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Festival Weddings… with PapaKata

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Following on from our ‘entertainment for a festival theme wedding‘ blog we have asked some suppliers of all things ‘wedfest’ to come join the blogging party. We’re kicking of this week with PapaKåta. These guys supply amazing teepees… surely you can’t have a festival themed wedding without one??

This is what PapaKåta have to say on the subject:

‘Who doesn’t love the sweet smell of candyfloss on a hot summers day, with the distant sound of music and the hustle and bustle of partygoers soaking up the festival atmosphere?

Here at PapaKåta we’ve been lucky enough to help re-create some of these nostalgic festival themed occasions, and help Brides and Grooms realise their Wedding dreams in this new, innovative and fun style; putting a twist on the traditional wedding and transporting guests to a sun soaked, meadow for the ultimate in festival chic.

papakata teepee 2We spend much of our day helping couples plan their perfect teepee Wedding, and we particularly love hearing of new ideas and inspiration, making each wedding day unique and exciting. In particular the festival themed events bring something new, making us weak at the knees and giddy to the core… Here are a few of our favourite festival wedding themed ideas

1. As well as providing often much needed shelter to help shield guests and partygoers from the elements, our giant PapaKata teepees offer the perfect backdrop with their striking appearance on approach, creating butterflies in your tummy and an exciting buzz amongst your guests. Retro campervans, wooden signage and live music all add to the list of must-haves for a festival entrance.signage - papakata

 Image courtesy of Eliza Claire

2. Ticket style invitations are a fun and quirky way to let your guests know about your big day complete with a tear-off RSVP, check out for a selection of funky designs ready for you to personalise.

3. For a chilled-out ceremony, hay-bales draped with blankets are a simple way to create a relaxed atmosphere, in which your guests can perch on whilst they admire you walk down the aisle.

haybales papakata Image courtesy of Eliza Claire

4. No ordinary tent or marquee, the PapaKåta teepees can be hired as a blank canvas so you can let your creative juices flow, with the freedom of putting your own stamp on there with finishing touches. Adorned with rustic tables, paper lace bunting and festoon lighting – it’s a party space designed to create memories that last a lifetime.

We think homemade paper pom-poms are simple to make and are a colourful addition to any party atmosphere.

pompoms - papakataImage courtesy of Eliza Claire

5. Celebrating all things British, we love the combination of these gorgeous wellies and umbrella… perfect for a photo shoot in a nearby meadow and also handy in case it rains.

wellies - papakataImage courtesy of Shoot Photography

6. And as the sun goes down and the drinks start flowing, what better than candy striped straws and personalised cocktails to fuel you for a night of dancing under the stars. With our giant mirror ball and fairy lights twinkling on the canvas, there’s no doubt you will be partying into the early hours.

jade-bunting-papakataImage courtesy of Mark Tierney

7. Let’s not forget the ultimate PapaKåta festival wedding accessory – a beautiful Open Fire, helping to keep the chill out in the early hours and providing the perfect spot for guests to while a way a few hours after the sun has set and the partying continues.

papakata teepee fire 2For more information and help planning your perfect festival wedding please visit us at and contact us on / 01904 702 100.

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