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Marriage Proposal Ideas During A Pandemic

January 30 2021

When lockdown is finally said and done, many couples will be exiting quarantine with rings on their fingers.

COVID-19 may have spoilt many plans but one thing is for sure, couples are still popping the question!

We saw an influx of newly engaged couples over the 2020 Christmas period, and this upcoming Valentine’s Day is sure to be no different.

Love finds a way to prevail and quarantine proposals have definitely forced a little bit of creativity for couples taking the next step!

We have already put together huge list of 101+ proposals, but here are our top ideas for those proposing during lockdown!


We’ve all had our fair share of zoom calls during quarantine. It has easily become one of the preferred methods of communication with friends, family and colleagues.

Everyone needs a moment of togetherness and joy during these times, so why not include your closest friends and family? Invite your loved ones to a group zoom call to witness the engagement and create a unique and magical moment!

"Travel" To Your Favourite Destination

Many will have planned an abroad proposal before the pandemic. Of course, travelling abroad and proposing isn’t as much of an option this Valentine’s Day, so what can you do instead?

Recreate your favourite destination at home with specific cuisines, backdrops and music to fit the aesthetic! You may not be able to propose in Paris right now, but you can bring the city of love to your home.

Online Caricature Proposal

One of our favourite trends that has come out of lockdown is online caricature parties on Zoom and video calls.

You could easily organise an online caricature workshop with a skilled artist and propose via a personalised drawing online to your significant other! Caricaturists are known for taking requests and are easily hired to draw something special for a big moment.

Hire a Musician to Serenade You Online

Musicians have adapted incredibly during quarantine and are easily in one of the worst affected industries. Many singers, musicians and bands offer personalised performances online during lockdown!

If you have a special song as a couple, hire an acoustic singer or a music group to serenade you over Zoom as a surprise whilst you pop the question!

street singer proposal

A Masked Proposal

This one might a little bit weird but it’s all about making the most of what you’ve got. It’s definitely surprising!

Face masks have become a part of everyday life for many of us. It’s not uncommon to see people personalising their masks or having unique masks designs. Why not write your ‘will you marry me?’ proposal message on your mask and surprise your partner!

Play A Slideshow of Memories

Reminisce about times before lockdowns, masks and COVID with a memory slideshow on your TV.

Gather photos and videos from past holidays, places you’ve been and big moments in your relationship together. Seeing how far your relationship has come can be quite emotional and ending it in a proposal is incredibly memorable!

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