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Christmas Bandeoke!

Christmas Bandeoke!

Whether you give it a WOOP! WOOP! or a BOO HISS (big scrooge!) Christmas is just around the corner and so we’ll be going all festive with our blog over the next couple of months.

We thought we’d treat you this week with a little visit from the lovely and totally awesome (he told us to say this) Adam from The Warble Bandeoke Band who has popped by to discuss the best Christmas songs for your Christmas Bandeoke party or wedding…. enjoy!

“Say it quietly (and especially not to Warbler’s Sam & Jennie who get ridiculously over excited whenever the word is mentioned) but Christmas is definitely on its way. Here in Warble Bandeoke land we have a rule of no practicing Christmas songs until the 3rd week of October, so, with my last few days of sanity approaching I thought I’d give you a bit of an insight to which Christmas songs work (and which REALLY DON’T) to give you an idea of what to expect if you have decided a bit of Bandeoke at the office party is exactly what the doctor ordered… And why wouldn’t it be?

Firstly, and most importantly, we (and every other of Warble’s brilliant roster of bands) understand that by the time the Christmas party comes up you’ve had about 2 months of walking into overcrowded shops pumping Aled Jones out at top volume. We know you could quite well be pretty sick of finding out that its the most wonderful time of the year and quite frankly the boughs of holly might well be stuck somewhere much less appealing than the halls. We therefore will always offer the usual Bandeoke madness, with all our normal songs as well as the extra special Christmas package that gets bolted on as we get towards the festive season. If ‘your song’ isn’t a Christmassy one don’t panic – we’ll still play it!

No Cliff Richard Allowed!

No Cliff Richard Allowed!

As a band who often get feedback something along the lines of ‘the wedding band for people who don’t like wedding bands’ or ‘one minute we were in a financial meeting with the CEO, the next there was a sweaty mob jumping around to the band and the rockstar was me!’ you can expect that we’re not going to necessarily do Christmas the traditional way. Whilst we offer a pretty rounded selection of Christmas songs for the Bandeoke you can expect our covers to be more The Darkness than Bing Crosby or Slade rather than ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. We also have a very important rule, one which causes much controversy (especially with Abi from Supercharged, who is this guys BIGGEST fan… honest…) ABSOLUTELY, CATEGORICALLY, WITHOUT QUESTION… NO CLIFF! He makes Ian our drummer cry. No one needs to see that.

But which Christmas songs are worth doing? Well if you’re a girl ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘ is always a total winner, for two reasons – one being that it will make you look AMAZING if you manage to nail it, secondly, its blimmin’ fast on the piano so the rest of the band will love you for making me sweat a bit. ‘Do They Know Its Christmas‘ is always a winner for the groups, although be sure to have a listen to it first – the quiet bit at the beginning is always longer than people expect! For the lads you’ve got the Slade and the Wizard standards, but the more adventurous of you could maybe try for a bit of Coldplay ‘Christmas Lights’ (always a tear jerker). If you’re looking for a stitch up of your work colleagues, especially that couple who really should get together, but for some reason still haven’t, The Pogues will quickly sort that out and give everyone a good old Irish dance off at the same time.

For me though, the ultimate Christmas song (and I’ll argue this with everyone) is ‘Driving Home For Christmas‘ by Chris Rea. You’ve gotta love a bit of the Rea (just not the Dia sort….!)

Either way one thing that we can guarantee is that the Bandeoke will keep everyone dancing, singing and generally having a great old time until the early hours of the morning and we’re confident we can offer something for everyone from the ultra cool hipsters in the marketing department, through to Mavis in accounts who has been there since the dawn of time. Just don’t let our guitarist Juppy anywhere near the photocopier.

Finally, and I know this is very early, but it might be the only chance I get, I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas on behalf of us noisy lot down the Bandeoke mine. I hope Santa is very generous and the food and drink overflowing. Fingers crossed we’ll get to celebrate a bit with you before the big day!

Christmas Cheers

Adam 😀

p.s. I’ve just had a look at our calendar and we’re running out of dates in December at an alarming rate – if you fancy a bit of Bandeoke at your event get in touch soon! To get the Warblers into the Christmas spirit we’ll even offer a £50 discount IF when you call to sort out the booking as soon as someone answers the phone you shout ‘ITSSSSS CHRRRIIIIISSSSTTTTTTMMMAAASSSSSS’ at the top of your voice and make them jump. Just putting it out there…”

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