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Mesmerising Magicians at Warble Entertainment

Gianluca The Magician

Magicians are some of the most exciting and engaging acts available today, and here at Warble we are proud to say that we work with only the best of them.

We may not know how all the tricks are done, but just like The Magic Circle we certainly know about magic. It is standard at Warble for all acts to go through a strict sign up and vetting procedure before joining the team, and Magicians are no different – even if they do say the magic word!

All of our Magicians are vastly experienced at performing for weddings, corporate events and parties and Stephen The Magician is a fantastic example of this. With over 10 years as a professional Magician, mind reader and pick-pocket, you are sure to be in safe – and skilled hands upon booking.

Our close-up Magicians are renowned for being some of the most versatile performers available, acting like chameleons and tailoring their acts to fit the theme or event perfectly. Stephen’s skilled sleight of hand means that he can offer a huge variety of illusions and magic effects to amaze you and your guests.

Not only are Warble’s Magicians extremely talented, they also have a deep passion for the art of magic and thoroughly enjoy what they do.

This is clear to see with Gianluca The Magician, whose personal mission when performing is to leave memories that last for years. Our Magicians don’t just turn up on the day and perform the same exact routine like clockwork, instead they work the room through social engineering and make real connections with real people by amazing them.

Gianluca focuses on using his charm and witty personality to easily break the ice for you, as well as integrating different groups of people together through the guise of magic. It is this attention to detail and real love for their work that sets Warble Magicians apart from the rest.

With the rise of Magicians such as Derren Brown and Dynamo, the world of magic has become a hell of a lot more interesting and also more contemporary. Magic is constantly changing as Magicians come up with new and more complex ways to keep audiences amazed.

These changes are responsible for the rise of the Magicians like Neb The Magician & Mind reader, who use newer techniques such as NLP and Hypnotism to achieve some incredible effects. Neb is an exciting Magician with a modern style, you wonโ€™t find rabbits, doves or saws here.

Another thing to note with all Warble Magicians is how they are all industry approved. Many of these guys have appeared on television numerous times or performed for celebrities at parties or events. They also consistently receive incredible feedback from captivated guests. Credibility is very important when it comes to booking a Magician, and when you can see that Warble’s Magicians are getting smashing reviews across the board – it speaks volumes of the quality of the performer.

Another reason to make Warble Entertainment your go-to for anything magic is the variety of acts that we have.

There are many different types of magic, but some are more unique than others. Acts such as Norvil And Josephine are a unique blend of cabaret, comedy and dangerous escapism! This duo have a distinct ‘vintage’ feel and extremely well choreographed stage show, packed with props, jokes and surprises.

For something even more unique, bring balance back to the Galaxy and use the force with the Jedi Mind Reader.

This robed Magician and Mentalist will mingle and astonish your guests, perfect for any movie buff or Star Wars themed event. Magicians like this are great for adding something unique and special to your event that you or your guests may not have seen before.

Whatever your preference or magical tastes, you are sure to find the perfect Magician or act to fit your event with Warble Entertainment.

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