No Beat(boxing) around the Bush!

Bloxed Beatbox

Possibly the most common question we are asked at Warble is what entertainment are we able to provide that is “different” or “out of the ordinary” for a wedding or corporate event? It could be you need something unusual for a big birthday, corporate night out or an anniversary party, but you’ve hit a stumbling block. Well, without doubt one of the most exciting and unusual acts we can offer is the outstanding Bloxed Beatbox. You probably want the lowdown but firstly we can safely say that this trio provide sublime entertainment, ideal if you’re searching for totally original artists for your wedding or big event.

So take a very worthy risk and wave goodbye to traditional entertainment, blow your guests away with Bloxed Beatbox! At Warble we suggest you embrace something so cool and modern that we really guarantee you will surprise and thrill your wedding party with something completely individual and extra-special. If you love Hip Hop then you have to check out Bloxed Beatbox – they don’t need any props and by that we mean no drums, no bass, no guitar and no piano because they are completely reliant on making music using their… mouths.

If you didn’t know, Beatbox is a phenomenon derived from Hip Hop that has been around for the past decade if not more and it continues to grow rapidly in popularity. It is an art, the ability to make music just using your mouth itself is pretty impressive – if you try it yourself you will see it’s very difficult! The performers can create the sounds of drum beats and other musical noises just using voice, lips and tongue. Famous Beatboxers include Schlomo, Beatfox, Beardy Man and Base 6 who are in good company with Doug E Fresh. In fact our very own Bloxed Beatbox has been noticed by Radio 1, the main man himself, Dizzee Rascal and Jamie Cullum so you’ll be bringing plenty of star quality to your event. They even supported Goldie Lookin Chain’s 10 year anniversary tour last year. Beatboxing is becoming so popular there are contests being held all over the world, there’s probably one going on right now.

Bloxed Beatbox

There’s so many different ways Bloxed Beatbox can entertain your guests… you need to picture the scene but how about a dramatic wedding entrance to “Get Lucky” performed by this uber talented trio who only need three microphones. They’re well practised too as their talent spans over six years of performing. It’s a brilliant way to stop people in their tracks, and will delight children and adults alike, whatever age because the way they perform is remarkable, so much so, we see guests left open mouthed. Their set is incredible, full of energy and tremendous fun. If you want to know what type of songs they cover, well, you can make special requests but they are simply superb beatboxing to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo not to mention Pharrel’s “Happy” to name a couple of excellent tracks.

Of course, you don’t have to use the Bloxed boys for your grand arrival – how about surprising your Bride, Groom or other party member with a blast from their Beatbox talent? Conveniently, sets range from 3 x 20 minute sets to one hour long set or 2 x half hour slots. Imagine the Bloxed boys bursting through the doors of your venue and striding through while beatboxing “The One” (Swedish House Mafia) on their way to the Bride to serenade her in their unique style – you can’t beat that for cool! Or before you introduce the Disco or band let Bloxed warm up the revellers – they may even teach you one or two of their ingenious techniques.

One thing’s for sure, choose Bloxed Beatbox to add some extra entertainment to your wedding or special event and you’ll be beatboxing clever. For more information on Bloxed Beatbox contact Warble Entertainment on 0845 643 9384.

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Wave Goodbye to Tradition with Warble’s Boho Wedding Guide

Boho Wedding Entertainment

Take a leaf out of Kate Moss’s book and plan a wedding day with a distinct twist. From what Warble Entertainment is seeing, Boho weddings are very much in style, big time and there’s no doubt that getting married Boho-style is a creative and imaginative way to celebrate your nuptials. Boho is a love of all things unconventional – so if you don’t want a traditional church or civil ceremony, a big meringue dress and a wedding reception in a hotel or similar then Boho style may well be the answer you’ve been looking for, it’s about creating the wedding you really want rather than bowing to convention.

Going Boho can mean anything from choosing a venue which reflects your personality – so if you’re a nature girl, the outdoors is perfect, beach side weddings, garden weddings, rustic farmhouse weddings, gazebos – anywhere which is less formal and gives an air of let’s relax and have fun – to hand-making all your decorations and perhaps your dress. They are also notoriously small and intimate – wave goodbye to the formalities and have your nearest and dearest, and it’s a great way of not having to invite Auntie Ethel your Dad’s fourth cousin, you may have last seen her when you were three…! If you the bride wants to wear a garland of locally sourced, seasonal flowers in your hair, think laid back chic, tumbling beach-inspired curls, just got out of bed tousled looks with simple flowers strategically placed… or a floral style crown among loose plaits then so you will! Even go barefoot! Or choose flat white or silver sandals to adorn your feet.

Boho Wedding Ideas

Even your invitations can be Boho so think hand painted, hand drawn and on rustic paper or card – undyed, natural. Find a stationer who can do this for you unless you have an artistic friend you could commission, there’s nothing better than a bespoke, beautifully finished hand-made card popping through the letterbox.

Many Boho brides look for their dream wedding dresses in places you would never imagine and then get them customised to suit their taste. So if your mother or grandmother has a stunning vintage style dress hidden away in a chest in the attic, now’s the time to hunt it out, dust it off and see what you can do to resurrect it to your dream Boho dress. As a suggestion, think dainty lace, simple styling, nothing too fitted – fluid, draped soft and feminine. Search thrift shops and second hand shops for wedding dresses or even on the high street and then customise with lace, a sash, ribbons – whatever YOU want, it’s your day. Let your man be comfortable too, so if he’s not a suit and tie guy, let him wear a pair of trousers and open top button shirt with a casual lounge jacket, think rolled sleeves and a big daisy button hole – or a floppy silk handkerchief… whatever is his preferred style.

Boho Bride and Groom

Your flowers should be soft and pretty, daisies, bluebells, sunflowers, loose bouquets, with a hand-tied finish. Ask your florist to add in foliage, ribbons, feathers and create something elegant but out of the ordinary or if you really want to go to town with your Boho wedding – get friends to make your bouquets or floral table arrangements themselves! We love the look of different sized jars filled with an array of bright colour or soft pastels. Jars can be bought at any kitchen shop and there are plenty of gorgeous sizes and coloured glass to choose from.

While on the subject of décor, think fairy lights, twinkling in the dusk, banners and bunting with lanterns to mix in with your garden flowers and if you want colour, pastel hues on the cotton table linen will bring a fresh, soft and feminine finish.

Boho Wedding Lighting

Even your ceremony can be Boho – plenty of today’s weddings are humanist (non-religious) or if you do want some tradition then bring your vicar or officiant to a stunning backdrop perhaps get married beneath a pagoda or in a summerhouse, or choose a rustic looking wooden archway with climbing flowers. Many Boho weddings are outdoors, or if the weather is bad bring the outdoors inside!

Your photography needs to be relaxed and steered away from posed family groups. Choose a photographer who can capture the essence of the day without getting people to stop and smile – they should be looking for very natural, creative shots.

Probably the most popular food we see at Boho weddings is afternoon tea but there is no hard and fast rule. The key to Boho is doing what you want to do – no tradition need apply, you set your own tradition. However, afternoon tea with vintage mix and match china looks fabulous. Cucumber sandwiches, egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and an array of home-made cakes and scones with clotted cream and strawberries perhaps even a wedding cake made out of the lightest, fluffiest Victoria sponge, delicious – of course, serve as much sparkly champagne as you like!

Boho Afternoon TeaYour entertainment should reflect your day so Warble thinks that soloists are always a great choice. Whether it’s a guitarist serenading both of you as you walk toward your ceremony or the classic harpist who fits in with any style of wedding. For music to get your guests dancing, think swing and jive, The Jumping 5 are a sensational male fronted band with their own individual style playing all the classic covers of the era. Or you could go for Folk style, the Celtic Twins who perform ancient music with a modern twist originating from Ireland and Scotland – high energy reels, jigs and harmonies. They are an amazing duo. Keltus are an excellent choice for a barndance if you want to get all your guests involved and if you are seeking something different from a harpist or pianist then why not listen to Warble’s very own electric violinist, Amy who has 18 years of experience and will provide whatever music you want from classic to modern and also breath-taking bridal entrance music. For more musical ideas to suit your boho theme check out our vintage bands and singers.

Whatever your choice, Warble Entertainment can help with any style of wedding – for more information call 0845 643 9384 to chat through your needs with one of our exceptional team.

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Stand out from the Wedding Crowd! – Warble’s Guide to Spectacular Unusual Wedding Venues


At Warble, our entertainment artists travel to many different villages, towns and cities throughout the UK to perform at weddings as well as other celebrations. Our world class wedding entertainers have played at a huge treasure trove of varied venues, from traditional church halls to country house hotels, marquees which have transformed a back garden into a bridal couples dream wedding… Sumptuous boutique hotels, beaches, restaurants – these are the normal places that are chosen to celebrate but what about the unusual? The venues which are out of the ordinary, remarkable even? Guaranteed to stay in guests’ minds for years to come? Somewhere which can only be described as spectacularly different? Well, we can tell you that every now and then a band or one of our magicians – or perhaps a toastmaster is asked to perform at a strange but wonderfully imaginative wedding venue.

Sometimes we get asked for our suggestions and some of these venues are so outrageous and exciting that we have decided to share what we think are great ideas. We have compiled the top 5 most unusual wedding venues in the UK to inspire you and we’ve thrown in our ideas for unusual entertainment to complement each! Who says weddings have to be the same? Be bold, be daring, be dramatic – be different!

Remember, these are actual wedding venues and may not be in your area but if you do like the ideas, then do some of your own research and see if you can come up with somewhere similar close by – or make your wedding somewhat of a holiday destination for the weekend and invite your guests to travel a little further afield – we promise it will be worth it!

Dungeness Old Lighthouse Weddings1. The Old Lighthouse in Dungeness, Kent

Now here’s a romantic retreat… perfect if you have a small gathering and want something different but intimate too. The Old Lighthouse will stand out and the building overlooks the English Channel with sensational views – you could even hop across for a honeymoon in France. This venue is often used for filming and fashion shoots so brides – you will know that you’re at home with top models and it has a rich tapestry of history dating back to King James I in 1615. Enjoy the sound of the sea lapping against the sides while you say your vows – picturesque and unbelievably romantic.

Do bear in mind that as it only holds 30 people you want “quieter” entertainment so in keeping with the romance, look for a harpist, guitarist, saxophonist or a solo act – go one step further and alongside with the lighthouse’s history choose one of Warble’s medieval entertainers such as Medieval Minstrels or our Historical Musician. You could even theme your wedding in medieval style and dress up for the occasion. If you really want to stand out – invite lookalike Captain Jack Sparrow to your lighthouse wedding – he can’t be too far away with his life on the seas! One word of warning though – keep this venue for spring or summer weddings, bad weather could hamper your ceremony and the reception afterwards.

2. Be A Footballer’s Wife Football-Stadium-Weddings

Well – a Footballer’s Fiancée but if your husband-to-be is football mad then give him the ultimate wedding gift and agree to hold your wedding at his favourite football stadium. Not all of them do it but most have a function room.

As we’re Northern based we’ll focus on Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium – of course, no football team preference here but it’s down the road from Warble Towers… Although our entertainers will travel the length and breadth of the UK! We know it’s not the same team but you should consider having Victoria & David Beckham make an appearance (well, not the real thing but Warble can provide unbelievable lookalikes – David may even help with your fiancé’s dribbling skills – on and off the pitch!)

The big plus points about football stadiums is their unbelievable capacity – for example, at Old Trafford, the Trafford Suite holds 820 people so if you have a huge list of friends and relatives, this could work beautifully and it can hold a large 5, 6 or 8 piece live band as the acoustics are perfect. If you want to include the pitch, then the Evolution Suite or the Stretford Suite overlook the famous football pitch which looks stunning at night when it is floodlit. They may even throw in a stadium tour – who knows? One thing’s for sure, tell your fiancé you want to get married at his favourite football team’s stadium and he’ll be eating out of your hand for the foreseeable wedded future!

Cairngorm Mountain Wedding3. Mountain Wedding in the CairnGorms

Take a trip to the far North of Scotland and you will find yourself surrounded by the incredible Cairngorm Mountains, spectacular views over Scotland and an atmospheric position. You can get married on top of the mountain and literally feel on top of the world for your big day and you can travel to the venue location, the Ptarmigan building via mountain railway, this is especially romantic and the views are breath-taking. If this venue whets your appetite, then you should seriously consider hiring a Warble bagpipe entertainer which will work beautifully with the Scottish theme. The building, which holds up to 140 people seated, is 3,600 feet above sea level and boasts a superb outdoor terrace which is ideal for the ceremony, set among the lochs and mountains of Scotland it is possibly one of the most exceptional places in the UK to get married.

Alongside your bagpiper you have to invite a Billy Connolly lookalike who can do anything from meet and greet your guests to a stand-up comedy routine – he’ll even omit the swear words! Now there’s a thoroughly Scottish themed wedding!

Gypsy Wedding4. Have a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Our penultimate unusual venue is the Old Gypsy Caravan in Wales – yes, we said caravan! The Natural Wedding Company offers a superb organic farm, The Old Dairy as a venue complete with an old-fashioned Gypsy caravan. It was licensed for weddings back in March 2011 and there is also an adjacent gazebo which can hold 120 people inside an extraordinary old walled garden. If you’re budget driven this is an excellent choice especially for those of you who have a deep love of the countryside and perhaps festivals or Glamping! Be quick though, they are taking bookings into 2016.

For your “organic” Gypsy wedding why not choose some simple inspiring entertainment? Festival entertainment is the definitive match perhaps The Hedge Men who are living trees! Imagine them suddenly bursting into life and giving your guests a treat – the ultimate tree huggers they are perfect for outdoor events such as your Gypsy wedding. Your musical entertainment could include Warble’s very own The Drum Band who mix a variety of drums, dancing and singing, absolutely perfect.

Medieaval Banquet Wedding5. Hold a Medieval Banquet at Le Gothique

Fancy yourselves and your guests transported back to the 10th Century? Do you love Gothic styling and magical banquets? Treat your guests to a sumptuous medieval banquet style wedding at Le Gothique in SW London which is a simply unbelievable looking bar featuring a secret cloistered garden – ideal for the wedding ceremony perhaps coupled with a harpist playing classical tunes. This building, with its tall, architecturally designed turrets, gargoyles and intricate window detail was home to MI5 and MI6 during wartime and is a popular venue for many events. It has a maximum capacity of 200 people and is available all year round, whatever the weather.

Complement your venue with suitable royal court entertainers and throw in a jester, jugglers, fire eaters and a magician for the Full Monty, all of which are available through Warble Entertainment. After enjoying your wedding breakfast with your entertainment, bring on the wedding band and have a party among the majestic hall, high ceilings and atmospheric ambiance. You have to have something royalty inspired so how about Warble Entertainment’s very own Kings of the Dancefloor? They provide a brilliant interactive show with hits from the past 50 years (maybe not 500 years) but they will make sure your wedding party goes with a bang!

We hope our suggestions have inspired you – and just in case you hadn’t noticed Warble Entertainment specialises in pretty much every type of wedding entertainment you could imagine, from traditional wedding bands, discos and DJ’s to magicians, fire eaters, stilt walkers, pianists, comedians, jazz performers, street performers, circus performers, comedians, the list goes on. For more information on what we offer call 0845 643 9384, we have anything from the sublime to the… well, ridiculous!

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How to Keep Calm (in the run-up to your Wedding Day)

Keep Calm Wedding Bride

Oh my goodness! You’re getting married in just a few short weeks and suddenly the reality of what’s ahead of you is starting to hit home. Don’t worry about those little nervous feelings that are giving your butterflies in your tummy they are just wedding jitters and if you treat them as that then you won’t build them into unsurpassable mountains.

Firstly – what you MUST remember is that it is entirely normal to have wedding nerves – easy as it sounds, try and enjoy them because (hopefully) you won’t be repeating the lead up to your wedding day ever again. Did you know that apparently 92% of brides feel nervous on the actual wedding day and 71% feel nerves in the lead up? You are normal and not alone – and it’s not just the bride who can feel nerves either, many grooms feel this way too! REMEMBER! These are genuinely special times, exciting, yes, nerve racking, of course – but exhilarating too! Your wedding is not just about the day, it’s about the lead up, the day and your new life as husband and wife.

Wedding Diary ListWhat are you nervous of? Perhaps pinpoint what exactly is making you feel like a headless chicken if that’s what you do feel like – is it the preparation that is beginning to spiral out of control? Stop! Take a breath and re-evaluate. You could be nervous about the actual wedding day itself, there is so much happening without doubt, the flowers, the catering, the drinks, the venue, the music, the entertainment… oh my goodness the list is long. Did you remember to confirm the DJ? Should you hire a magician? Which is the best toastmaster? Phew – sit down with a cup of tea (or a “small” glass of wine) and re-write the list that you have probably already devised. Here are some suggestions from Warble Entertainment on how to keep it all in perspective:

  • Keep a wedding scrapbook where you have useful notes/tips/magazine cut outs
  • You could buy ring-bound folder where you can divide it into sections such as: venue, catering, wedding dress, gift list, entertainment etc. Within these sections you can file away all your notes and information so everything is in one easy, accessible place. It’s all about feeling organised
  • Make a list to stick on the front of the folder of pending items and give it a “timeline”. For example if your wedding day is on Saturday 2nd August see the below list which is just an idea of what to use it for – you can add whatever you want to the list – even who’s feeding the goldfish while you are on honeymoon:


W/C 14th July:

  • Confirm hairdresser – 16th July
  • Check giftlist – 17th July
  • Speak to florist – 17th July
  • Chase printers for hymn sheets – 18th July
  • Confirm honeymoon – 19th July
  • Buy toiletries for honeymoon – 19th July
  • Find time to relax – 20th July

W/C 21st July:

  • Confirm final dress fitting – 21st July
  • Check groom outfit – 21st July
  • Check bridesmaids dresses – 22nd July
  • Confirm wedding bouquet/button holes/other bouquets – 22nd July
  • Go through wedding meal – 23rd July
  • Check table decorations – 23rd July
  • Confirm photographer/videographer – 24th July
  • Finalist table plan – 24th July
  • Book beauty treatments – 25th July
  • Buy gifts for bridesmaids – 25th July
  • Organise flowers for mother of bride and mother of groom – 25th July
  • Pack for honeymoon – 26th July
  • Find time to relax – 27th July

W/C 28th July

  • Confirm First dance and play list with Band or Disco – 28th July
  • Confirm wedding cake delivery – 28th July
  • Confirm wedding cars – 28th July
  • Confirm hairdresser/make-up artist – 29th July
  • Check wedding speeches are done! – 29th July
  • Pick up wedding dress! – 30th July
  • Pre-wedding beauty treatments – 31st July
  • Find time to relax – 1st August

It’s also a good idea to keep a notebook and pen beside your bed so if you are finding that wedding nerves are disrupting your beauty sleep, you can simply write down what’s woken you up to be dealt with the next day, so no more racking your brains about what was troubling you at 3.07am.

Why not enlist the help of your Maid of Honour if not done so already? For the boys – your Best Man should be helpful too, we know it’s their job to play the buffoon but they have another role, to keep the men calm and organised!

R & R
Still don’t feel like the serene bride to be or the calm, refined groom to be? Then it’s time to indulge in some proper relaxation! Easy to say right? You’re panicking over the playlist for your wedding (speak to your band, go through what you both enjoy and don’t forget to take their advice on the best music to get people dancing – don’t you feel better already?). He’s worried that his Best Man will forget the rings… you’re concerned about your new drop earrings – are they too much or too simple? Just remember, your wedding day will go ahead, everything will be fine, even if there is a hitch no one will notice and it will be the best day in the world.

Relaxed Bride Before WeddingTreat yourself to a massage, facial or if you’re the type of person who needs to let off steam get down to the gym and pump some iron. Don’t let a full schedule hamper your plans to relax. Diarise it, put it on your list and make sure it happens. It’s not only for relaxation purposes but also plays a part in pre-wedding pampering. It’s important to feel great on the day (you will!) and adding in a couple of facials, a deep tissue massage or a beauty treat only helps you unwind and feel good about yourself. We know it’s getting expensive so if money is an object, enlist a friend to help, perhaps have a night in with some beauty products and give each other a face mask or a manicure. Some girly time will help alleviate the nerves. Men – get down to the gym or go for a run with a mate or you could go to a football match – let off steam there!

Can’t Get no Sleep
If you are having trouble sleeping, even laying down for a few hours will give your body a rest so don’t worry, if you can’t sleep try and shift your mind somewhere else. You could “visualise” – picture yourself and your husband or wife-to-be laying on that soft, sandy beach with the hot sun tantalising your limbs – your only worry whether you should take a dip in the sea or ask the waiter for another Mojito. Ahhh there you go, snoring already.

For those of you who haven’t fallen asleep yet, try deep breathing. Place your hand on your chest and feel your lungs fill with air, and then exhale slowly. Keep doing this until the nerves subside. If all else fails, get up, read a book, have a hot drink but don’t let sleeplessness trouble you. You’ll sleep when your body is tired.

Hypnotherapy for BridesIf your nerves are really getting on top of you then you can try a variety of different treatments such as visiting a hypnotherapist who will help identify triggers and give you methods to control stress. Your doctor can help too – it may be that the nerves are centred round family members; perhaps disagreements in the past which are rearing their heads, your doctor can advise, help and treat if necessary. The pharmacist is another person who can help and offer advice such as mild over-the- counter medication to help with sleeplessness (rescue remedy is excellent for calming nerves). Alternative therapies such as Reiki, aromatherapy or even acupuncture can help too.

The Night Before the Big Day
The night before you get wed should be as calm as possible for both bride and groom. Think about taking some gentle exercise before indulging in a long, hot bath with candles and some sensual oil to help. A small glass of alcohol if you insist never did anyone any harm (don’t drink too much though as you don’t want to feel hung-over). If you can’t sleep due to the excitement, don’t worry – natural adrenaline will see you through your wedding day with ease. Many brides (and grooms) have sleepless nights, they all get married and they all look radiant and they will all tell you it was the best day of their life!

Dancing Bride

The Big Day
On the day DO eat breakfast as it will calm nerves. Even if you can only manage one piece of toast it’s important as not eating can lead you to feel faint – you need to keep blood sugar up. Don’t drink too much – you don’t want to go through the day in a blur or risk being sick, you want to take everything in.

Remember, your friends who are married have been through all of this and can advise you as well – soon you’ll be the one doling out advice to your next nervous bride or groom friend!

Above all – enjoy – these are precious moments and won’t last forever!

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How Social Media has Influenced our Wedding Decisions

Social Media Weddings

Time was, when it came to planning a wedding we’d only have to deal with a relatively small number of people to keep happy. Bride’s family, groom’s family, the friends who might be attending, and of course, the happy couple at the heart of it all. When it came to the actual planning side of things – magazines, photos and other people’s wedding were probably our main sources of inspiration.

Those simple times are far behind us now though, as it seems as if social media permeates through every conceivable aspect of putting a wedding together. From teary-eyed sessions of scrolling through endless Facebook videos of other people’s big day, to the dreamy Pinterest fantasy wedding board (neatly divided into sub-sub-sub categories), Twitter – for those emergency “find a wedding cake” scenarios and of course, Instagram – to immortalise the big day in a perfectly sepia tinged candid shot, social media shapes and influences virtually every aspect of our wedding decisions. So, how exactly can you make the most of your social networks to get the perfect wedding experience?

Need Inspiration?
If you’re stuck on deciding on a theme or need some handy inspiration to get your wedding journey started, then Pinterest is a fantastic starting point. Dive in and start pinning – create boards for different concepts and themes, and you’ll soon gather a rich collection of inspiring images. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can easily break down your boards into different categories – providing a useful online resource throughout the planning process. Plus, with links straight to the stores and companies that provide many of the services shown, you don’t need to spend ages searching aimlessly to find something that ‘looks like the one in the picture’!

Social Media WeddingsTweet It
Twitter is a great way of accessing the vast hive mind of inspiration. When you’re looking for a quirky entertainment idea, or want a recommendation that is truly tried and tested by real people, get online and tweet it. You’ll find everything from incredible indie florists to fantastic wedding bands, to make sure the dance floor is a Youtube-ready smash hit.

Social Media Rules?
Not only will the bride-to-be spend every waking minute glued to her phone/tablet/laptop, eagerly updating everything from her Twitter feed to her Facebook page with the latest goss on the planned wedding, everyone else involved will be too. While social media is great for sharing, sometimes that can be such a thing as oversharing – and it’s easily done. There are often times when you don’t want everything you do broadcast to all your friends and followers online – and it’s at these times that being wary of the potential pitfalls of social media is a must. Think before you post – do you really want to badmouth the snarky florist to your friends, when she’s still responsible for putting your bouquet together? Or do you really want to share that secret Pinterest board of naughty wedding night treats with your future mother in law?

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You want TAKE THAT – He wants DEF LEPPARD (how to get the music balance right for your wedding)

Def Leppard vs Take That - Music for your Wedding

Isn’t romance great? You met across a crowded bar or pub or perhaps at a party, you felt like two peas in a pod within moments of talking, everything clicked – from what you like to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon to your favourite type of food… you even support the same football team. In fact, everything is perfect except… you HATE his music choice, oh and he isn’t too keen on your iPod favourites either!

In the car you even argue over radio stations, he likes Absolute – you’re more of a Kiss girl. Your playlist couldn’t be more removed, the truth is you’ve got more in common with your Grandma’s preferred music taste than your man’s… but you love him, he’s proposed, you’ve got the ring, you’re getting married and now you’re deciding on the entertainment for the big day itself.

It’s been hard enough deciding what type of music entertainment you want – right? We at Warble Entertainment Agency know what it’s like – there’s a huge amount of superb choice out there, we’ve got every single type of musical entertainment on offer ourselves!

When you came to making your choice you found hundreds of wedding discos, big band or jazz bandsrock, pop, soul or Motown – there were so many that you could have come to blows! You finally decided (because it works well for a wedding catering to all ages and different music tastes) on a 3 piece wedding band which has promised to give your guests a party they won’t forget. That sounded perfect and both you and your groom were satisfied having listened to various samples and even visiting parties and weddings to see what the band was like in the flesh plus they can throw in plenty of rock in the mix (well, it sold it to your husband to be!).

You’ve been to enough weddings to know what you don’t like in a band, this part wasn’t too hard. That was a few weeks back and the band is all booked in, you are both still happy with the choice (hopefully).

The hardest part is now deciding on the music itself. He is adamant he must have his rock fix and you are immoveable in that you need some good pop and maybe even some dance (which he abhors). Warble is happy to offer some of our best advice! We see this happen a lot between couples of all ages. Music is something to be appreciated and everyone likes something different, it’s about finding the common ground or respecting our other half’s preferences!

First of all find out from your wedding band or wedding disco how flexible they are with regards setlist input (all acts vary with this so be sure to speak to your Warble Coordinator) and then ask them how many tracks they think they will have time for during your function and divide it into 6. These are your music sections, so for example, let’s say there are 40 tracks to be played during your wedding party – this is our suggestion for diffusing any music differences you two love-birds might have…

  • Bride – Choice of 10
  • Groom – Choice of 10
  • Band – Choice of 12 party tracks they feel are the best for your function (with your permission!)
  • Music for older guests – Choice of 5 (get your band to guide you but keep the older generation happy!)
  • First dance – Only 1 and we hope you agree on this!
  • Novelty music – Choice of just 2 – the children love these!

(Note – you can alter the amounts, this is just a suggestion!)

If you are struggling to find 10 tracks you love that include plenty of music to dance to – ask your band for advice or pop onto Google and search wedding party music – you’ll find plenty of excellent ideas using these methods.

We truly HOPE that this helps you decide the music for your wedding. DO remember that it is a day for both of you so there has to be give and take, you both need to compromise to make sure you get the most out of your wedding day. Marriage is all about give and take so best to start right now! After all, are Def Leppard really that bad? All you need is a little Patience for the Greatest Day – Just Take That and Party because a Million Love Songs Later the Hysteria will make you forget you ever disagreed. And, remember, you don’t want to be Bringin’ on the Heartbreak so do include some of his favourites!

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Top Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2014

Whilst planning your wedding, checking out the latest trends for entertainment is seen to be a must. Whether you hold a desire for a traditional ceremony, or something more contemporary & futuristic, checking the ‘must haves’ will certainly bring much detail to your special day. Here’s a few ideas based on the current wedding entertainment trends we have noticed so far for 2014.

Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne

Untraditional Ceremony Music:
Typically in the past a ceremony would take place in a church, but now we are seeing that this is an exception rather than a rule. Meaning, the day may come where the Bridal Chorus aka “Here Comes The Bride” is going to become less used. Instead couples are choosing artists such as John Legend or Ray Lamontagne to be played when the brides brisk walk down the aisle is in play. Another style that’s going up in the world of wedding entertainment is the String Quartet, adding a romantic touch and covering most modern music choices.

A Romantic Harpist

A Romantic Harpist

A Romantic Harpist:
Whether it’s for the bridal walk, drinks between the ceremony, the wedding breakfast or the reception entertainment, a romantic harpist will bring a lovely atmosphere to a wedding. Wonderfully romantic, sending chills down spines, mellowing out your guests, making them enjoy your day just as much as you will. With this added touch it will provide evidence that an attention to detail has been taken to plan this wedding day.

Lighting Can Create a Beautiful Effect

Lighting Can Create a Beautiful Effect

Light Up The Stage With Lights:
Setting the scene will certainly bring positives to your surroundings throughout the day – most of all when the night sets in! Decorating your venue to an eye catching level and placing fairy lights around the stage will bring character and personality… and, add the fairy dust to your happily ever after beginning.

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Pick The Great Outdoors As Your Venue:
Why not think different for your venue? Try placing your dream day in the great outdoors. In the woods, or a meadow would really give your guests a nice surprise. You could set your music entertainment stage up in the nature, using green generators – Mother Nature and the environment would certainly end up thanking you. This idea for the venue would be perfect in the summer, obviously being in the UK, it is impossible to rely on the weather – but there are ways in which you could work around holding your ceremony/reception outside, such as putting up a marquee.

Live Wedding Bands

Live Wedding Bands

Live Wedding Bands:
Having a live band play at your reception will not only show your guests your taste in music, personality and idea of fun – it will also get your guests moving. A drink fueled evening, with live music equals a combination for success! Whether you chose to hire an indie, rock or folk band, it will present your musical preference through the PA and create an atmosphere where your guests can celebrate you and your new life partner.

Pick a DJ that ROCKS!

Pick a DJ that ROCKS!

Make Sure You Have A DJ That Rocks:
If you fancy a more traditional wedding entertainment vibe, then make sure you at least choose a DJ that rocks. If you trust that your DJ will perform to the highest of standards, then there is no doubt that you should follow your heart on this choice. However, don’t just pick an average DJ as a last minute deal to fill the gap in your wedding day. Arrange a meeting with your DJ, to discuss song choices, set up and lights. Make sure you get them to work to the standard you want them too.

There are new trends every New Year; the main factors to planning your wedding entertainment are you and your partner’s opinions and taste. Following trends can be an option, however plan your day to let your personality shine through, celebrating you and your partners life as well as the love you share.

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Tips for Bands & Musicians Gigging in Europe

Black Cadillac have been operating for 4 years or so now as a quirky vintage function band. The term ‘function’ covers a wide variety of event types, primarily weddings, but also corporate work such as branding for an event or launching a new business venture. Up until December 2012 we had been operating solely in the UK, since then we have been booked for a number of events in Europe with varying restrictions on budget. This article will outline the options available if you are getting married or staging an event abroad and you want to take an English band over there with you.

Black Cadillac Band

Black Cadillac Band

Our first venture into work abroad back in December 2012 was actually an office party in Brussels, Belgium. It was an extremely lengthy and arduous process as it was the first time we had organised an event of this nature. The company wanted to fly us out to Belgium and had already got Ryan Air in mind for the flights and a hotel called The Aqua Hotel (with an impressive giant water feature in the central lobby). Although this was all very organised it caused a few problems as Ryan Air are not a great airline for musicians, with their strict policy on the size of baggage you can bring onto the plane. This meant that we had to just get ourselves over to Brussels, with the plan to hire all the equipment we needed from a company near to the office where we would be playing. This is where the fun started for myself in sourcing such a company…

The band eating out in Brussels

The band eating out in Brussels

The language barrier wasn’t as difficult as I thought. People in Belgium (in my experience) generally speak English so I received a number of readable quotes from companies I contacted by e-mail. The problem was finding a company that did everything we needed. It was easy to find a company with PA speakers and microphones etc, it was not so easy to find a company that hired out guitars, drums kits and keyboards. We eventually found a company called ‘Tour Support’, this name should have rung alarm bells but they were so helpful and had all the equipment that we needed so we approached the client with their quote. In the end, the hiring of this equipment cost the client the same amount as hiring the band. The ‘Tour’ part of the name that didn’t ring any bells presented itself in the form of equipment large enough to play a small stage at Glastonbury… inside a small 30 person office. At this point we realised the language barrier may have been more of an issue than we first thought. In addition, the ‘Corporate’ nature of the event passed the sound technicians by as they sat in the middle of the event in their hoodies and baseball caps laughing at photos on Facebook through their laptop.

Hired Equipment in Brussels

Hired Equipment in Brussels

We very quickly explained to them how they needed to conduct themselves in such an environment! The gig was a success however and the client was very pleased. The purpose of the event was to raise the profile of the business, importing a band from the UK went a long way to impressing their potential clients we were later told.

So this is one of the options for a European gig with an English band, fly over the musicians and hire all the equipment they need in the host country. This is by far the most expensive option for the client but can be very impressive and successful.

Ella in the car on the way to Bordeaux

Ella in the car on the way to Bordeaux

On October 19th 2013 we tried a different approach when we played at a wedding in a beautiful chateaux in Bordeaux, Southern France. This time we were booked as Black Cadillac with the addition of singer Helena Scott from The Black Cadillac Sister Band. Three of the band members (Nick on bass, Andrzej on piano and Rob on drums) flew over to Bordeaux and hired a car to get from the airport to Chateaux Rigaud which, was less than 20 miles away. Helen and myself (as we are a couple) drove from Manchester to Bordeaux with all of the equipment in the car with the help of an enormous roof rack. It was a bit of a squeeze (especially seeing as we had our dog Ella in the car with us too! n.b. This was already agreed with the dog loving Bride and Groom) but being a couple we turned this trip into a holiday.

This meant we had around 5 days to get to Bordeaux, stopping in various places along the way, such as Paris, Rocamadour and Tours.

Stop Off at Rocamadour

Stop Off at Rocamadour

We had about the same amount of time on the way back up, which made it into an amazing 10 days away for us.This showed in our performances at the wedding, which were full of energy and vibe. Here is a testimonial from the happy couple:

Paul and Helen Tired on the Journey

Paul and Helen Tired on the Journey

“Booking a band for a wedding in France when we live in Australia was always going to be a challenge… which is why we can’t thank Black Cadillac enough. Their enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism throughout the process made everything so very easy and enjoyable. We developed our setlists with them, they learned new tracks and having exchanged just a few e-mails they arrived in Bordeaux. The mood they set, from the busking on the lawn in the afternoon sunshine to the full set in the evening could not have been more perfect and they created exactly the atmosphere we were hoping for. They are a group of very talented singers and musicians and they were such an integral part of making our day so special, we cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Chateaux Rigaud

Chateaux Rigaud

Bordeaux Wedding

Bordeaux Wedding

This option was much cheaper than hiring the equipment in France… and we thoroughly researched this claim. For this option to work, it would however rely on band members having no gigs either side of the event, as the drive to the South of France is not a quick one, even without the extra days Helen and myself took to make it more pleasurable. The advantages of this option are reduced cost and the knowledge that the equipment will both be appropriate and reliable for the event.

Chateaux Rigaud

Chateaux Rigaud

Recent Blog of this wedding:

We have been booked to play at another wedding back in Bordeaux in May 2014. We are going to be trying out a third option which involves flying with British Airways. This is the most musician friendly airline, as their baggage allowance and dimensions allow you to take guitars, drums and even double basses on the flight. There are very little, if any, extra baggage costs to take instruments on the plane. This has meant that we have been able to fly over with acoustic instruments to play at the wedding: our Unplugged option (which many bands may be capable of doing). On the plane we will take an acoustic guitar, accordion, electric stick bass (like a double bass but smaller) and a small drum kit.

British Airways

British Airways

In Bordeaux we have hired a very small PA with microphones and leads included and a small lighting rig. This has been very simple as we found a number of companies that offered the equipment we wanted, which gave us the chance to haggle a low price. This is by far the cheapest option of the three we have tried, the only downside could possibly be a slightly quieter band (as we can’t take amps on the plane) but if the Wedding in October 2013 was anything to go by, this will completely fit the mood. With the sunshine beating down our band will be able to play outside also (with a simple extension cable for the 2 PA speakers) which will undoubtedly be a memorable feature of the wedding for guests.

So it isn’t out of the question to take a British band abroad, it just takes some planning from both the wedding party and the band. If you have a helpful venue that have done this before, or a band who have also attempted it before, then you are already a few steps ahead. In terms of ease for the band, flying over with some of their instruments on British Airways is probably the most favourable option. Although BA flights are more expensive than a budget airline, it will save a lot of money on hiring equipment (usually between £100 to £200 per instrument). If your venue already has a sound system that can be used for a band, then the process is quite straight forward. All you then may have to think about is transporting the musicians from the airport and finding some cheap accommodation that allows them to bring their overall quote down for you. At the end of it all, musicians love the romance of being asked to play abroad, and if the numbers add up they will do all they can to keep their diary free to make it happen. After all, we are musicians first and foremost for the lifestyle and not the bank balance!

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Candy Carts from Sarah K Events

Whilst at the Cheshire Wedding Fayre recently we were magically drawn to the candy cart setting up next door… who wouldn’t be! After surviving the magnetic tractor beam pull of the sweets on offer we managed to stop eating for a few minutes and have a chat with Sarah K, the lovely owner, and asked her to tell us a little bit more about what she offers and the ethos of Sarah K Events.


“Who doesn’t love a good wedding? I certainly do!

When looking back to any event, I usually remember how I felt while I was there. That look on people’s faces, that song, that unusual cocktail… It’s always the little things for me which start me off on my walk down memory lane. Who knows what will bring emotions of the big day flooding back to the bride and groom, and their guests. Memories of great times are unique to each and everyone of us, but I’m sure the feelings we experience are similar. What pulls at your heart strings?

Sarah K Candy Carts

Sarah K Candy Carts

This important question is why I like to get ‘up close and personal’ with all my brides, grooms, birthday boys and girls, parents and event planners. No two people are the same, no two couples are the same and no two relationships are the same. This is something which I believe needs to be brought out in the experience of the wedding, and all too often can be overlooked. It is very easy to get caught up in the latest trend and everyone else’s opinions of what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do and forget the essence of the event… YOU!

Sarah K Candy Carts

Sarah K Candy Carts

Whilst Candy Carts are becoming more common these days, at Sarah K events I see an increasing need for a personalised service, one that is dedicated and especially for you. I work together with you to add a certain je ne sais quois to your day.

When considering a Sarah K Candy Cart for your wedding, I would encourage you to think about the following things and ask yourselves; What symbolises you? What symbolises your relationship? Is it a colour? A theme? Favourite childhood sweets? Or, an eclectic mix of past and present yummy treats? Whatever it may be Sarak K events will work our magic to add that sweet little extra as the finishing touch to your special day.

Sarah K Candy Carts

Sarah K Candy Carts

At Sarah K Events we offer different packages for all needs so come on, get in touch and make your day that little bit sweeter!

Visit or call me on 07841027856.

Treat yourself!”

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Entertainment

Green Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Green Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Choosing to go green for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to cut back on the style. It is easy to get caught up in the fast paced planning of your perfect wedding, trying to create the best day out of your friendship groups, whilst making all your dreams come true.

If you take a step back, choosing to save the environment, you never know – it may even save you some cash, allowing you to spend more on other areas of your big day.

Gypsy St Germaine are a Wonderful example of Acoustic Musicians

Gypsy St Germaine are a Wonderful example of Acoustic Musicians

Acoustic Musicians
For a romantic touch to your special day, acoustic music will create a brilliant atmosphere to your fairy tale day. Because the acts don’t need amplifiers, acoustic musicians can be a great eco-friendly entertainment choice as their power usage stands at zero. Acoustic guitars will echo throughout your venue, sending chills down your guest’s spines. Or, string quartets will create a romantic ambiance to set your day off perfectly. Event organisers be wary however, for larger events a solo acoustic musician may not be loud enough – so amplification may be needed.

Inspire Gospel Choir

A choir is perfect eco-friendly entertainment for a Ceremony

Why not invite a Gospel choir to top off your special day, easy to set up, no power needed- just sit back and let them sing till their hearts are content. A choir will fit in perfectly as the bride walks down the aisle, serenading the happy couple. You will even have the option to choose which songs you would like them to sing. They will really get the party started, with very little cost to the environment.

Drummers and Dancers

Acoustic Drummers and Dancers really get a party started!

Adding a bit of spice to your big day, and of course culture! From bongo drummers, to steel drummers, they will definitely bring happiness and dancing to your party! Whether you wish to hold an African or Brazilian themed wedding, or simply fancy something different.

Picking drummers to provide entertainment will ensure that your big day is a talking point for years to come.

Green Energy

Green Power Generators = Clear Conscience but plenty of ROCK!

Green Power Generators
If you have your heart set on a live band or a DJ then there are ways in which you can have them but still help save the planet. Plug a DJ and it’s disco lights into a green power generator, you will get the same experience as normal!

Locally Sourced Bands means Less Carbon Emissions

Locally Sourced Bands means Less Carbon Emissions

Shop Local
When choosing your wedding band or entertainment make note of where they are based. If you can book acts that are as local as possible to you then you will cut down on the carbon emissions from their journey.

There are lots of small changes you could make that if all brides and grooms followed suit would make a big difference to the impact we have on our lovely planet whilst still ensuring everyone has an awesome time!

At Warble Entertainment we have loads of ideas to help so feel free to give us a shout!

By Matt Warren