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Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Undercover Singers

Let’s be real. No one wants to throw a tepid snooze-fest of a wedding and have their guests bored to tears. The last thing you want is to be thinking โ€œI wish I did that at my wedding!โ€ the next time you attend a friend’s wedding or see some fun ideas online.

Obviously the main point of any wedding is to tie the knot and make things official, right?

But it is also likely to be the biggest party you’ll ever throw! So here are some much needed fun wedding entertainment ideas to liven up your wedding celebrations and make your day one to remember for years to come.

Power Racing Simulators

Bring out the inner racer and competitive spark in your guests with Power Racing Simulators. These incredibly detailed, high tech, entrancing racing simulators will create a huge buzz at your wedding and their digital laptime leaderboard is sure to have you wanting just one more go nail that high score!

The Burrito Boys

The Burrito Boys can wander amongst your guests serenading tables or perform on stage, all in a rocking Mexican Mariachi style! Join in the Mexican wave today…

The Magnificent Sheikhs

These guys are really fun and one of a kind. Imagine all of your favourite Pop & Rock hits have travelled back in time to the 1920’s and have somehow re-emerged again in present day… With elegant humour and precision, The Magnificent Sheikhs bring something different to the table.

David G The Caricaturist

Keeping your guests entertained during those wedding lulls is a must! A caricaturist is one of the most interesting and fun way to fill those parts of the day. David G is incredibly talented and always puts smiles on guests faces!

Fire Performers

Whilst firework displays can’t be described as boring, they have definitely been done before many a time. Fire Performers however can add that sense of excitement, fun (and danger!) to really round the evening off.

Dan T The Magician

Everybody loves magic. Even those people who are all like, “I hate magic!” still secretly love magic (but just don’t take kindly to being outfoxed). Dan T The Magician will bamboozle you and your guests, leaving you with all the fun of trying to figure out how the hell it’s all done!

Living Tables

Yes you read that correctly, these tables are alive, walking and talking. Living Tables bring something different, engaging and fun to your wedding. How many of your guests will be able to say they’ve been served a drink from a human table before? Exactly!


These guys are full of energy, loads of fun and have a killer sound. You will love that Lo-Fi’s setlist features some nostalgic 90’s tunes and a few other surprises! We love their rocked up cover of ‘Havana’ so much! Check it out below.

Undercover Singers

Never underestimate the element of surprise when it comes to your entertainment. Dressed to blend in with the venue staff, the Undercover Singers will become familiar to your guests as staff waiting at tables before a perfectly timed burst into song, a moment that will really mark your day.

Framed! Photobooth Hire

Photobooth’s are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, and it’s a great way to capture those special moments and the vibe of the day in a different way to your usual wedding photographer. Various fun and crazy props are available so take a shot to remember!

Blue-Heart Mitch And The Blazin’ Jacks

Ska music is bouncy, full of energy and fun. Blue-Heart Mitch And The Blazin’ Jacks are one of the tightest and most upbeat bands available! They encourage audience participation and are sure to have your party bouncing up and down to the Ska beat.

Lisa Face Painter

Add a splash of colour to your wedding with Lisa The Face Painter. Both the kids (and adults!) will be kept occupied and engaged with children’s wedding entertainment like this, and you’re sure to come out with some fun and unique wedding photos!

Brazilian Dancers

The dazzling colours, infectious rhythms and sporadic energy of the Brazilian Dancers will have your guests entranced and on their feet in no time. A super fun way to liven up your wedding and create something to remember.

Bring your wedding to life with these fun and interesting entertainment ideas, nothing is too outlandish for your special day! And remember, fortune favours the bold…

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