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Build Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

Build Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

When trying to decide on the entertainment you want for your wedding reception there is always the option to theme it, or, think of a style that suits your personalities and interests.

Whether you choose a band or DJ, having music for any wedding is an essential part. So, if you’re into jazz music, hire a jazz band, or, if you’d prefer a DJ check that they are happy to work to playlists to make sure your tastes are catered for. Think about you and your likes and dislikes.

*TOP TIP* It’s always worth thinking about your guests as well and what they may enjoy. Weddings normally consist of a pretty wide age range and can span a good few generations so a band performing only modern music may not be the best suited. If you can find a compromise between what you would love and what will work for the majority as well… you’re onto a winner 😀

However, if you are bold enough and want to go for something different why not go for a fully theme-inspired reception? You could try a 1920’s theme with everyone doing the Charleston and dressed as flapper dancers and dapper gents, or, maybe hire a steel band to put the finishing touches to a Caribbean-inspired reception. The possibilities are endless and whatever your theme there is bound to be entertainment to suit.

Remember, there is no rule that says entertainment for a wedding must be confined to the stage! You can hire a magician to amaze your friends and family, a caricaturist to have everyone in stitches with funny drawings, or, hire a comedian to perform during the band’s interval. A hilarious walkabout act or professional comedian will keep your guests attentive and your wedding reception will be remembered for years to come.

These are just a few wedding entertainment ideas that might help you think about the kind of direction you may go in. But, the possibilities are endless…

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