabella Grace

Best Bridesmaids Collection – Dessy

Best International Bridal Collection – Maggie Sottero

Best British Bridal Collection – Benjamin Roberts

Best British Bridal Designer – Kate Halfpenny

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Tips from a Photographer: Getting ready

We love it when our lovely friends jump aboard the Warble blog! This week we’re delighted to have one of our fave wedding photographers, Jenny Martin, get in touch with some great tips to getting the most out of your photographer whilst you are getting ready…

  • The night, before make sure all your accessories are in one area including dress, shoes, jewellery, spare lippy etc. That way you won’t be running round looking for things on the morning itself.
  • Have a look at the room you are getting ready in. Is there enough room for everyone to move round? Could you clear any clutter? Do you really want the laundry basket in your photos?
Wedding photography top tips
Jenny Martin Photography
  • When you are having your hair and makeup done, wear something that you can easily get out of like a robe, kimono or your H2B’s nice crisp white shirt.
  • Put someone in charge of tidying up (I often spend lots of time moving knickers and bras out of shot – I joke that I am also the cleaning lady not just the photographer).
Wedding photography top tips
Jenny Martin Photography
  • Once your bridesmaid’s hair and make up are done, they should get into their dresses so they are ready to rock n roll. Your photographer can take some pictures of them on their own and capture those lovely, fun and intimate putting on of the dress shots.
  • Let your photographer know when you are happy for them to come in for those shots. Everyone is different some brides walk around in bra and knickers, others will say I will shout you when my bum is in. Whatever works for you!!
Wedding photography top tips
Jenny Martin Photography
  • OK brill, you are in your dress, they are in theirs, Mum has her hat on, Dad is looking proud as punch and your photographer has captured all those natural goings on. Now time for a few moments with you. Forget everything (easier said than done, but this is your moment) relax, trust your photographer and they will capture some beautiful images of just you before the big moment.
Jenny Martin Photography
  • At this point your photographer will usually disappear, leave you to it for your final family time and head over to the church to capture what is happening there. Good luck and they will be waiting for you as you arrive at the church!

Thanks Jenny, we look forward to hearing from you again soon!

If you are looking for a fantastic photographer for your wedding, you should check out Jenny’s work at:

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It’s all about the beards!

It’s all about that beard, bout that beard… No stubble. Yes, you’re hearing it. A blog on beards. But why not? Everyone loves them, nearly every guy has them and apparently they are only going to get bigger and better. The latest Hipster craze has meant that it’s cool to wear shoes without socks, have a beard from the Victorian era and to drink coffee in cafe’s instead of a pint in a pub. So we have put together a few hairy members of the Warble roster for you to have a gander over and tell us who has your favourite chin of hair?

In no particular order…

Nick Sings

Nick Sings Not only is Nick one of Warble’s most booked solo acts and favourite voices, he also has a cracking beard to show. Although not as extravagant as others, we love the ‘Chris Moyles’ vibe he has going on and just had to show it off.

Seb from The Kickstarts

The Kickstarts party band for hireSeb is our very own smiley, bearded drummer. For the reason that he is smiley, beardy and of course… a drummer! Definitely a strong contender for winning the awesome beard title.

Nicholas the Caricaturist

Nicholas the Caricaturist available for parites, weddings and corporate eventsSo this guy’s talents don’t just lie in his drawing but he also has rather handsome chin hair. We think Nick’s beard is definitely up there with some of Warble’s finest with his very smooth and well trimmed style. Nick also used to model for Calvin Klein so that definitely gets extra brownie points in our eyes!

Damo from Academy

Academy are a live rock / pop band available to hire for weddings parties and corporate eventsDamo is the lead singer and guitarist in the very cool indie band ‘Academy’ and definitely has a beard to be proud of. Although he has some pretty strong competition with his own band members, we think he deserves to be in our top 5 for his bearding efforts.

(Most of) The guys from Supercharged

Supercharged Rock and Pop party band available to hire for weddings, parties and corporate eventsWill, Al & Adam have joined forces to create possibly one of the most bearded bands we have. Unfortunately their other male member struggles to grow his own (sorry Mike) but these guys are definitely up there with their tremendous amount of hair.

So there we have it – Warble’s best beards! Definitely didn’t think we would be putting that in a sentence but let’s face it… BEARDS ROCK.

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The Burrito Boys: A perfect Valentine’s serenade!

We love Valentine’s and all that mushy stuff. We also love Mariachi, so combine the two and we are very happy Warblers indeed!

Luckily then,  Andy from our quirky Mariachi band, The Burrito Boys got in touch this week to explain why they are perfect for Valentine’s events. Not that we needed any convincing, but this is what he had to say…

‘A great scribe once wrote, “If music be the food of love, then eat some chillies”. Or something like that. And quite frankly if he didn’t, he ought to have.

If music be the food of love then eat chillies!

But while to some people a fiery jalapeno-stuffed chimichanga may not be the most obvious aphrodisiac, surely nobody can doubt the heart-melting romance of the music from the land of said food –  Mariachi.

Let’s face it, in the world of audio romance, there are 3 basic choices; Barry White, Marvin Gaye or Mariachi. But while the first 2 have slipped this mortal coil and are now serenading the angels, there has never been a better or easier time to find a mariachi band who will be your musical mouthpiece in telling your beloved all you want to tell her, in the language of music, in real living 3D.

Burrito Boys acoustic Mariachi band

We have serenaded countless loved ones, both male and female (and once to a dog – “How Much is That Doggy in the Window”) – over the years, sometimes requested, sometimes because it felt right at the time, but always with the result that we left two romantically-smitten loved ones staring wistfully into each others eyes (OK the dog was the exception there. But then again another request that night was The Goodies’ Funky Gibbon, so all in all not a typical event for us). And our somewhat portly frames, our rather dubious national heritage, and our is-it-or-isn’t-it-real facial hair aside, we think we’re pretty darn good at delivering a message straight from the heart and being confident of scoring the bulls-eye.

Burrito Boys proposal
David The Caricaturist booked the Burrito Boys for his proposal

Take David who decided that last August 1st was the perfect time to propose to Becky – now, the beautiful grounds of the Grove Hotel in Chandler’s Cross, beautifully bathed in the glorious midsummer evening sun may have contributed – the surprise watching-on of Hollywood A-lister and part-time Wolf Thing Mr Hugh Jackman may possibly have cast a ‘this-was-meant-to-be’ fluffy duvet over the moment – but the lilting melody of our Mariachi version of “All My Life”, the K-Ci and Jojo love-fest, sealed the deal. He asked, she affirmed, and our job was done.

Of course, romance should be a year-long occurrence – this world needs its share of love we all know that, but this week, with Cupid poised with his arrow, young and older lovers everywhere will be putting their faith in that most amorous of saints, Valentine, and shaping up for the big day. And while roses, champagne, oysters and dancing may be the traditional prerequisites for a successful Valentine’s evening, Mariachi is fast becoming the next Big Thing for the 14th. Whether traditional Mexican love songs or, as we excel in – a Mariachi version of “your” song, be it Bruno’s “Think I Wanna Marry You” or Robbie’s “Angels”, or in that rarest of occasions “How Much is That Doggy in the Window”, we think that the music of Mariachi is the music of Love.

Burrito Boys Mariachi Band

And don’t take my word for it, someone up there agrees. Last Valentine’s night we performed at the top of Millbank Tower, one of London’s highest riverside buildings. As we finished our set, a hurricane struck. With the windows (indeed it felt the whole building) shaking, we began the struggle home. A fallen tree blocked the train line – no route that way. Taxi drivers shut down for the night – too dangerous to drive. We were stranded. And I’m pretty sure this was no ordinary natural phenomenon – we were needed. Lovers needed us. And we weren’t going to be allowed to go home just yet.

So there you have it. It’s an indisputable truth, decided by far higher agents than I. Valentine’s Day needs Mariachi. And I’ll shout a rose-scented “Areeba!” to that sentiment.

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A Valentine’s Day Wedding

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we thought we’d have a little look into where it came from in the first place and also how brides and grooms could have a Valentines theme to their big day.

What’s it all about?

The exchanging of cards on Valentine’s day only dates back to the 1840s, but Valentine’s day itself has actually been around since 496 A. D. It started in Ancient Rome with the celebration of Lupercalia, a pagan fertility festival. Pope Gelasius recast this pagan festival in 496 A. D. as a Christian day under the name of St. Valentine. It is ambiguous which St. Valentine the Pope intended the day to be named after. The Catholic Encyclopaedia states that there were three Christian saints by that name. All three saints were said to be martyred on February 14th. One of the Saint’s was a priest in Rome, one was a bishop from Terni, and one was a saint who died in Africa.

A Valentine’s Theme Wedding

This year Valentine’s day falls on a Saturday, making it the best year to have a Valentines wedding as most people are off work and you can use the whole weekend to celebrate. A Valentine’s day wedding means you are a true romantic at heart, so make sure your wedding reflects your very own love story.

Make it personal

Think about places you’ve been to and things you’ve done as a couple, and try to incorporate this into your wedding. You could even use those ideas to theme your whole wedding. For example, if you’re a couple that goes travelling a lot you could have a world themed wedding. Theme each table as a different location, have maps as table clothes etc. You could even start your theme as you begin to plan your wedding, with the invitations. Whatever theme you choose, try to tell the story of your romantic relationship at your wedding.

Parisian theme wedding invitation
Provided by Swoon at the Moon


Soft silks are great for decorating your Valentine’s wedding. Use fancy fabrics as chair covers, table clothes, curtains and even napkins! Try draping some silks around your reception room to add to the romantic atmosphere. Throws and pillows can be used at your reception to add extra comfort for guests. This also invites those that are tired from all the dancing to stay a little longer!


Lighting is very important at weddings, especially in February when the evenings are still dark, lighting can very much effect the mood of your wedding. Candlelight is essential to create a romantic atmosphere. Try using warm pinks for other types of lighting, and maybe invest in some heart shaped chandeliers or candle holders.

Valentine's wedding theme with candlelight
Jake Morley Photography


There are so many romantic entertainment ideas to chose from to suit your perfect Valentine’s theme wedding. If you are looking for classical and traditional then a Harpist or String Quartet would be perfect. For those looking for something a little more quirky then why not try a French Mime Artist to fit in with a Parisian theme or if music be the food of love, then go all out with a Rat Pack singer and band to provide the classic romantic sound track to your day.

Background Wedding Music

If you are looking for last minute entertainment ideas for your Valentines wedding in 2014 or you are preparing ahead for your 2015 wedding then just give us a shout and we’ll happily put some suitable options together for you.
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From Techno Geek to Retro Chic: Wedding Entertainment to suit your personality

Whilst we understand that most weddings will follow a similar format, at Warble we really feel that your big day should reflect your personality. So, we’ve put together some wedding entertainment ideas to help brides and grooms show off their own style!

The Techno Geek

Techno geek bride and groom personalityDo you like gadgets? Is your head buried in an iPad or circuit board more often than a good book? Do you talk in acronyms and understand what LED or CAD means? Does anything electrical light up your life (other than just a lamp)? If you’ve answered yes to most of these then we’ve officially called you a techno geek and you should appreciate the following:

Future Harp
Future Harp alternative wedding entertainmentHigh tech, unique and visually stunning – perfect for the evening reception and  if this act does’t tick all of the boxes for you techno geeks then we’re not sure what will?!

Light it upCustom designed light up instruments – need we say more?? Techno geeks all over the country are snapping up these guys to play alongside the DJ at their evening reception!

The Practical Joker

Practical joker wedding personalityDo you own a whoopee cushion? Is April Fools your favourite day of the year? Is You’ve Been Framed clogging up your Sky +?  Did you answer Yep yep and yep? In that case you you’re going to love these wedding entertainment ideas:

Living Trees
Living Trees Alternative Wedding EntertainmentPerfect for scaring your guests out of their wits… Then making them feel better with a big hug! These guys would fit in perfectly during the drinks reception at a garden party wedding, in a marquee or a stately home wedding.

Del BoyThe original cheeky chappy himself! Del Boy is guaranteed to be an instant hit with your guests once they’ve got over the fact that it’s not the real thing!! He’s a laugh a minute and can be booked to interrupt your wedding breakfast or generally hang out with your guests at your evening reception. Get ready for selfies ahoy!

The Weird and Whacky

Weird and Whacky wedding entertainment theme ideas
Ross Hurley Photography

Do you sleep in a coffin? Have you got more than 7 piercings? Are you considering getting married in Takeshi’s castle? Do you have a pet rat called Freddie?  We’re not entirely sure what constitutes weird but hopefully you get the picture…

Johnny SIf outrageous entertainment is what you are looking for then Johnny S is your guy. With Sword swallowing, chainsaw juggling, pierced weightlifting and the ‘Human Blockhead’ in his repertoire, he is sure to make a lasting impression and his charming manner will entertain rather than repulse your guests!

The Mermaids unique and alternative wedding entertainmentYES! Wierd, whacky, stunning, and not double but quadruple take worthy. The Mermaids are sure to create a stir and can you imagine the wedding photo album!! You just need to make sure granny and grandad are well prepared or as weird and whacky as you are!

The Hopeless Romantics

mr-mrs-640x420Is Valentines day your favourite day of the year? Is Paris where you got engaged? Do you always share your last Rolo? If so, then grab your matching monogrammed hankies and check out these happy tearful worthy entertainment ideas:

Mime artist
Mime Artist romantic wedding ideas
If Paris is the city of love then  channel the romance of this special place with entertainment from a by gone era to your big day. Perfect for mingling with your guests, helping to break the ice and providing some light hearted fun within a romantic theme to your drinks reception.

The Giant SnowglobeCould this BE any more romantic, beautiful, amazing or awe inspiring? Just imagine unveiling the giant snowglobe as a surprise for your guests between courses at the wedding breakfast or during the evening reception – the look  on their faces will have you reaching for those hankies again!

Retro Chic

Retro Wedding Entertainment ideas

Do you wear your Nan’s old curtains? Would you prefer a gramophone to an iPhone? Are you considering booking a big red bus to ferry your guests to the reception?  If so then hop on board with our retro entertainment ideas:

The Daisies – Vocal Harmony Group

These beautiful ladies will dazzle your guests with their intricate harmonies showcasing  classic hits from bygone years and modern songs with a vintage twist!

Living Statues
Living Statues Vintage Wedding EntertainmentNot only do these guys help set the scene of your vintage theme wedding, they provide a great sense of fun when they unexpectedly come to life, then leave your guests in awe and suspense when they turn back to a statue!

So, whatever your personality, style or theme, the main order of the day is to have lots of fun and enjoy your special moment!

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Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night

If you’re the Maid of Honour or the Best Man, one of your duties is to make sure the Hen or Stag night is a memorable one – in a good way! No doubt you know your good friend (the Bride or Groom) well and you’re aware of your task. You probably have a list of ideas already bubbling away and you may even have some possibilities of a venue. However, if you aren’t sure what to do or you want to add something different into the mix, we may be able to help take some of the strain away as we’ve researched suggestions for Hen & Stag Night themes with some entertainment ideas of our own thrown in for good measure.

Before you start you might want to consider the following factors:

Numbers – Before you book anything, firstly, you need a good idea of guest numbers. Ask the Bride or Groom who they want to be invited and show them the list of names before you fire off an email so you are sure everyone who needs to be is included.

Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night
Theme –
When deciding on the theme, while you may think it’s a great idea to surprise the Bride or Groom (and of course, there should be an element of surprise) make sure that what you choose is something he or she will enjoy. Ask the Hen or Stag the type of things she or he is thinking of and see if you can incorporate these into your chosen theme. As an example, your shy, retiring Bride might not want a stripper or to carry an inflatable man around all night! Similarly a Groom with a love of armchair football may not want to spend the weekend on an assault course.

Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night
Budget –
Budget is very important. Canvas the guest list and find out what everyone wants to spend. Don’t start sharing amounts with all the guests as some can afford more than others. Take an average and suggest that be the limit. It’s normal for everyone to contribute (if they can) but the Bride or Groom should not have to pay. At the same time as organising the budget, suggest suitable dates in advance. Once you have decided the guest list, date and budget you are ready to decide what to do! Tip – don’t make the hen or stag night too close to the wedding; leave at least a week for recovery time!

There will always be different budgets but by no means does this mean that the more expensive the party, the better it is. Here are some ideas for Hen Nights and Stag Nights for all different budgets:

The Spa Experience for Hens (although not exclusively to Hens!)
If there is plenty of budget for an overnight spa stay then research some local hotels offering spa packages. Alternatively, there are plenty of spa day experiences available with lunch and tea included at a lesser price but equally as luxurious. We came across this website, which has lots of different breaks and packages throughout the UK  and they’re all in one place so it saves time searching through the internet.

If the Bride loves being pampered and enjoys all things beauty related then the spa experience is an obvious choice but you don’t have to stop there. By including some extra entertainment you can have a real point of difference… How about some gorgeous Singing Fireman who will check the venue is fire safe before creating a fuss with the manager and bursting into song!

If you are on a tight budget, you can re-create the entire spa experience at home, either hiring the expertise of a beautician for the day or night, with some fluffy bathrobes and slippers or if a beautician is out of price range, give each other spa treatments. You can even hire a hot-tub for the night or weekend! There would be no expense on the venue, food can be take away pizza or sushi with copious amounts of Ben & Jerry’s and a few bottles of wine –and there may even be some budget left over for an entertainer!

Cocktail Nights and Pub Crawls
Make it a night to remember with a Cocktail Night, or Pub Crawl perfect for Hens or Stags! You can either decide to head into town or visit the best cocktail bars or pubs in the area. As an example, enjoy a plush venue and spend the evening with a few cocktail games. Blow all the budget on champagne or even consider a cocktail making masterclass where you will be taught by a mixologist how to concoct great tasting, potent cocktails before drinking them!  Don’t just turn up at a series of bars or pubs, do the research first so you have an itinerary to avoid not knowing where to go next.

Cocktail Nights and Pub Crawls
As far as entertainment goes, you could hire a caricaturist to draw a group caricature of all the hens which can be then be framed as a lasting memento.  Or the Stags might enjoy  a cool, contemporary mind-reading magician to keep them entertained and completely blow their minds! Or think about have a famous person join you, especially if you know the Bride has a thing for Johnny Depp, James Bond or David Beckham! Perhaps the Groom likes Marilyn Monroe or Madonna? All can be organised to make the Hen or Stag one he or she will talk about for years to come!

Hen Night Caricature
Caricature from Bill the Caricaturist

If you do decide to travel into town and visit some extravagant bars why not hire a limo and be treated like a star all night too! You could include some true star quality and hire your own Paparazzi Photographers to follow you wherever you go – you’ll be guaranteed to attract plenty of attention and have some fabulous shots of your night to treasure forever!

Paparazzi Photographers
Outdoor Activities
If your Bride or Groom is the outdoors type then consider a sailing day, paintballing or even a theme park. There are companies such as that organise It’s a Knockout tournaments, based on the popular TV show (way back in the 80’s with a revival a few years back – you may remember). There are various venues for this activity around the UK, and it’s a popular way of celebrating a Hen or a Stag and you will often find other parties going on at the same time.

Treasure Hunts
Why not plan a treasure hunt? You can do this yourself and organise a treasure hunt basing clues on the Bride or Groom’s life taking the group all around various locations near where he or she grew up and stopping at various cafés, pubs, restaurants and a later on a club.

Paparazzi Photographers
Join the Circus
Consider Circus training! From just £435 (dependent on numbers) your Hen or Stag party can learn a range of amazing circus tricks taught by professionals and come away from the party with a skill to enjoy and show-off for life. These workshops are so much fun and guaranteed to thrill the Bride or Groom and the rest of the Hen or Stag guests.

Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night circus swing act circus workshop
Be a Murder Suspect…
How about a Murder Mystery Night? Mingle your Hen or Stag guests with brilliant characters and watch a murder unfold before your eyes leaving the guests as detectives trying to found out “who dunnit”! It’s a superbly thrilling evening where you learn who to trust and who not to trust while you work out who committed the terrible crime but beware of twists in the tale….!

Alternatively, with the Bride and the Groom’s consent – you could always combine the two and have one big, fat, Hen/Stag night together (otherwise known as a STEN or HAG). This saves on budget as by combining the two, you can afford more. The huge positive is getting two crowds of friends together before the wedding, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other. You could say it’s a good way of keeping an eye on each other! Many celebrities are choosing to do this event jointly and you can easily theme it, such as a dress-up Prohibition Party set in the 1920’s (don’t forget to include some suitable Vintage entertainment such as Great Gatsby inspired Charleston dancers). Or record a pop song together recreating an iconic music video (you could play it at the wedding!), or outdoors types, good old fashioned whitewater rafting or a sailing day are options, but if you prefer a party then why not hire a party double decker bus?

double decker bus Warble Investigates: Ideas for the Hen & Stag Night
We hope we’ve given you some food for thought. If you need some help with organising your Hen, Stag or HAG/STEN entertainment, just give us a shout on 0845 643 9384 or visit the website.

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