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10 Creative Wedding Entertainment Ideas [That No One Has Done Before]

10 Creative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

How are you going to make your wedding day stand out?

Being imaginative with your wedding planning can be tricky.

Whilst it can be difficult to think of things that haven’t been done before, you also need to make sure that your guests are suitably entertained. 

The truth is: finding ‘unique’ wedding ideas is really, really easy.

There are hundreds of unusual and specialist wedding entertainers that can provide something different for your day… the trick is how you use them!

If Everybody Wants To Be Extraordinary, Then How Will Anybody Be Different?

Once upon a time, wedding magicians, photobooths and fire performers were considered unique entertainment for weddings.

Now, they are more commonplace than ever because everyone uses them in the same recommended way.

Why be so basic with something so different? You can walk past a man literally eating fire or making playing cards disappear at a wedding these days, and not be phased!

Here are 10 wedding entertainment ideas that are highly unusual. Even better, we will show you how to use them in a creative way that we guarantee no one has ever seen before.  

1. Beatboxers

Time to think outside the (beat)box.

You can push the boundaries of live music at weddings with a beatboxing group to stun your guests. You can guarantee your guests will have never seen a professional beatboxer at a wedding before, or perhaps seen one at all!

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How To Use Beatboxers At Your Wedding Creatively:

It might be the case that just having your beatboxers perform a set is enough, but why not go a step further? Shake up the usual surprise singing waiters routine and replace them with beatboxers. Ask them to wait on tables during the wedding reception, and then all of a sudden burst into a beatboxing routine.

2. Robot Photographer 

Although a photo booth is technically a robot of sorts, we are talking about something else. This is smarter AI and state of the art photo technology.

Imagine you are at your drinks reception, when all of a sudden a 6 foot robot silently hums its way over to you and your friends, asking if you would like a selfie together and joining in the conversation with witty remarks.

Beep boop. It’s like a Black Mirror episode without all the ‘existential crisis’ stuff.

Real life human photographers – don’t worry.

You are talented folk and won’t be out of a job just yet, but you might have to get used to your robot companions taking some of the limelight!

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How To Use PhotoBots At Your Wedding Creatively:

It’s a robot photographer, what more do you want?! Okay, okay how about this… customize the speech on your PhotoBot to reveal your wedding hashtag. This way, your guest’s pictures can automatically reach your hashtag straight away and you will have a collection to look at throughout the day.

3. LED Saxophone Light Show

What’s better than a saxophone?

An LED saxophone that also blasts out Co2 jets of dry ice and glows in the dark. That’s what.

Saxophonists are so in right now. They are adding so many features, it’s like a musical swiss army knife. At this rate, it won’t be long until you can control your heating and order a pizza from a saxophone (probably).

Adding UV paint, Xylobands and neon lighting to your Saxophone performance can take things to another level.

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How To Use A Saxophonist At Your Wedding Creatively:

Obviously, you want that bad boy lit up. It should be like a full moon on a clear night, illuminating for miles! Take it a step further and kill all of the lights during the performance. Substitute this with glow sticks, Xylobands, UV body paint and neon lights. Trust us, you will end up with the most epic looking evening party imaginable.

4. Silhouette Portraits

This one is actually still a bit baffling to us.

We are always blown away by the likenesses created by caricaturists and portrait artists at weddings and events.

However, creating a spitting image of someone with just a piece of paper and some scissors is just crazy. This is some next level artistry that makes for a unique souvenir keepsake!

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How To Use A Silhouette Artist At Your Wedding Creatively:

Most people would hire someone like this to entertain guests during the wedding day. Why not ask your artist to create a bespoke piece before the wedding as well? Your silhouette artist could help with signing boards, place cards, seating plans and much more.

5. Human Mirror Dancers

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the coolest of them all?

These shiny guys and gals were born to shine. Dancers are a really fun wedding entertainment idea, but this takes things to a whole other level.

If you are looking for something unique to add to your wedding then it is important to look at traditional ideas such as dancers, and then seeing what spin you can put on them.

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How To Use Mirror People At Your Wedding Creatively:

This is absolutely begging for a unique first dance, but we haven’t seen anyone do it yet. You can absolutely get your mirror dancers to join you for a routine on the dance floor for your first dance. It would easily be one of the more memorable first dances that people will have seen and makes for a great way to start the party!

6. Celebrity Lookalike

These guys will mess with your mind.

If you ever want to see an entire room double take in unison, hire a celebrity lookalike to make a surprise guest appearance at your wedding.

The most convincing lookalikes will come as such a shock to your wedding party and can make for incredible photo opportunities. These are photo ops that you just won’t get at any other wedding!

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How To Use Lookalikes At Your Wedding Creatively:

If you’ve ever had to write and perform a speech at a wedding, you will understand the immense pain and pressure this can induce. Relieve the tension and have a celebrity lookalike crash your speeches. Most guests find this part of the day quite boring anyway (don’t shoot the messenger, but it’s true), so give them something ridiculous to enjoy.

7. Mariachi Band

Get vibrant with your live music entertainment.

There is so much to take in with a Mariachi band. The exciting music, the wild dress sense, the huge hats and the wacky, oversized instruments.

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How To Use A Mariachi Band At Your Wedding Creatively:

Sure, you can pop them on a stage and have them perform a set, but utilising their ‘strolling’ capabilities unlocks many doors. What song are you walking down the aisle to? How about asking your Mariachi band to learn your choice of song and have them accompany you down the aisle during the ceremony? What a memorable way to start the day!

8. Racing Simulator 

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition.

Ignite a competitive spark in your guests with an arcade style racing simulator. If you are a geek at heart, it is a nice way of incorporating video games into your wedding day that your guests won’t have seen before!

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How To Use A Racing Simulator At Your Wedding Creatively:

Keep track of the scores and make sure the fastest lap gets a prize of some kind. You can even make this a spectator event and have people watch the couple race each other…

9. Fire Performers 

We mentioned these crazy folks at the beginning of the post.

Fire performers are awesome, and the element of danger definitely gets hearts racing.

A lot of fire shows involve music and are fixed routines. Providing you have the space, you can also have a roaming fire performance with a more ‘ambient’ feel. What can you do that people haven’t seen before though?

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How To Use Fire Performers At Your Wedding Creatively:

There is a huge opportunity here to have the most insane wedding photos ever. So many people book fire performers, but don’t incorporate them into their wedding photos. Doh! Release your inner Daenerys Targaryen and take some posed shots with fireballs and all kinds of fiery effects behind you! Let your wedding photographer know what you’re planning. and get some awesome snaps.

10. Mind Reader

Hiring someone to come to your wedding with the sole purpose of infiltrating your guests’ brains is pretty weird when you think about it.

There is something freaky about the metaphysical nature of someone crawling around inside your head and manipulating your thoughts!

When you see a wedding magician perform a card trick, it’s impressive for sure, but deep down you know that they’ve done some sleight of hand or misdirection of sorts. You are aware that you have been fooled in a way.

A mind reading performance is even more impressive – because you can’t explain it.

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How To Use A Mind Reader At Your Wedding Creatively:

Your mind reader could pair up with your musical entertainment. Get them to ask your guests to think of a song, then mind read it and your musician can play it! Instead of having your DJ take requests, you can even get your mind reader to search the minds of your guests and pull the song requests out of thin air.

We’re full of good ideas and are always around to help and inspire you with your wedding entertainment.

Make sure you check out our ultimate guide to wedding entertainment for an in depth look at how to plan every aspect of your entertainment!

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