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5 Great Reasons to Book a Harpist for Your Wedding

There are so many choices of live music you may be bombarded with when starting your search for your wedding entertainment. From guitarists, saxophonists, pianists and singers, with all kinds of wonderful musical skills that really will leave you spoilt for choice… So where do you start? One of the most popular ideas for several parts of the wedding day is the elegant music of the harp and here’s 5 reasons to explain just why you should book a harpist for your wedding.


Please don’t be fooled by the rumours of a harp playing just classical music. Harpists are able to perform way more than you think, with music styles ranging from contemporary pop, good old fashioned classics and even a hint of metal for the hard core rockers out there. With plenty of professional harpists all over the world, it’s super easy to find the right performer for you.


Another luxury of booking a harpist is the ability to move around your venue and perform almost anywhere. Whether you’re holding a drinks reception on the terrace in the middle of the summer or your ceremony in a gorgeous grand church, there is a harp for it all. A lot of weddings will hold the ceremony and drinks reception in different areas but this is no match for the harp… With a bit of notice it will be set up and ready before you’ve even noticed the music has stopped.


The beauty of the harp is a reason in itself to have one placed in the corner of your wedding venue. The instrument is made with incredible detail and with so many styles and patterns available, it’s even possible to find a harp that will fit within your day’s theme.


A harpist usually performs alone and with so many professional players all over the country, it’s very easy to find a high quality performer that will fit within your wedding budget. The cost usually depends on the amount of time the musician is playing for but the bonus is having the flexibility to tailor your booking on just what you need… and can afford.

Song Requests

The joy of having such a professional and talented musician perform at your wedding is they can play almost anything and everything. On most occasions they are more than happy to take special requests so of course, within reason, that memorable song of yours will be transformed into a stunning piece of music played by the strings of a harp, that will more than likely bring a tear to a few eyes.

The harp is a magical thing, bringing a tonne of elegance and romance to anyone’s big day and the incredible sound the strings create is quite simply, a heart-melter. That, topped with 5 other beneficial reasons to booking a harpist for your wedding, is certainly something worth thinking about.

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