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Entertainment Ideas for the Best Man’s Speech

best man speech

The best man’s speech is one of the biggest / contentious / scariest moment’s of a wedding… if you’re the best man that is. Or, in some cases, probably if you’re the groom and quite possibly the bride too!

best mans speech

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There is a lot of pressure nowadays to really put on a show with the speeches and often a sense of ‘one upmanship’ depending on who else has got married or given a best man speech recently out of the same friendship circle.  But there’s no need to worry, Warble are on hand with some entertaining ideas to give all the ‘best men’ out there a speech that will definitely give them the award for the best best man EVER.

Del Boy

Possibly one of Warble’s favourite acts in the whole wide entertainment world. This guy makes the real David Jason look like a fraud (sorry David) and will have the whole wedding party in stitches. Our very own ‘Del’ would be perfect for making sure your speech doesn’t run out of steam with a surprise interruption from the Cockney trader. Del will chat with you directly just before the big day to make sure every performance he puts on is personalised to chosen family and friends. And, to top it off he will spend the rest of the booking showing off his hilarious gags and props, providing the perfect opportunity for some memorable pictures and the odd selfie, thus cementing your best man greatness for years to come… Bonnet de douche!



This idea actually came from one of our customer’s who booked them for his best friends wedding as he is a huge American football fan, and we think it’s genius.  The girls are full of energy and will definitely add the wow factor to what would be one of the best speeches you can imagine. Let’s face it, the best man wouldn’t need to do much talking and everyone gets to watch an amazing performance from some very talented dancers.

cheerleaders for best man speech

Mariachi UK

If the wedding has a cultural feel or an around the world theme, you have stories to tell about your crazy travels with the groom, the bride and groom are jetting off to Mexico on their honeymoon, or the groom is a fan of crisps… Ideally Dorito’s, these guys would be spot on. Ever since the Mariachi bands took off after being all over the TV, they have been a huge hit with weddings and parties all over. Performing some of your favourite covers and classics from the music of Mexico, the band can perform a couple of songs either during or after your speech then come back afterwards to carry on entertaining and mingling with the guests. Again, imagine the selfie opportunities and the massive kudos from not only the groom but more importantly the bride and lots of very happy guests… Bound to bag you a few free drinks this one too!


Silly Waiter

This guy is hilarious and an absolute top chap too. If your groom and the rest of the wedding party are up for a laugh then this is your man. The Silly Waiter will quite happily mess up your speech with a disastrous collision or a couple of gags to give everyone the giggles. Once the waiter has caught everyone’s attention with his silly antics he may even throw in a cheeky YMCA that will get everyone involved. A perfect way to let everyone know it’s time to relax and enjoy what will continue to be an amazing day.

Silly Waiter


Another great way to augment your speech and earn yourselves some extra brownie points with the groom is to commission a pre-drawn caricature. Caricatures by nature are a little cheeky so it will fit in perfectly with your role as best man but it is also a thoughtful keepsake, which the bride will appreciate too. It could be of you and the groom depicting one of your funniest memories, the stag do, or even of the bride and groom as a gift from you to them. Either way, you will be commended for such a unique idea, whilst also getting one over on your best friend by pointing out his worst features… Your duty surely?!

So there you have it, just a few of our best man speech entertainment ideas to help get your creative juices flowing and make sure your speech goes viral for all the right reasons… Another good point there by the way – make sure you get someone to record it!

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