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Save the Date!

Save the Date Magnet

So, you have an awesome Wedding planned but no guests to enjoy it with you… Nightmare! To help you make sure this doesn’t happen we have a fabulous article from Jessica Harrington who runs her own handmade ‘Save The Date Magnets’ company… perfect!

Saving the date comes right at the beginning of your wedding planning process. Once the venue is booked, it’s best to start looking at how you’re going to let your guests know when your ‘Big Day’ is.

The ‘Save The Date’ part of the process is becoming more popular due to guests having to book time off work well in advance, sort out travel plans and book accommodation. The magnets are sent prior to sending your wedding invitations and it is a nice way to give your guests a ‘taster’ of your wedding theme or colour… Maybe you are planning a ‘Woodland’, ‘Vintage’ or a ‘Tea Party’ inspired day?

Woodland Squirrels Save The Date Magnets

Woodland Squirrels Save The Date Magnets

The company is run by myself Jessica Harrington at home in Essex. I got married myself in August 2012 and made the save the date magnets with packaging for my own wedding guests. The ‘Rose Floral’ design was inspired from the design of my wedding dress by Ian Stuart called ‘Flowerbomb’ and I ended up styling the whole wedding based on it. I had my save the date magnets published on a wedding blog, just to showcase what I had created for my own wedding. From that I started receiving enquires from other brides asking if I could make them for their weddings too.

Birdcage Save The Date Magnets

Birdcage Save The Date Magnets

I work full-time as a Creative Artworker for Cath Kidston, but love working on this part-time business alongside my 9-5 job. So far I’ve met some great creative people through networking within the wedding industry. My business officially started June 2012 and my Etsy Shop has helped to open my business outside of the UK. It feels like a great achievement when you know your products are being talked about not only in England but Ireland, Scotland, Wales and over in the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Holland, Australia and Canada too!

As a small business which I run by myself, I feel I have achieved so much with my products being featured on various recognised wedding blogs, including Hitched ( and Bride De Force ( and have also been picked to be sold on a boutique wedding website called Ruby + Diva. I also won ‘Best New Wedding Invitation Designer’ in Essex in the 2013 ‘Industry Expert Awards’ and my ‘1950’s Vinyl Record’ design has also been featured in the May/June and June/July 2013 editions of ‘County Wedding Magazines‘.

1950s Vinyl Save the Date Magnet

1950s Vinyl Save the Date Magnet

The idea of the save the date magnet has been around for sometime, however I didn’t like the general quality of design and saw a gap in the market. The ‘handmade’ element of the added packaging also makes them even more personal and sets them above the rest, which are usually just attached to a simple piece of backing card. They are great as they can be kept as a lovely keepsake long after the wedding day and are less likely to get lost than regular paper save the dates.

In my shop there are 3 products which can be adapted to any of the 20 designs currently available:

1. Rose Floral
2. Sunflower Floral
3. Birdcage
4. Autumn
5. Pretty Bow
6. Seashell Beach
7. Aviation Birdcage
8. Retro Bunting
9. 1950’s Vinyl Record
10. Tea Party
11. Woodland
12. Vintage Carnival
13. Butterfly
14. Hummingbird
15. Woodland Squirrels
16. Woodland Stags
17. Festive Present
18. Mason Jar
19. Two Hearts
20. Whimsical Woodland

Save the Date Magnets & Packaging

Save the Date Magnets & Packaging

The magnets come in two different sizes 58mm and 77mm, but also if you’re looking for something a little different the 58mm magnets can also be bought with handmade packaging. The packaging is a piece of coloured card with a beautiful delicate lace paper and a matching label attached to the top. A clear plastic pouch displays the magnet beautifully within the packaging. The designs can be adapted to any wedding colours, so they can be made to match the style of your wedding day.

I am also open to creating a completely new design to match any wedding theme. I love when a bride comes to me asking for something new as I can get my ‘creative mind’ flowing! I have also adapted designs for christenings, a sweet sixteen and birthday parties… They can be made for any occasion.

Autumn Save the Date Magnets

Autumn Save the Date Magnets

My Etsy shop is the best place to contact me and see all my designs available:

You can also contact me direct on, if your unfamiliar with Etsy and have any enquiries. I am always happy to respond to any questions…. I want your save the dates to be perfect for your day.

Keep up with news, photos, updates over on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Lots of new exciting designs are in the pipeline. I am also going to be selling through another website which will hopefully open up my business to a new audience.

I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you with any questions!

Jessica x”

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