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COVID-19 – Booking Guide and FAQ’s

Last edit: 05/01/21

Every day we continue to learn more about the current situation, the challenges that we all face with COVID-19 and its huge impact on our weddings, events, and music / entertainment industry. Ours is an industry that has not been able to return to any sense of normality since it began in March 2020.

We are aware that you may have many questions about how this may affect your booking with us and your event overall. We hope that the answers provided below will help to provide some clarity in regards to your upcoming booking, and if you would like to talk to us directly please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 01270 501 164. Whilst we have a much higher workload at present, we are still available to help and answer any further questions that you may have.

Please also consider that our entertainment coordinators are under considerable pressure in trying to resolve customer queries at this time, and are currently working from home so there may be extra background noise during telephone calls.

The information provided in this FAQs guide on COVID-19 will be continually updated as new information or government guidelines are announced. 

What happens if I am forced to cancel my event due to COVID-19 restrictions?

If you are forced to cancel a booking due to government guidelines, such as completely banning events over a period where your event was due to take place, then this could fall under ‘force majeure’.

Please be sure to read the guidelines as has been set out by the government here:

And here: 

We understand how stressful this can be for our customers, and so we are offering flexible booking options and advice to our customers by helping them to re-schedule any force majeure cancellations relating to COVID-19 to an alternative date with no additional booking/administration fees from Warble Entertainment. This means you will not have to pay for a second deposit and that we will be happy to transfer the already paid booking deposit across to a new date with your act and help as much as we can to get the dates moved as quickly and easily as possible, if your event lands within a full lockdown period.

If your event is in a period outside of a forced event closure, then our usual terms and conditions will apply. You can find them attached to your paperwork, and they are also available here –

My event takes place within the next three months, what should I do?

We will be helping both acts and customers navigate the next 3 months of bookings and queries and will also help with questions beyond this timescale. We will, however, be prioritising these bookings in date order to ensure that we are able to reschedule bookings fairly and also help manage the team’s workload.

If your booking takes place in the months of March 2021 or later, the advice in this guide may not be relevant to you and we strongly recommend awaiting further official government action before cancelling or rescheduling. We only ask this so that we can minimise the impact on our performer’s livelihoods long term.

NOTE – If your booking is outside of lockdown measures or government advice, our usual terms and conditions do still apply – see them here.

Please also ensure that you are up to date with any local restrictions in your area.

What happens to my booking if it is affected by COVID-19 – but I have not been forced to cancel?

The thought of cancelling or postponing your wedding or event is obviously a difficult one, but we are here to offer some practical advice to help you through it.

As we all navigate this situation together, our main objective is to limit the potential disruption this can cause for both customers and our artists future.

With this in mind, we are strongly recommending that if you have decided that your event cannot go ahead, postponements and rearranging the booking for an alternative date is encouraged over cancelling altogether.

Not only can this help you avoid unnecessary cancellation fees, but it also keeps your first choice of act secured.

To help with this, we are encouraging customers to transfer their booking to a new date with the same act. As things stand, this is the most beneficial resolution for all parties involved.

What does my initial booking deposit cover?

Your booking deposit is paid for and utilised in the initial stages of a booking for Warble Entertainment to search and secure the services of your selected performers for your requested date.

It is an administrative fee for the work that your entertainment coordinator has already provided and will continue to provide for you. This is including, but not limited to: securing dates, producing contracts, providing quotes, help and advice by phone / text / email, liaising on behalf of both parties and also providing the service of a 24-hour emergency line.

As well as the above, we constantly strive to provide the best in entertainment options that are available in the UK, by vetting acts before they are able to be registered with us. We manage act calendars and provide them with a way to gain paid work by advertising through various means for them.

What if my first choice of act isn’t available?

We understand that this scenario isn’t ideal, it means that you miss out on your first choice and also that the band you had booked lose out on work. We are on hand to help search out that new perfect act for you within a similar style to your original choice. We have thousands of fantastic performers on our roster and so we are keen to help you look for a suitable alternative. We will then move your booking and your paid booking deposit over to the new date and new act at no extra administration charge. This way, all of our acts are able to be put forward for suitable new events, which will help them with the loss of work that they are experiencing. 

Please note that performance fees may differ between different acts and your initial booking deposit cannot be transferred across towards a performance fee. 

(The remaining balance is the performance fee that is paid directly to the act closer to the event date for their performance – this is the cost of the act to perform on the event date.)

If you choose to cancel your booking altogether due to enforced COVID-19 measures, we can also help you with doing this and liaising with the act on your behalf. Please be aware that your booking deposit is non-refundable, however, we are offering to credit this to secure a new booking in the future if discussed at the time of your cancellation. If your event falls within the ‘lockdown’ period, the ‘Force Majeure’ clause applies. This means that no party will be liable for any failure to fulfil its obligations and means that there are no performance cancellation fees due to be paid to the act / performer by the customer.

Does my wedding insurance cover COVID-19?

If you do have any type of wedding insurance, it is a good idea to check your insurance policy to find out what is covered. This may help you recover some or all of your costs if you are forced to cancel.

Can I hold a date with the act whilst I finalise the booking with the venue and other suppliers?

We will note your strong interest in a date however, we cannot hold dates or ‘pencil them in’. At this time, we cannot block any dates out in diaries that may end up being cancelled too. We highly recommend letting us know as quickly as possible. You are more than welcome to continue to re-check availability with us whilst you are securing a new date with your venue.

Please also be aware that a new date is not secured in place until we’ve had verbal or written confirmation and have provided you with a new contract which needs to be signed and returned to us within 7 days of issue.

What if the act I have booked is ill?

If your act or a member of your band becomes ill, they will have musicians in place who can step in and take their place. This is standard practice and known as a dep performer.

The worst-case scenario would be the entire band being ill, and all of their deps being ill, in this case we would start looking for an alternative band or act for your date as per our normal procedures in line with our Terms and Conditions.

I’m still not sure what my options are?

As new information or government guidelines become available, we will be updating this page to provide you with the most up to date answers.

Please visit back here if you are looking for the latest on your booking with Warble Entertainment.

If you are still looking for further advice or guidance on your booking with us in light of the current situation, you can contact us on 01270 501164.

You can also contact your booking agent directly by email or phone.

We are here to help you with your event wherever possible and we would like to thank you for your patience during this time.

For further reading on current government guidelines:

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