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10 Alternative First Dance Songs

It’s the big day, the bride arrived on time, the groom wasn’t too hungover and the best man hasn’t made a fool out of himself… Yet!  The ceremony was perfect, everyone is having an amazing time and even the speeches weren’t too embarrassing.

All that’s left now is the ‘first dance’…

You’ve tried to make every aspect of the day special and unique to you and your newlywed, and that’s why you decided to go for a rather different first dance song.

We’ve all seen the classic first dance songs, Ed Sheeran, Snowpatrol and more recently Jamie Lawson.  The choreographed dances are a lot of hard work and not everyone can pull it off and so finding a unique but tasteful, and sometimes distasteful, first dance song is what can really kick off the evening of live entertainment.  Lets face it, this is when the real party starts and everyone gets to let their hair down, so we’ve compiled the following list of alternative first dance songs to really cause a stir.

1. If you’ve got a high energy rock band like RIOT! Then its probably safe to say that you don’t want a gentle romantic number to start.  That’s right, you want to ROCK!  So how about ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica?  Metal meets romance?!?  Start your entertainment with a mosh pit!

2. Every man wants to be Dave Grohl and every woman wants to be with him.  This is probably why so many couples with different music tastes agree on a love for the Foo Fighters.  There’s a good bunch of their songs that would suit as a first dance, however we were all impressed when The Mp3’s were asked to play ‘Everlong’ for a first dance recently.

3. How about something for the guitarists out there? Half ballad, half guitar solo epic, ‘Freebird’ by Lynnrd Skynnrd?  Just what you need, a 10 minute song to make that first dance moment last!

4. For brides and grooms with two left feet, the first dance can be an awkward moment, so what better way to make it more comfortable than by injecting some humour into proceedings. There’s so many options to go for here but one of our all time favourites is ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room’ by Flight of the Concords?

5. Unique is fast becoming the key element for many couple’s arrangements at the moment and it is creating lots of weird and wonderful ideas.  Encore were asked to play ‘Rainbow Connection’ by… Kermit the frog for one of their weddings recently.  Yes, that song from The Muppet Movie!  They managed to do an amazing acoustic version for a very happy couple and it’s a moment everyone present will never forget.

6. Sticking with the theme of kids films.  Our Frozen Singers have been proving to be extremely popular at all sorts of events and especially weddings recently.  So, who fancies ‘Let it Go’ as their first dance? Whilst we’ve not received that request yet, the Frozen Theme Singers were asked to sing ‘1000 Years’ by Christina Perry recently and it created the most magical of moments.

7. With a wedding day being such a happy and joyful occasion, how about bringing everyone back down to Earth with ‘Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness’ by Smashing Pumpkins?  Not quite the atmosphere you’re looking for? We didn’t think so. In that case, how about ‘Tonight, Tonight’? The MP3’s (these guys get all the good requests) performed this as a first dance at an awesome wedding last year and it went down a storm!

8. While we’re being all cheerful, The Daggers performed an acoustic cover of Aqualungs, ‘Strange and Beautiful’ for a wedding recently.  With the lyrics, “I’ll put a spell on you, You’ll fall asleep, When I put a spell on you, And when I wake you I’ll be the first thing you see, And you’ll realize that you love me”… it could be deemed a little bit creepy maybe but perfect for any couples into magic or witchcraft?

9. If you want to do something really out there, how about ‘Bonkers’ by Dizzee Rascal?  Can’t imagine a band doing that? Our very own Bloxed Beatbox have been asked to do this for a first dance next year and they’re super excited… We cannot wait to see the video!

10. Okay, we know this is about first dance songs but with all of us at Warble being massive Star Wars geeks we couldn’t leave this out.  This couple decided to not have a first dance, but instead to have an epic light saber battle!

So there it is, 10 alternative first dance songs / ideas.  We’re seeing weddings get more and more unusual and unique so there’s bound to be some even more alternative first dance ideas over the coming years.  The nice thing to know is that all bands at Warble are open to unusual suggestions and love to help make your special day even more special.

If you are looking for even more inspiration for your first dance song, check out our updated list of 100 alternative first dance songs!

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