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On The Road With The Indie Killers

A Day in the Life of The Indie Killers uk band wedding ideas wedding band

Headingley Stadium Tour Diary (Friday 1st April 2011)

“Dear IK diary, today we had an awesome day playing at Headingley stadium in Leeds. We set off at 11am for the 260 miles trip up north in the Indie bus, or as we like to call it Jason Donorvan… GET IT! We were all very excited even though Tom was suffering from a suspected hernia injury and Luke with severe chemical burns to his tongue due to a heavy night of ‘Transformer’ snack crisps. On the 5 hour journey we learned a lot, for instance that Tom’s nan was a professional knitter like the ones who make Shreddies and also that Dr Dre has no medical qualification and therefore is false advertising!

We arrived at Headingley stadium around 4.30pm in time for soundcheck. We unloaded the gear and walked carefully across the pitch knowing that somewhere there was the groundsman with a sniper itching to take us out if we stepped on a white line. If you haven’t met a grounds keeper of a rubgy/football pitch, imagine Alan Sugar crossed with the dwarf from Lord of the Rings. Sadly our last drummer was shot by one at a previous gig. After the soundcheck we went off to get changed and met up with the Leeds Rhinos dancers who are awesome and also Ronnie the Rhino (the Leeds Rhinos mascot).

Playing for the Leeds fans is amazing because they are insane and noisy and ALWAYS up for a party. We started the set with Ronnie the Rhino bouncing around the stadium and joining us on stage. Half way through there was a massive roar from the crowd deafening us… ROCK AND ROLL!! Actually it was because all the Leeds players had just run out on the pitch to practice. It is an odd experience playing to 20’000 people while 30 massive rugby players hoof balls over your head and run into each other at 100mph. One of them ran over and said ‘Play The Killers’ and when a guy the size of a house with muscles on his nostrils says that, there is only one reply… ‘Yep!’

We finished off the gig with ‘Chelsea Dagger’ by The Fratellis and it was tough to hear ourselves with the Leeds fans joining in with the DO DO DO’s. After the gig we were buzzing and stayed to watch the match, before heading to Tom’s folks house (in Leeds) for bacon sarnies and then went out in Headingley. It was very weird getting asked for pics with strangers walking through town who went to the match but was definitely a reason we love playing in Leeds.

We had a fantastic day and owe a big thanks to Pete who is a legend, the Rhino dancers (definite video coming up soon with them hopefully), Ronnie the Rhino, the amazing Leeds fans and Warble for always getting us such amazing gigs.

Long live Rock and Roll! \m/

Peas, The Indie Killers”

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