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6 Mumford & Sons Style Bands For Your Boho Wedding

One style of live wedding band that has been highly sought after these past few years is that of English folk music rockers, Mumford & Sons.

When you consider the fact that us Brits go bonkers over festival season, it’s easy to see why the Mumford & Sons style band has become so popular. Pair that with the rise of alternative wedding venues and barns that lend themselves perfectly to the ‘boho’ and ‘wedstival’ style and it’s no surprise that these festival wedding ideas and trends are still on the up.

It might be a tad tricky to book the real thing or even get hold of the guys… thankfully there are some absolutely outstanding wedding bands these days that have modelled themselves after our favourite folk rockers. Here are 6 of the best to get you started.

Gentlemen Of The Road

One of the hottest festival and folk acts around at the moment are the fantastic Gentlemen Of The Road. True fans will recognise the name from Mumford & Sons sell-out tour and these guys are sure to bring a whole package of folk fever and boho vibe to your wedding.

The Wolfpack

This awesome 4 piece band are upbeat but still maintain that folksy feel. The inclusion of a violin really makes their sound complete and adds an Irish tone to their incredibly varied set. Great music from one of the most popular folk style wedding bands.

The Buskers

The iconic double bass and tweed make an appearances with the UK’s premier walkabout acoustic band, The Buskers. Not only can this talented group bring a vintage and boho atmosphere to your wedding, they will do it by roaming throughout your guests and performing up close and personal!

The Cave

4 piece rockers The Cave are the best of both worlds when it comes to folk style wedding bands. If you want a touch of Mumford but are still up for a big party to end your night, these guys have perfected two separate sets. The first half comprises of Mumford style classics to create a tapestry of folk rock and the second is an up tempo party set to get guests on the dance floor.

Gypsy St. Germain

This gypsy jazz group bring a fresh take to the table with an inclination to take guilty pleasures and well known tunes to another level. A stylish ensemble akin to Mumford & Sons with a unique twist and chic musical sophistication.

Mr K

Mr K are a vintage band that are truly unforgettable if you are lucky enough to see them perform live. Their energy is infectious and the members of the band bring a level of humour and fun along to every performance. With line up options including a double bass, banjo and violin, you are sure to get some authentic Mumford & Sons.

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