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Fun House Rock Milan!

Fun House Rock Milan! europe

One of Warble’s favourite bands, Fun House, jetted of to perform at a Wedding in Italy last weekend and so we caught up with them to find out what it’s like to be an international jet setting Wedding Band?!

First things first and the most important question (coming from a girl) what did you pack for a weekend in Italy and did you have to fit your instruments in your case??

Well we had to pack all the essentials – Clothes (obviously), hair and make up stuff (for the guys) and all the other little bits that you need to take. We actually decided to travel pretty light and only take hand luggage with us as it was only a couple of days. Unfortunately our guitars wouldn’t fit in our hand luggage, but we were lucky enough that the Bride and Groom bought us extra seats on the plane so our precious guitars were nice and safe!!

On the Plane...

On the Plane…

The pics of the venue look amazing – what was it like?

The venue was amazing; it was an old castle type building that was built in the Middle Ages. The castle was right out in the countryside so the view from the top was incredible, very romantic!

The Venue!

The Venue!

Were the clients from the UK or Italy and did they fly lots of guests over?

The clients are from the UK; it was the bride who was originally from Italy so has a lot of family over there. The groom being from the UK meant that there were a lot of English people that were flown over for the wedding. We actually got the chance to fly to Italy to play at this wedding because the bride and groom had seen us at another wedding down in Devon last year, it was a really nice surprise to see the couple from Devon at the wedding in Italy!

Setting up...

Setting up…

How is an Italian Wedding different to a typical English Wedding?

To be honest, the layout of the evening was very much the same as the weddings we play at in the UK except everything was a little later. We didn’t actually start playing until 11.30pm and finished around 3am, which was great as it was a lot cooler at that time. Obviously we had to play some different music and there were definitely some different moves being thrown down on the dance floor! :o) One of the most noticeable differences was the food, as we were in Italy the caterers provided the wedding with amazing Italian cuisine which included pasta, steak (James’ personal favourite), a huge selection of cakes and fruit.

Rocking Out!

Rocking Out!

Did you get to see any of the sites whilst you were there?

Yes absolutely! We stayed in a town called Bergamo, which has two parts to it – one part of the city was the more modern city style and the other part was called the old town. The old town, like the castle we played at was built in the 14th century, it was really cool!! The old town had super narrow streets, really tall buildings and stone/pebbled roads. It really felt like we had travelled back in time…. We had some great food here too!!

Do you have any advice for other bands taking bookings abroad?

If you get the offer to go and play a gig abroad…….. DO IT!!!! We had such a great time and have great memories from our trip so we can only stress how much fun it was. Make sure you send a detailed equipment list before hand so the equipment hired in is to spec. It’s always worth throwing some converter plugs in to your bags so any pedals you take along will be compatible. Also, because you’ll most likely only be taking the one guitar make sure you take loads of spare strings and a string winder for super fast emergency string changes. Lastly the most boring thing is to check your PLI (public liability insurance) is valid in other countries.

Oh and take a phrase book with you!!!!

Fun House Wedding Party Band

Fun House Wedding Party Band

On the flip side, any advice for Brides and Grooms booking entertainment for their wedding abroad?

The Bride and Groom, Warble and our management company really made it the easiest trip so we can only relay what they did for us. We flew the night before so that we were there in plenty of time, we also had a hotel booked that was close to the wedding reception venue so eliminated the risk of us traveling far and getting lost!! The Bride and Groom hired us the equipment we needed (except guitars) for the gig and we were able to set it all up in the morning, which was great as that gave us time to make sure everything was working OK. The most helpful thing was the communication between the Bride and Groom and our band, as it was very frequent during the whole of the booking process and whilst we were over there. As long as everyone understands what plan is and is working on the same page doing these trip are easy!!

What was the highlight of the trip?

Oh definitely the gig!! That’s what we went over to Italy to do and that’s what we love doing. The gig was amazing it really topped off an amazing weekend; we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd!!! Thank you to everyone involved for making this trip one to remember.

Last weekend Italy, this weekend…?

London, UK!!!!

Brilliant – thanks Fun House for giving us a great insight to being a rock n roll wedding band… We’re not jealous at all! 😛

Fun House

Fun House

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Interview by Tracey Bullock, published by Warble Entertainment

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