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How to host the perfect festival themed wedding!

With the United Kingdom getting closer and closer to ‘normality’, it is completely normal for a few of us to be apprehensive and feel uneasy at the thought of suddenly going back to normal social contact as we have been in and out of restrictions for over a year!

If you are looking to plan your special day with a focus on being in the great outdoors. A festival themed wedding is something to consider. Because, by hosting a festival themed wedding this summer, you are given the perfect balance between enjoying your special day with family and friends whilst still staying safe. 

Many people have found that whilst trying to book their wedding venue during the pandemic, most venues are already booked up. This is because previously booked weddings have been pushed further and further back into the year. However, a solution to the problem is hosting your wedding in the great outdoors this is because you have an abundance of green spaces to choose from up and down the country.

Hosting a festival themed wedding leaves you with the freedom to go wild, in addition giving you and your partner the chance to add your personal stamp on the day.


First thing to consider when planning your themed wedding is ‘what style am I going for here?’ For instance, are you planning for a boho themed festival wedding? Or maybe you are looking more into a Glastonbury glam theme. Maybe even rock, the choices are endless. 

The truth is, here you have so much freedom to pick & choose what sort of style to go for under the festival theme, as there are tons of different styles typically associated with festival events.


The second thing to consider is the venue. When it comes to the venue, you can get really creative with where you want to put your guests. For example, Tipis, marquees and tents are a great way to keep the rain off your guests whilst still moving with the festival theme. However, local country barns and pubs that offer up their own accommodation are also great options for guests who would require some more insulation between their four walls.

In addition, another great option is simply hiring a field, which is much more cost-effective with the added benefit of no curfew for music and live entertainment. In other words, you can party all night! However, one thing to consider is that you have the right insurance when going down this route because not all field rentals come with the correct insurance in place. 

Finally, one thing to note when researching for your perfect venue is considering your guests. For instance, considering if your party will be able to access this location? Will you be providing them with the adequate accommodation? In addition, will they feel comfortable throughout the day at this particular venue?


Thirdly, there is the accommodation to consider. Hunting for your perfect wedding accommodation is very exciting because accommodation can be anything from a tipi, tents, local country pubs and hotels. The list is endless. However, there are a few things to consider, one being electricity. If you want yourself or your wedding party to get ready for the big day on location, the chances are you are going to need electricity because hairdryers don’t run on fresh air you know!

In addition, the great British weather is the most unpredictable of all so heaters and rain covers are to be considered, even in the summer. Finally, the most important of all. Toilets. Yes, toilets! I bet you hadn’t thought of that one. Often overlooked but are very much needed. Therefore, consider your need for hiring a portable toilet if there isn’t one already on location.


The best thing about a festival wedding is hands down the freedom you have when it comes to planning your day. For instance, there are no rules or strict timings set by the venues when you have opted to host your ceremony in a forest for example. The only things that matter are exactly how you want to plan your day so that it is tailored around you and your partner’s needs and taste.

Similarly, one thing to consider is getting creative with your vow exchange because not only does this break up the day and create more spirit and excitement for you and your guests, the vow exchange can add a personal touch to your day making it that one bit more special.


An equally important part of your festival themed wedding is the food! 

Do you and your partner have a favourite type of food? then bring it to the wedding. Hiring a catering truck is a great way to bring some authenticity to your festival themed day whilst providing some tasty food for you and your guests to enjoy.

Having a bring your own buffet on your day is a great way to keep the costs down but keep your guests topped up with food they actually like. Similarly, if  you are looking to put an exciting spin on your big day then try adding a special theme to your cocktail or beer menu by changing the names of the drinks to something related to your festival themed wedding!


Are you looking to get a bit more creative ahead of your wedding day? Then getting hands-on with making flower crowns, picking wildflowers for table décor and sourcing materials to reuse for the venue furniture and interior can be a great way to create some buzz ahead of your big day. Similarly, setting up a Pinterest mood-board with all the ideas that you have found helps you to visualise what will work well on the day and what doesn’t really match your desired aesthetic.

Adding little gestures to your event like personalised wellies and flip flops for your guests can make the day that bit more special for your guests. More ideas could include:

In terms of décor, fairy lights and hay bales can add real ambience to your festival themed day but it all depends on the sort of style you are looking for.

In this paragraph we are going to talk about entertainment and when it comes to entertainment, Warble know a thing or two. Whether you are looking for a Mumford & Sons style band to play in the evening or maybe a caricaturist to keep your guests entertained throughout the day, we have tons of amazing acts to compliment your festival themed wedding. In addition, we also supply some of the best event decoration and interior for hire. Some of our favourites include…

The list goes on!


When it comes to planning a wedding the costs are important. Therefore, you should always have a budget. 

The beauty of a festival themed wedding is that you can choose to pay as much or as little as you want. For example, if you are working with a smaller budget, the terms ‘beg, borrow and steal’ (within reason obviously) and ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ can come in quite handy here. Do you know a guy who has a field that he rents out? Then negotiate a price. Does a friend have a tipi tent? Then ask to borrow it for the evening. In other words, planning a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive.

Wedding Planner

The advantage of hiring a wedding planner is that you have peace of mind that your day will run smoothly, and you won’t come face to face with any hidden problems or charges. For instance, a wedding planner can advise on all sorts from décor to insurance. Similarly, booking through a professional, you have peace of mind throughout the process. Moreover, hiring a venue as appose to just a field can have its benefits such as the venue being set up and ready to go with electricity and toilets.

It all comes back to budget, time and aesthetic.

To conclude, your special day is a reflection of you and your partner. You both have the freedom here, so go wild when it comes to the theme and all things festival!

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