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5 Ways to Check if Your Live Wedding Band is PERFECT For You

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Finding a wedding band is easy.

It’s true! Even on our very own roster of wedding bands and live music, we have hundreds and hundreds of awesome bands to choose from. So what’s the big deal?

Like every aspect of planning your wedding, booking your wedding entertainment is an exciting journey with lots to think about. You will no doubt have created shortlists of potential awesome wedding bands, and then shortlists from those shortlists and maybe even another shortlist of those who just made the cut!

So yes, finding any  wedding band is easy. But finding the perfect wedding band for your big day takes a little more thought. Here are 5 things to check for to see if your wedding band is perfect for you.

1. Setlist

Nothing tells you more about a band than their setlist. This is their arsenal of audible weaponry that they have specifically chosen to smash your dance floor.

Loads of couples make the huge mistake here of meticulously scouring through the setlist in desperate search of their favourite songs. Yes, it’s great if your band have a few of your favourites in there, but it is so important to look for tracks that will keep your guests happy and your dance floor alive!

2. Style

Now we’re not talking about genre. We’re talking about the look. Every wedding band has their own distinct look, style and personality.

Check out their pictures and the way they dress. Is this how you imagined your wedding band to be? Do they fit in with your venue and theme? Do you want a smartly dressed sleek band or a laid back and casual rock trio? Thinking this way can really help you narrow down your wedding music options.

3. Videos

With such a plethora of musical options, there is no better way to quickly get a glimpse of what your potential wedding band can bring to your day than seeing them in action in video form.

Most of the top wedding bands these days will have at least one video showcasing their talents, often more including live clips. Use these to get an idea of what they will be like at your own wedding and how they will interact with you and your guests! If you are after an energetic band for example, seeing this on video can tick that box for you when searching for the perfect entertainment.


4. Feedback & Testimonials

Reading real reviews from real couples who have experienced the act first hand is invaluable in your wedding band search.

You will find that for wedding entertainment, most acts usually play private events only. This means it can be extremely difficult to check them out live beforehand! Use these nuggets of knowledge and information and even real wedding blogs to see what impact their chosen wedding entertainment had on their day.

5. That Gut Feeling…

Imagine trying to decide between ordering a Chinese or an Indian. You’re stuck so you flip a coin… it lands on tails and tells you that you need to get a Chicken Tikka Masala.

It’s in this moment that you realise you wanted a Chinese all along (because who doesn’t love noodles) so you do the unimaginable – defy the law and logic of the coin!

This is all about your gut feeling. Trust your instincts. We see this time and time again where couples will go round in circles looking for the right wedding band, only to realise their initial choice drew them in for a reason. Deep down you will know when you’ve found ‘the one’ just like when you met your imminent spouse!

For more tips and advice on choosing your wedding entertainment or live wedding music, visit our video advice series #AskWarble and get in touch with Warble Entertainment today.

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