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Caricaturists Rock!

Caricaturists ROCK!

Warble books a lot of musical acts. Bands, solo artists, harpists and well… lots of musically talented people. But another act that is becoming ever so increasingly popular is another type of artist, the caricaturist. This blog is to give a high five for the guys and gals that are a dab hand at cartooning people’s faces as they tend to be the ‘dark horses’ of the entertainment industry… And here’s why!

  1. They give your guests something to smile about: Whether you are having a drawing done or you are realising a friend suits a cartoon face, it certainly creates a brilliant atmosphere for all around.
  2. There are no hidden extra costs: Caricaturists are booked for the amount of time you specify and any drawings done during that time are for you and your guests to take away. A great wedding favour or memento for everyone to take home and remember the event by!
  3. A caricaturist is perfect for those working on a budget but are wanting something a little different: If you can find a caricaturist in your area they can be anything between ยฃ250 – ยฃ400 for 2-3 hours. Simple yet affective.
  4. A caricaturist attracts attention: Perfect for a corporate exhibition or event and will hopefully help bring business your way. Having them working from an easel gives a focal point for spectators, giving you the perfect opportunity to introduce yourselves and make you stand out from your competitors.
  5. They will help to fill a gap in your day: Whether it is the start of an event or a drinks reception in the middle of a wedding, a caricaturist can break the ice and give your guests something to talk.

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