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7 Quirky & Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

September 28 2017

One thing that really allows you to make your mark on your wedding day is your entertainment. It can easily transform a fun wedding day into something unforgettable that is talked about for years to come.

Playing it safe is fine but if you want to stand out from the crowd, check out these 7 quirky & unique wedding entertainment ideas.

1. LED Ballerinas

Dancers are always a great addition to any wedding, ballerinas in particular for adding that element of grace and romance.

These ballerinas however will light up the room in their stunning LED costumes – offering something that little bit different and magical to proceedings. Their choreographed routines are beautifully majestic and enthralling, leaving your room completely spellbound.

2. Man Grenade

Wedding bands are becoming more and more distinctive every day, following their own certain styles and catering for a variety of tastes.


Man Grenade however are something else. Bringing back the 80s with a huge sense of humour, big hair and an even bigger sound. Book these guys for a night to remember and one that your guests will never forget!

3. Steel Pan Specialist

Instrumental music with a twist. Your drinks reception can easily have a Caribbean feel to it once the Steel Pan Specialist starts to perform and the sun is shining.

All of your favourite modern tracks, plus eclectic hits from years gone by will be re-imagined on the sweet tones of the Steel Pan to you and your guests delight. The Steel Pan Specialist also takes requests so if you’ve ever wanted to hear your favourite tunes performed on the Steel Pan, now is your chance.

4. Power Racing Simulators

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. Have your guests compete for the best lap time with these incredibly high-tech Power Racing Simulators.

An addition like this serves as an awesome ice breaker and is definitely quirky enough to get people’s attention. These state of the art machines are a huge step up from your favourite arcade racing games. Lifelike in both movement and visuals, this one is definitely a part of the day that will be remembered!

5. Shadow Magic

An amazing idea for something different that will take your guests by surprise. Casting shadow puppets on the wall is something we’ve all tried once in our lives – but you will never have seen it done like this before.


With flawless execution Shadow Magic are able to create shadows of classic animals, famous celebrities and well known characters with the use of only their hands and some light! It really is quite impressive and definitely unique.

6. Mirror Magic Photo Booth

Weddings are about creating memories and these memories need to be captured somehow. Photo booths are continually growing in popularity as you allow your guests to have control over their own photos.


What is new and interesting however is the inclusion of state of the art touch screen technology in photo booths. Mirror Magic Photo Booth utilises this in an extremely clever way, allowing your guests to take their own selfies and customize them with filters, text, props, symbols – you name it!

7. Laser Shooting

After a beautiful ceremony on your wedding day there is honestly nothing better and more hilarious than seeing the Bride & Groom with shotguns in hand ready to paint their target.

This completely safe and fun game with give your guests the opportunity to test their marksman skills, aim and shoot to thrill! The great thing about this is that it can be set up both outside and indoors leaving you with no worries about the weather on your big day.

Published by Warble Entertainment

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