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Kim & Tim’s Wedding at Clock Barn, Hampshire

We had the opportunity to catch up with the lovely Kim and Tim for their words from their fabulous wedding at Clock Barn in Hampshire. The couple have been kind enough to share their advice for couples planning their own special day. 

In addition to that, we have also managed to secure an exclusive interview with Gentlemen of the Road. That’s right… You guys have the opportunity to read the bands advice for couples looking at live entertainment for their wedding. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

What wedding entertainment had you planned for your guests?

As well as some amazing live music, provided by Gentlemen of the Road, we also had some garden games for our guests. Giant Jenga, Flamingo Ringo (think hoopla, flamingo style!), Unicorn Hoopla, and the best bit…Space Hopper Horse Racing! Naturally, the photos were interrupted several times by the appearance of the horses, and they’ve made for some fantastic photos.
kim and tims wedding

What did Gentlemen of the road bring to your day?

They made sure that the restrictions in place didn’t stop people from having fun, dancing and enjoying themselves. They also played our first dance live, and that alone was a magical experience, as well as pitting the bride against the groom in a sing-off! Sadly for me, the groom won…
bridal party getting ready

Were the band what you expected?

They were better! I wasn’t expecting them to actively encourage the guests to get involved, but it made the evening so much fun and all of the guests were talking about it.
bridal party getting ready

We spoke with the talented guys from Gentlemen of the road to find out more!

What was it like to perform at Kim & Tim’s wedding?

It was so fun. That’s the most enticing thing for us with this job is that we have so much fun, Kim and Tim’s wedding was no exception. It felt so good to be back and we feel very fortunate that it doesn’t feel like work when we’re performing, we genuinely love it. It was also great to see everyone showing off their dance moves after having to suppress them during the lockdown restrictions.

What did you enjoy most about your performance?

For us, it’s the feeling we get seeing people let loose and really enjoy themselves. Live music has been on the side lines for quite some time now and we could really see everyone’s excitement at having it back. It’s also just great to be back with the band doing what we love.


What do you think makes a fantastic first dance song?

We think that a great first dance should predominantly have a good sentiment to it, something that means a lot to the bride and groom. Secondly, a song that builds as it goes on, it’s a great opportunity for us to get everyone else on to the dance floor to join the bride and groom when a big chorus hits. It just works so well. 

Your advice for couples looking to book live entertainment for their wedding?

Our best advice is to simply do it! We often get comments from couples who admit they may have been sceptical or unsure of what to expect, but they always end the night so glad that they booked a band. The entire evening’s entertainment is covered plus, there’s nothing quite like live music with a band interacting with the crowd and getting everyone up and dancing.

Did you have a specific style or theme for your special day?

The wedding took place in a beautiful converted barn, so that became the theme; rustic, but not boho, natural and classic
Kimberley & Tim

Why did you pick your venue?

When we were first looking at venues, we attended an open event at Clock Barn. When we walked into the Main Barn, we simultaneously exclaimed “wow!”; despite looking at a few more venues, none matched that first impression and we booked it less than two weeks later.

countryside wedding venue

How did you feel on your wedding day?

Right up until I put my dress on, it didn’t feel like I was getting ready for my wedding. I think because we’ve been together for nearly 13 years, there weren’t any nerves or worries…but when my dress went on and I was walking to the bottom of the aisle, my heart was racing! We’d planned this for 2 years, having had to postpone from our original October date last year, and it was all for that moment.

I barely remember the ceremony, it went so quick! But I remember the day being filled with love, laughter, smiles and fun, and our guests telling us how perfect it all was. And they were right.

newly married couple walking down the isle

What did you think of the service provided by Warble?

I was impressed from the beginning. Jez was so warm and friendly, it was like a friend chatting with you, and whenever I had any questions the Warble team were happy to help. Postponing everything was simple, which was obviously a huge relief, and I didn’t have to chase anything; it was always timely so I never had to worry.
Kimberley & Tim

Name your favourite suppliers from the day

Best piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Pick what’s important to you, and don’t be afraid to splurge a little on it! There are lots of ways to be frugal on lots of elements of your big day, but for me, my flowers were something I wasn’t prepared to scrimp on. Sometimes it can feel like you aren’t “doing wedding planning right” if you’re not DIYing or cost-saving on EVERYTHING, but if something makes you feel special when you think about it (and it won’t bankrupt you of course!), then, in my opinion, you are allowed to spend a little bit more on it.
married couple walking into wedding reception

Wedding Photographer: The lovely Mia Photography. You can find her blog and Instagram linked. 

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