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An Introduction To Irish Bands

If you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or just have a good auld sing along and dance, booking an Irish band is certain to get your party started.

The world of Irish music is an exciting one, but still a mystery for those of you who have never experienced the merriment and raucous atmosphere of the luck of the Irish.

Irish Rock & Pop

One thing you are guaranteed is great music, a dash of green and a good time. There are many different types of Irish bands and acts that can provide this for you, starting with those full on rollockin’ performances from bands such as The Wild Murphys.

These guys play all the songs that you know such as the lively ‘Whiskey In A Jar’ and ‘The Irish Rover’ with a sound that’s more Irish than a Dublin pub.

They use a variety of instruments to help create that authentic Irish sound such as the inclusion of an accordion and also a fiddle – one of the staple instruments in the repertoire of Irish music, and one that is hugely responsible for that snappy, jolly spirit that the style is known for.

More traditional options include influences from not only Irish music and culture; you can find its roots nestled deep within Eastern Europe, Scotland and even Greek culture.

This marriage of traditions can be appreciated with acts like The Rakish Paddies whose performers are multi-talented multi-instrumentalists and feature Eastern European influenced violin that brings a fresh twist to the traditional Irish.

Performances from bands like these will be crowd pleasing and packed with familiar songs. It wont be long until you lose your voice whilst singing along to every word! Teeming with upbeat energy powerful driving rhythms, you are definitely set up for one amazing party.

Traditional Irish Folk

For a more intimate and heartfelt sound, traditional Irish Folk is a great way of capturing that intensity that Irish music has without the use of a Rock band. The Celtic Twins perform classic Irish Folk songs from years gone by with arrangements that bring them right up to our times.

Line-ups from these types of Folk bands are usually completely acoustic, making them very versatile and able to perform in a variety of locations. These groups keep the Irish traditions alive in an incredibly passionate way, lacing their arrangements with gorgeous vocal harmonies and authentic Irish instrumentation.

Ceilidh & Barndance

Another style of Irish entertainment that is becoming more and more popular are Ceilidh bands. If you want your party to have an emphasis on fun, dancing and getting everyone involved, Ceilidh is the way to go!

A standard line up for a Ceilidh band is a trio composed of an accordionist, a fiddler and someone called the ‘caller’. The ‘caller’ is an absolute godsend for anyone out there that is normally reluctant to grace the dance floor when a regular band is on as they will literally call out the required moves and teach you the various dances, making them very easy to pick up. Such supervision is a blessing and is guaranteed to suit people of all ages and dancing abilities!

Here is a great example from Apex Ceilidh Band on how you can get everyone involved in the fun, and how the dancing works…

The beauty of having a Ceilidh band to orchestrate your event is the energy and atmosphere that can be created when rallying an entire room to join in together, and is without a doubt the best and most sure-fire way to get every guest on the dance floor.

Imagine a hoe-down or a barn dance, but with authentic Irish music to tap your feet and get moving to. Ceilidh is all about having fun and you are sure to get that in abundance with the String Ceilidh Band, who even extend their line up to include Irish whistles, a Mandolin and even a Harp!

Ceilidh bands are a different breed entirely from your more contemporary Irish Folk/Pop band but will still encompass everything that Irish music is known for, as well as getting you prepared for a good old shindig!

So whether you decide to go for an Irish Rock/Pop outfit, prefer more of a traditional flavour with the inclusion of authentic and time honoured Irish instruments or desire the boisterous merriment of a Ceilidh band, you will undoubtedly experience some Irish exuberance and may even find that elusive pot of gold at the end of a rocking rainbow!

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