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How to Keep Calm (in the run-up to your Wedding Day)
July 2 2014
Oh my goodness! You’re getting married in just a few short weeks and suddenly the reality of what’s ahead of you is starting to hit home. Don’t worry about those little nervous feelings that are giving your butterflies in...
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Tips for Bands & Musicians Gigging in Europe
April 28 2014
Black Cadillac have been operating for 4 years or so now as a quirky vintage function band. The term 'function' covers a wide variety of event types, primarily weddings, but also corporate work such as branding for an event...
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Candy Carts from Sarah K Events
April 28 2014
Whilst at the Cheshire Wedding Fayre recently we were magically drawn to the candy cart setting up next door... who wouldn't be! After surviving the magnetic tractor beam pull of the sweets on offer we managed to stop eating...
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Should you have a Marquee at your Wedding?
March 10 2014
Whilst many of the wedding enquiries that we receive at Warble are for lavish venues, hotels and stately homes, there are LOTS where couples will be celebrating in a marquee… and the numbers are on the increase. But is having...
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Winter Wonderland Themed Cakes
November 1 2013
Brrrr.... Winter has most definitely kicked in this week. We're not enjoying the cold office when we arrive at Warble Towers in the morning but we are loving all things sparkly and chocolatey, which the lead up to Christmas...
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It’s Romantic, Pink and Cheesy… Valentines Day
February 7 2013 short, we Warblers LOVE IT! Valentine’s Day is the day to let all of the schmaltz out of your system and give your party guests the time of their life whilst running open armed into a dance partner. ...
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We’re Proposing a Happy New Year!
January 11 2013
We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year filled with lots of fun, laughter and hopefully some great entertainment! Everyone at Warble agrees that 2012 was a pretty special year although it did whizz by a little too...
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Unusual and Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas
May 22 2011
Whilst certain traditions for a wedding tend to remain very similar there are specific areas where you can make your own mark on the day and express your own unique personality. One area where you can really make a...
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Picking the Right Band for Your Corporate Event
May 15 2011
The Mission Your boss turns to you and says 'We need to find a fantastic band to provide the music for our upcoming corporate event... and, I want you to organise this please.' Yikes...! Big responsibility... where do you start? There...
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The Lowdown On Rock And Pop Bands
April 22 2011
The most popular style of band with our customers at Warble is without a doubt the Rock and Pop Band. With their amazing guitar solos, Rolex timekeeping, poptastic bass lines, sweet keys and outstanding vocals it becomes easy to...
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