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Stag & Hens… Prepare to Party!

The dresses have been picked, the cakes tasted, you’ve found the perfect venue, band, cars and even a close up magician. In fact this wedding planning is looking like a bit of a doddle. But what happens when you put your stag/hen party plans into the hand of you best man/chief bridesmaid?`

The pre-wedding party is the chance for the couple’s closest friends to help them say goodbye to their single lives, away from the eyes of older relatives. That doesn’t mean that they have to be Bacchanalian festivals of excess, a truly great stag/hen weekend is all about laughs, not shocks.

So here are the Top 3 Stag/Hen Party Planning Tips from the experts at and

1. Budget Busting


One of the quickest way for things to get fractious is over the subject of money. Not everyone will have the same budget and nobody wants to feel either priced out or that they have to keep up with the high rollers, no matter how much it sends their plastic into meltdown.

Talk to the bride or groom, they’ll know how much all their guests will be able to comfortably afford without red faces. Stag & hen companies can actually help you save money as they book activities, nightlife and hotels in large numbers so are able to negotiate huge discounts they pass on to groups.

Stag Tip – Don’t hand over money to strangers. That might sound obvious but if you’re giving over everyone’s hard earned cash to a company you’ve never heard of make sure you’re financially protected. Always opt for an ABTA bonded supplier.

Hen Tip – One tough task is asking everyone to pay for their share of the weekend. Companies like StagWeb & GoHen offer individual payment systems which means the hens can pay separately without the chief bridesmaid having to keep chasing them up.

2. Where to Gov’nor?


With so many budget airlines and special offers, a flight overseas can cost less than a tank of petrol making overseas destinations much more accessible. The world is indeed your lobster! But picking a destination can still be hard.

Once again the bride or groom might have ideas of where they want to go. One top tip is to pick somewhere none of the group have been before so it is a completely new adventure you’ll all share together.

Stag Tip – If you’re after a real man challenge, rather than just nightlife there are hundreds of totally mad experiences, which might help decide your destination – from white water rafting to the Europe’s longest zip line.

Hen Tip – Is there somewhere the hen might have a special attachment that represents her previous single life? A town she grew up, where she went to college/uni, etc. You could surprise her with some touching nostalgia and maybe even a surprise guest or two.

3. Don’t Upset the Bride!


This actually works both ways. The bride/groom might be nervous about the weekend that is being planned for their other half. This is the build-up to the happiest day of their lives so it would be best if they arrive still on speaking terms.

Be fair to their future spouse by respecting their wishes. If a trip to a strip club is going to result in their first domestic before they’ve even said I do then err on the side of caution.

Stag Tip – What goes on tour doesn’t always stay on tour, sometimes it comes home and causes the groom a headache so get a clear idea from him what is or isn’t “acceptable behaviour” for the stags.

Hen Tip – She might not feel comfortable with a stripper or being made to be the centre of attention so plan with her own wishes in mind, it’s her party after all.

Most of all be prepared! Make sure you have all the plans properly booked up well in advance to avoid any last minute nightmares. That leaves you free time to prepare the fun and games with any props or dastardly plans you might need. So good luck, have fun and don’t forget your toothbrush!

As part of GoGroups, StagWeb and GoHen have been providing pre-wedding parties since 2002 and have helped over 350,000 clients celebrate in style. 96% of their clients say they’d book with them again.

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