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A Whole Lotta Soul – The UK’s Best Soul Bands

Soul Bands

Soul music was born in the 1940s and 1950s from gospel music and rhythm and blues music. The gospel vocal quartets of this time were huge influences on soul singers of the 1960s. The term itself ‘soul’ comes from the gospel-style music and its secular lyrics. Ray Charles is believed to have been the soul forerunner and led the genre with his string of hits starting with 1954’s ‘I Got a Woman’.

Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke are also often acknowledged as soul forefathers and Aretha Franklin’s recordings in the 1960s, including the song ‘Respect’, are considered the pinnacle of the soul genre, and were among its most commercially successful productions.

Soul music these days has been transformed and given a modern edge by artists such as Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars and Sam Smith and is now more popular that ever for private functions. The genres strong visual appeal, often including brass instruments in addition to regular musicians,  and strong beat for dancing have made it a must-have style for weddings and corporate events throughout the UK.

Throughout the decades soul band line-ups have come in all shapes and sizes and the Warble Entertainment roster reflects this as well. From solo Motown and Soul singers and three piece all female vocal groups right through to 12 piece bands with full horn sections these professional bands are the best in the UK today.

All of the Warble Soul bands are fully self-contained, which means that they come to each event fully prepared with all their own instruments, PA equipment and lighting. In addition, many of them also offer a DJ option so that when they are not performing the music will keep playing.

The bands tend to perform 2 x 60 minute sets as standard and some are happy to break this into 3 x 40 minute performances if necessary. The stage space required for the band will depend on the size of the line-up you have booked and how many musicians are to be included. As a guide, a 6 piece soul band will require approximately 6 x 4 metres.

*TOP TIP* Many of the Warble soul bands also offer smaller line-up options that perform jazz or acoustic music. These are perfect for drinks receptions or cocktails and also provide a great way of saving some money as the musicians will be part of the same group performing with the full line-up later in the day.

As a starting point for anybody looking to hire a soul band in the UK for a function or event we have compiled the following list of 10 fantastic options.

  1. Union Street – London based 6 piece band
  2. Soul Grooves – Sussex based 6 piece band
  3. Soulfire – Leicestershire based 5 piece band
  4. The Easy – Somerset 5-10 piece band
  5. Super8 Soul – Essex based 8-9 piece band
  6. Shola Sings Motown – London Based Solo Singer
  7. D7 Soul – West Yorkshire based 7 piece band
  8. The Setlists – Northamptonshire 5-8 piece band
  9. Soulidify – London based 5-8 piece band
  10. One Eye on the Wedding Cake – Midlands based 5-7 piece band

The list above provides a great insight into some of the fantastic, talented and professional soul musicians we have available to hire in the UK. For more information and profiles please check out the Warble website, or call us today on 0845 643 9384 / 01270 501 164 as we’re always happy to hear about your requirements and offer the best suited solutions.

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