A series of videos produced by Warble Entertainment to answer questions, concerns and provide helpful advice when booking live bands and entertainment for weddings and events. Feel free to ask your own questions and we’ll be only too happy to provide answers #AskWarble

Festival Weddings/ Inspiration, Advice & Tips// #AskWarble

SHORT CLIPS Condensed quick fire questions

  1. Can You Have 'TOO MUCH' Entertainment at Your Wedding???
  2. Do NOT Make This Mistake When Booking Your Band - Trust In Your Band
  3. Top 5 Wedding First Dance Songs 2017
  4. Top 5 Spooky Halloween Acts For Your Petrifying Parties & Events
  5. How To Deal With Kids At Your Wedding! // Children's Entertainment Ideas
  6. Budget Tips for Your Wedding Entertainment
  7. Informal Wedding Inspiration // How To Create A Casual Atmopshere At Your Wedding
  8. 2 Important Tips to Finding AMAZING Entertainment for Your Wedding
  9. Is Magic Still 'COOL'??? // Wedding & Events Magicians
  10. Break The Ice With Walkabout Entertainment at Your Wedding
  11. Fireworks vs Fire Performers // Which Should You Have At Your Event??
  12. Tribute Bands & Singers // Better Than The Real Thing!!
  13. Musicians Are Humans Too!!! // Why You Should Look After Your Wedding Band
  14. Avoid Wedding Day DISASTER!! // The Importance Of Booking Your Entertainment Early
  15. How Early Should You Book Your Entertainment?
  16. Why Should I Book Through An Agency?
  17. Questions YOU Should Be Asking YOUR Wedding Venue
  18. Should You Book A Band Or A DJ? Or Both?
  19. How To Fill The Dance Floor At Your Wedding
  20. How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Wedding Band?
  21. Can The Band Learn My First Dance Song?
  22. Can The Band Peform An Acoustic Set?
  23. Can The Band Learn More Than Just My First Dance Song?
  24. Can You Send Me Over A List Of Available Bands?
  25. Can We See Anymore Promo From The Band?
  26. Why Use An Agency When I Can Book Direct?
  27. Why Does Entertainment Cost So Much?
  28. Can The Band Perform Outdoors?
  29. Managing Your Entertainment Budget
  30. Can The Band Perform Abroad?
  31. Joey and Acoustic Avenue Talk Wedding Entertainment
  32. Is There Such Thing As Too Much Entertainment?
  33. What Should I Be Looking For When Booking Entertainment?
  34. How Do Magicians Work At Events?
  35. What Is The Best Time For a Magician to Perform At Your Event?
  36. Informal Weddings // What Is An Informal Wedding And How Do You Create A Casual Atmosphere?
  37. Planning A Festival Wedding? We Can Help!
  38. Picking the RIGHT entertainment
  39. Magicians - The Difference Between Mix & Mingle And A Stage Show?
  40. A Magician Can Create Memories That Last FOREVER!
  41. What is Bandeoke?
  42. Are Magicians 'COOL' Anymore?
  43. Why Walkabout Entertainment?
  44. Your Guide To Tribute Bands & Singers
  45. Magician's For Children's Parties
  46. Music Entertainment For Childrens Parties
  47. Children's Entertainment For Your Wedding
  48. Pyrotechnic Fire Finales & Ambient Fire Performers
  49. Fireworks vs. Fire Performers
  50. What Is The Best Time To Have A Fire Performer?
  51. Fire Performers // Health & Safety Advice
  52. What To Expect From A Fire Performance?
  53. Fire Performers // What If It Rains??
  54. Fire Performers // How Long Does A Show Last?
  55. Why Book A Fire Performer?
  56. Band FAQ's - Guide Prices & Fees
  57. Wedding Band FAQ's - Additional Extras // Getting Value For Money
  58. Wedding Band FAQ's - DJ Sets & Requests
  59. Wedding Band FAQ's - Providing Power
  60. Wedding Band FAQ's - Stage Space & Size
  61. Today At Warble... How NOT To Plan A BORING Wedding! // #AskWarble
  62. Wedding Band FAQs - Can The Band Do A Later Finish?
  63. Wedding Band FAQs - Can The Band Arrive Early?
  64. Wedding Band FAQs - Can The Band Dress Smartly?
  65. A Wedding With NO Entertainment?!
  66. Toastmasters - The Secret To A No Stress Wedding
  67. How To Take Your Best Man Speech To The Next Level
  68. Singing Waiters & Surprise Entertainment

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