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A Day in the Life of The Indie Killers

A Day in the Life of The Indie Killers uk band wedding ideas wedding band

Pull on your sweat bands, strap on that guitar and join us as we rock out, performing at an Indie Killers live gig in blog form. Hit the lights, check that you are wired for sound… 1,2,1,2….. Get ready to change someone’s life for the better… It’s time to make rock history!

Firstly though, lets take a step back. Every gig starts with preparation and tonight will be the culmination of years of practice and a million tiny tweaks. Like a marathon runner, you didn’t turn up to the start of a 26 mile race hoping you’re a good athlete.

Today’s gig is pretty local for us, only an hour away and the van is still packed after our gig last night. Our gigs range from low key birthday parties, uni events, weddings, festivals and even stadiums (see next weeks blog) so it’s important we take the right equipment to suit the venue. We take our sound very seriously and our gear reflects that… plus, it makes the stage look awesome!

Arrival and Venue

The Indie Killers Setting Up

The Indie Killers Setting Up

On arrival at any venue, the first thing we do is find the point(s) of contact. The client may well be busy so the manager of the venue will be able to help with the ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ questions. On stage you can be as rock and roll as you like but offstage it’s about facilitating everyone, working with the venue to make the event run as easily as possible, as well as the client in order to take away all of their worries and stress.

The set-up should take about an hour depending on how hard the load in is. It’s a military style operation with all the guys in the band knowing their jobs in the right order so as to not bump into each other every few seconds. In order to keep the sound-check as quick as possible we run through a few key parts of songs in order to check the levels. Loud enough to party but not too loud to kill a granny, luckily we are insured but our granny death rate still remains zero!

Ready to Rock!

Ready to Rock!

Pre-Gig Routine

Each year we perform around 90 gigs around the country and in peak times up to 5 gigs per week so warming up is crucial. A few stretches, hand exercises and most importantly vocal warm up’s. We use the Vocademy Singing School warm up routine on Spotify. Are you looking rock and roll? Then let’s do this!

The Gig

Right, the bit you have been waiting for… You take to the stage, grab your guitar, tune it up….. wait for the DJ song to finish and then the feedback kicks in on the guitar…. You look across to see a sly smile from Luke before you hear Andy count in on the hi-hat… You lift your guitar to the sky, look right out into the middle of the crowd and you are away!

The crowd are on their feet, you can tell that this is the part they have been waiting for.

Stage Invasion!

Stage Invasion!

The band is now a well oiled machine, but expect the unexpected: broken guitars, stage invasions or possibly a change to the order of songs to suit the crowd. The average band will play 14-15 songs in an hour. However, we cram in 17 in the first set so every second counts. When a song is coming to an end, you need to know what’s coming next. Every song flows straight into the next like you’re playing street fighter throwing combinations ‘HARDUKEN’. We’re a full throttle party band, there are no time for breaks between songs or smooches, our job is to get that dance floor full and jumping!

With a swift break in the middle for about 20-30 minutes then it’s back on stage and now we really have to raise our game. Getting the guests who have been resting, eating and drinking back up onto the dance floor is a challenge but the right songs always do the trick. The second set tends to last around 70 mins, ending with cries for ‘More!’ and then we finish the night with the usual band post-gig hug to congratulate ourselves for another job well done…

Another Happy Crowd

Another Happy Crowd

Now you can see why we love our job! Same time tomorrow?

Big thanks to Damo and the best covers band that is The Indie Killers.

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