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Classical Notes At Your Wedding

String Quartet

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the entertainment packages. Whether it’s rock & roll, pop, jazz or soul, there is something for everyone. If a subtler approach to the day’s music is required then classical music will complement the occasion perfectly. At Warble, we think “timeless with a twist” is a great way to go!

Many wedding couples automatically assume that popular tunes will tick every box as they plan to keep their guests happy. That is probably true, but how those sing-a-long sounds are delivered can offer you many untapped options if you scratch beneath the surface.

So you should certainly consider a classical theme. Really! Some will take a sharp intake of breath, with thoughts of opera, dramatic violins and the big guy from those rather infectious insurance comparison adverts filling their heads.

There is no need to worry. Just think about your wedding day for a moment; so much effort, so much preparation, with you and your families keen to get all of the details just right. Everyone will be dressed to impress, with fine suits, elegant gowns, rooms decked out to match the occasion and wonderful food and drink served by immaculate waiting staff.

Surely the music should complement the biggest day of your life?

So what do we mean by classical? Well, it often means the more traditional instruments – and they can add a lovely layer of sophistication to any wedding celebration. Think beautifully crafted acoustic guitars, magnificent double bases, violins, flutes and maybe a muffled trumpet.

And let’s get something straight; classical music does not have to be boring. Many of Warble Entertainment’s classical wedding acts offer a fabulous modern twist, and they can certainly rock it up when required.

But let’s consider how things might play out…

The order of your wedding day is entirely up to you, as some couples like to enjoy drinks to settle nerves ahead of the main event. Most, however, prefer to move on to the ceremony before the champagne corks are popped.

The options available now are staggering. The traditional church is always high on people’s lists, but availability, space and the occasional quirky restriction persuades many couples to look elsewhere.

These days, providing that a wedding venue is licenced to stage a civil ceremony, you could swap vows at your favourite stately home, in a town hall, a charming farmhouse or even at your local football club. Really, and some people have even married out on the pitch!

But we’re talking about a classical wedding here, so we will concentrate on the more formal settings.

To match those divine surroundings, an elegant touch to ensure that handkerchiefs are called into action early will be the delicate sound of a harp. Pure, silky romance as your guests take their places, and before the groom looks around to see his beautiful bride escorted down the aisle. Yes, THAT oh-so important moment when eyes meet ahead of wedding vows…

Real Wedding Ceremony

Damian Burcher Photography

Warble can recommend talented musicians from all over the country, but take a listen to London Harp. A glittering career to date, with performances at exclusive parties, high-fashion catwalk shows, weddings and for the Venice film festival emphasises how flexible classical performers can be. And your play list doesn’t have to be limited to the much-loved favourite tunes. “Moon River” could be followed by “Hey Jude”, or make your guests sit up in amazement as they hear “New York New York” like never before.

London Harp

And remember, we work closely with every artist to ensure that they can adapt and deliver what you need. It’s your day; so you pick the music and then marvel at how your chosen solo, duet or band interacts effortlessly with your family and guests. You can concentrate on signing the register.

The Welsh String Duo

As the celebrations progress to the drinks reception, perhaps while the wedding couple have formal photos taken, why not step things up a notch with The Welsh String Duo.

Creating the perfect atmosphere is all part of package for the South Wales duo, with variety most definitely the spice of life. Classical to pop, from Elbow’s “One Day Like This” to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. And how about welcoming the newly-weds back into the main function room to “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles?

Building your wedding day around classical notes certainly isn’t boring, so moving on to the wedding breakfast, or formal dinner, means a little more musical accompaniment. The perfect notes come from a classical musician like Tom the Guitarist. Just listen to his dreamy sounds, songs and arrangements to suit any taste. From a little “Hey There Delilah” to “Annie’s Song”. Gorgeous.


Nothing too intrusive, but enough to keep everyone engaged. And if you need a little extra volume he can plug in to a mobile power pack, so no need to stress about electrics on the day.

You could also choose from flautists, pianists or maybe some of the other delightful string instruments.

Of course a duet could take you through to the early hours at the evening reception, especially if you are working to a budget. But this is once in a lifetime fairy tale evening, so a more fulsome arrangement could be just the ticket if you want to dazzle the dancers with something few will be expecting.


Stunning, ballroom elegance comes in the form of the Wedding Days String Quartet. These ladies will raise the bar and the roof with flawless notes, blending Bach with “Bittersweet” Verve! Sweeping sounds will push pulses and emotions to the limit.

Still not taken by simply strings… then let’s plug in.

You’re yet to be convinced about purely acoustic, so we give you the Electric Strings Quartet. Wow! From oh-so classy and dramatic Tango, to high-energy Salsa, these divine ladies cannot fail to impress. Oh, and they even add the sultry saxophone to their incredible repartee. Perfect.


So don’t be shy; it’s no leap of faith deviating from the normal wedding cover bands. Polished, dynamic, versatile and visually stunning, give your guests a feast and let a more classical arrangement get hearts and feet dancing the night away…

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