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Rock & Roll Bands for Hire

Long Live Rock N Roll

Mention Rock & Roll and you’re sure to get music folk chatting excitedly about the emergence of the first true rock acts that smashed the musical mould – perhaps as far back as the early 1950s. But it’s so much more than that, and the genre continues to transcend the decades.

Rock and Roll means something different to everyone; maybe honky-tonk, rockabilly or doo-wop. The one consistent theme, however, is that you get wrapped up in amazing sounds – and most people know the lyrics as soon as those classics start playing!

Relatives played records at home, the radio always carried a few rock & roll tunes on those long holiday drives to the coast, and the best films always have a tune that cast a nod to this golden era of music.

When you enjoy a full-on live experience, you also get larger-than-life personalities, quiffs that defy gravity, outrageous costumes, coloured collars and sometimes make-up that would put even Boy George to shame.

That’s rock & roll, baby!

Modern-day bands usually add their own twist, but they still rock those original sturdy foundations. It’s no surprise that people love to hear tunes that span fifty-plus years played loud and proud at their receptions.

Warble Entertainment keeps an open mind. We just love the music. If our amazing roster of talented acts can give you a great range of hits that keeps everyone happy then that’s good enough for us.

Enjoy a few beers at any karaoke evening and you’re sure to hear some Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Elvis, and even Billy Fury belted out. Add a professional touch with a polished covers band and suddenly those classic hits are brought back to the future.

We don’t just offer wedding bands for hire, we get out and see the acts that Warble Entertainment is proud to promote. And if our discerning team gets up dancing we know that the band is a winner.

The perfect mix of authentic appearance, rich sounds and exhilarating performance is exactly how we describe The Jet-Setters. This cool trio from Leicestershire ooze charisma and lure guests onto the dancefloor as the first notes are strummed on the bass.

They boast the vintage look, have seemingly unlimited energy and love to party. Whether it’s “Hound Dog” from the King, “La Bamba” by Richie Valens, or Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven”, they’ll have you rocking around the clock before you have chance to check your watch!

Taking a slightly different approach are The Sweet Nothin’s. With a glamourous lady on vocals they are all about the stunning harmonies that will wow any audience. Professional with a cheeky edge, this stunning five-piece band have entertained TV, radio and West End crowds.

Get blown away by “Great Balls of Fire”, fall in love with “Stupid Cupid” but, if you’re dancing to a bit of Connie Francis, make sure you don’t get “Lipstick On Your Collar”.

You’ll love ‘em, and your feet won’t touch the dancefloor!

Talk of the Rock & Roll “genre” always amuses the Warble team. It causes some lengthy debates, and it always gets people animated as they argue their case for what they consider to be authentic rock and roll.

We think that’s the point – that it causes such a commotion, and music lovers the world over insist on getting their opinion heard. It’s certainly why so many people book rock ‘n’ roll bands for their weddings and birthday celebrations – because they get guests talking and make every party go with a swing!

There is undeniably something for everyone, especially when you’re dealing with talented individuals who can adapt to any situation. That flexibility is epitomised by The Revolution. This incredibly skilled combo delivers a stunning 1950s set with a playlist that will live in the memory forever.

After all, rock and roll never goes out of fashion!

Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Eddie Cochrane all feature, but there really is a twist with these musicians. You can mix things up and have the band play outstanding sounds from other decades if you really want.

The band members all look extraordinary, play authentic instruments effortlessly and know how to keep your party bubbling away at just the right temperature. Gauging the mood and the adjusting the playlist is what true professionals do; that’s why we’re so confident that Warble acts won’t disappoint.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the other audio and video clips that will have you dancing around the living room!

Many people feel that music is life, be it exciting spur-of-the-moment celebrations, steady background sounds that ease you through the working day, or soulful ballads that bring a tear to your eye. They are all special moments.

Warble Entertainment’s team can guide you through the decision-making process when you are considering what band to book for your special occasion. Fine-tuning all elements of your celebration is tough enough, so let us help you get the right band for hire that hits the perfect notes all night.

Music is a companion on the rocky journey that we all undertake from those first, tentative steps to the autumnal years when we look back and remember with great fondness the wonderful lyrics and chords that go hand-in-hand with so many of life’s milestones.

Rock and roll is often that soundtrack to many people’s lives.

Just thinking about some of those parties over the years brings a smile to your face. And let’s face it, more often than not they have involved great acts that perform those infectious hits from the 1950s and 1960s.

Rock & Roll bands can be loud, raucous and fun. They epitomise the party spirit. Enjoy them!

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