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Simple and Practical Advice for Booking a Wedding Band in 2015

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding band

Eeeek… So you’re officially getting married this year! How exciting! But also a little bit daunting maybe?? Until now it has all been ‘next year’ and has felt so far off but now  the reality of all the things you still have to do and the lack of time to do them may feel a little overwhelming.

Don’t panic! Instead make a list and work through it together. If booking a live band is on that list then check out our top tips and handy hints below as this will save you time and any problems at a later date.

1. Book early!

If you haven’t already booked a band for your wedding this year then do it now. This will mean another thing ticked off your list and it will save disappointment of the band you want not being available, especially if you are getting married on a Friday or Saturday between May – September. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!


2. Style of band

There’s so much to chose from so where do you start? Keep it simple – what kind of music do you both like? What kind of atmosphere would you like to create? Or, what kind of theme are you having for your wedding? There is something for everyone and to save time, just give us a call, let us know the answers to the questions above and we’ll narrow it down to a more manageable list of options.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding bandSimple and practical advice for booking a wedding band

3. Speak to your venue.

Not all venues are suitable for all live bands. Some have restrictions such as sound limiters in place. So speak to your wedding coordinator and let them know what you are planning and if they think it is feasible. And fear not, if your venue does have a sound limiter there are still lots of fantastic options available for you – we specialise in providing bands and live music for venues with sound limiters across the whole of the UK.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding band

4. Logistics

There are a few standard logistical issues you will need to check prior to booking a band:

Space. Ideally a 3-5 piece band will require a performance area of 5m x 4m. They can often be flexible and are used to performing in strange spaces but measuring your room first and letting the band know at the time of enquiry will save any issues cropping up later on or even on the night.

Power. Most standard bands can work with 2-3 standard plug sockets located close to their performance area. They will bring along all their own extensions etc. If you are getting married in a marquee and they are providing the power, bands tend to need enough power for a 1k PA and ideally on two separate rings – one for the music and one for the lighting.

– Car parking. Check there is somewhere for the band to park their cars or van.

– Access. This isn’t generally a problem as most bands are very flexible but it is good for them to be prepared with regards to where they can unload and if there are any stairs they need to pysch themselves up for. Remember, they do have lots of heavy equipment so any help in terms of lifts or access close to the performance area would be much appreciated!

– Refreshments. The band will need something to keep their energy up. If you consider they will have traveled to your venue (sometimes up to 3 or 4 hours), unloaded and set up lots of heavy equipment all before they are due to put on a high energy performance before then packing everything a way and drive home. Most bands are very easy going with this but it is good to organise some sandwiches or a hot meal  and soft drinks for them.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding band

5. In case of emergency

It’s every bride and grooms worst nightmare that their band doesn’t turn up and they are left with no music or entertainment just when everyone is getting in the mood to party. That’s why Warble Entertainment are here. First of all we only work with vetted and reliable bands but we also provide a 24 hour emergency helpline service. So, if something unforeseen was to happen we would be on hand to provide a suitable alternative without your guests even noticing and leaving you to enjoy your big day without any of the worry or stress.

Simple and practical advice for booking a wedding band We hope you’ve found this helpful and remember we’re only on the other end of a phone or email and we’re more than happy to provide support throughout the whole process.

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