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5 Versatile Classical Guitarists Available To Hire

November 14 2016
Classical Guitarists For Hire

Bringing back music that is centuries old is no easy task, but these Classical Guitarists are the archaeologists of sound.

The job of a classical guitarist is not to be just a musician, but to revive the preserved sound of a bygone era with skill, precision and beauty – all whilst bringing a dash of elegance to your event.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a Classical Guitarist can and will only perform compositions from an older time period though… There is something amazing about hearing your favourite pop or rock songs transcribed and performed in a Classical arrangement, which can really add something special to your day.

Boasting a wealth of experience and versatility, Classical Guitarists will cover a wide range of styles; as can be seen with Kris The Guitarist.

Tastefully and expertly arranged for acoustic guitar, Kris can perform a subtle mix of popular songs from recent decades – all with a Classical and sophisticated twist.

Kris is perfect for those who want the intimate atmosphere and tranquil tones of an acoustic guitar, but still crave that comforting familiarity of well-known songs at the same time.

One benefit of performing on a beautifully crafted acoustic instrument with songs that span centuries is that you literally have the picking of thousands and thousands of pieces that you can play.

Jon Alexander The Guitarist covers a huge range of styles including some more romantic and fiery Latin Jazz and Flamenco guitar.

The great thing about this versatility is that it allows you to really think about what type of set you want from your guitarist, and really begin to plan your day accordingly so the scene is set just right. For example the ceremony stage can be arranged with classical pieces and wedding breakfast arranged for perhaps a livelier, more informal set list of Latin jazz and popular classics.

For a different and more contemporary use of the instrument, Duncan The Guitarist is a fantastic option.

Duncan is a finger style guitarist who has the ability to create much larger sounds with the use of his loop pedal, combining modern technology with classical and traditional concepts and ideas. Like many of our musicians, Duncan is an expert on his instrument and can even improvise on the day for you and your guests.

When it comes to your big day, you’ll want to book the perfect wedding music to suit you and your guests. Imagine these magical moments such as your ceremony or your drinks reception without any musical accompaniment. Doesn’t it feel like something is missing?

When you play memories of your wedding day back in your head, you will be able hear the intimate and beautiful tones of a classical guitar and the emotions of the day become much more heightened and enhanced. The biggest mistake a lot of people make is to leave it up to chance and let the scene set itself – music can do this for you!

Another great thing about Classical Guitar is that it’s sophisticated and elegant tones are relevant all year round, making it a perfect addition to any wedding.

When you book a musician for your wedding or event, they will often transform their song list so it is tailored for you. Scott The Classical Guitarist’s mastery of his instrument means that he can prepare and arrange most modern rock and pop songs into a classical arrangement, and he welcomes requests! This can ensure that your Classical performance will be bespoke to your wedding, making it that much more special.

Having a solo performer at your event or wedding offers you enormous freedom in terms of where your guitarist can set up and take residence. Warble Entertainers always make everything as simple as possible on the day for you, but a solo Classical Guitarist is no hassle at all! Musicians like Tom The Guitarist can even use a mobile power supply, meaning that there is no need to stress about plug points or providing electricity on the day.

The thing to remember is that your guitarist can be utilised in many different ways depending on how you’ve planned your day. Rich and exciting enough for the more attentive listeners, or pleasant and mellow enough to be used as background music… It’s up to you!

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