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10 Big Budget Bands For Your Wedding or Corporate Event

Notorious B.I.G. famously once said, “Mo Money, Mo Problems!”.

Your wedding entertainment or corporate event budget may be bigger than usual, but that doesn’t mean it has to cause you more headaches. As always, we’re here to help.

It’s a strange problem to have, so how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of your money when you book your band for the evening?

In this price bracket, your musical entertainment should be explosive and show-stopping at the least. Get this right and any other minor glitches you’ve had throughout your day will quickly fade once your dance floor is packed.

Here are 10 incredible ‘big budget’ bands that will give you the biggest bang for your buck!


Starting from £2,160.00

A party band with real purpose, FunKtionality are the ultimate party people to get your guests up and moving. Their set is infectious and full of energy, and packed with upbeat tunes.


The Groove Method

Starting from £5,460.00

The Groove Method is a collection of the finest musical talent that London has to offer, this exciting 9-piece Soul & Pop outfit have the style and experience in countless prestigious events and venues to enhance your occasion.

The Electrix Orchestra

Starting from £5,700.00

From a 10-piece Orchestra all the way to a whopping 37-piece optional line up, this group is made up of the UK’s top classical artists. The Electrix Orchestra is a unique twist on the conventional classical orchestra, blending contemporary hits with large string ensembles, mixed with guitar, drums and keyboards.

Festival Roots

Starting from £2,352.00

Throw a rocking Reggae and Ska party with Festival Roots. The beauty of this talented 8-piece is their repertoire! Of course you can expect tracks by the likes of Bob Marley, but how about Michael Jackson or Arctic Monkeys in a Reggae/Ska style?

Extra Light

Starting from £4,500.00

Extra Light and their state of the art interactive light-up drum kit will be the biggest talking point and centrepiece at your event. Able to be colour coded to match your theme or play any sample you desire, this epic technology will aid an incredible live performance.

Extra Light

The James Bond Tribute Band

Starting from £4,800.00

For any James Bond fan, you would be mad to not have this explosive James Bond Tribute Band perform at your event. Whether you want pure Bond or a mix of Bond and awesome party tunes, this big band can provide vibrant sets in both styles.

The All Stars

Starting from £4,800.00

The All Stars sound is second to none and their set is jam packed with the latest hits to fill your dance floor. The mix of both male & female lead vocals works incredibly well, especially when they decide to throw in some Hip Hop or R&B for good measure!

Uber Chic

Starting from £4,200.00

A band with unrivalled showmanship and a massive line up to back it up. With Uber Chic you’re getting a huge sound and a party atmosphere that you’ll never forget, knowing that your event is safe in their experienced and capable hands.

Uber Chic

The Drum Band

Starting from £2,100.00

Inspired by a mix of Brazilian samba and electronic dance music, The Drum Band provide the ultimate in live percussion. Get ready to turn those lights down and witness the show-stopping LED drummers and dynamic choreography take centre stage at your event.

The Drum Band

Union Street

Starting from £1,920.00

Whatever the occasion, London based Union Street are sure to create a buzz. From the second they start performing, it’s clear to see and hear the immense talent in their multiple vocalists and tight musicianship.

All these bands come highly recommended by a plethora of happy couples and customers who were given an unforgettable experience. They also offer smaller line ups for those of you out there who really enjoy what these guys can do, but want a more cost effective option!

Remember to take a look at their pages, read some reviews and get in touch with us for more information on how to get them at your event.

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