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Studio fun with The MP3s

Studio fun with The MP3s

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out this blog post. I’m Dan, bass player & singer in The MP3s. However, I also have another identity… I’m the company manger for DK Music Management. I am personally in charge of building new bands for DK, and I love doing it! When our bands are ready, we just hand them over to the guys at Warble Entertainment and they book in all of the gigs. Simple!

The MP3s is a labour of love for me as a musician; it keeps me out playing live music and entertaining crowds. I use all of the insights I gain from playing with The MP3s to help build and maintain bands for DK – it literally works hand in hand. Anyway, introductions over – let’s get down to business.

Today I’m taking The MP3s into the studio to record some new demos for our profile. Adding even more songs to our list of songs online means potential clients get a good feel for us and know what to expect when we turn up.

Song choices

This is based on what I feel will help sell the band. When selecting new demos for any band I will take a look at how the band are being sold and pick songs based on that. The MP3s are an indie/rock/pop band so we pick songs that fit in with those genres.

For this particular recording session the songs selected were:

We Found Love – Rihanna: A modern pop song that is one of the most popular dance floor fillers in our set list at the moment.

I’m A Believer – The Monkees: An older tack that we have MP3ified (look it up, it’s a word… honest!). This track is guaranteed to fill the dance floor.

Buddy Holly – Weezer: Nowadays we tend to find a lot of the people getting married are 90s kids. We wanted to record a 90s band anthem that hadn’t been done by a million other bands.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana: A rock anthem that played at the right point of the night (usually the end… when people are suitably intoxicated) at the right type of event will guarantee a massive reaction from the crowd. Seriously, we have literally seen people swinging from lights!



This is possibly one of the most important parts of the whole process. Pre-production simply means going through the songs and listening out for all of the intricate parts.

Doing good quality pre-production means we can get the songs to sound as good as possible in the time we have in the studio. Part of my job at DK includes taking the bands into the studio and acting as the producer for the day.

A producer is the person that creatively guides and directs the recording process to ensure the best possible results. With The MP3s, I play and produce the songs. At DK, we pride ourselves in recording all of the musicians in all of the bands and The IMG_1671MP3s are no different – what you hear really is what you get!

Recording process

Rather than sacrificing quality and attempting home-recorded demos, we use a professional recording studio. The recording process is similar to baking and decorating a cake (rock n’roll analogy, I know!). We start off with the drums and bass (eggs and flour), stir in some guitars (sugar) and finally add the cherry on top of this musical cake – the vocals. Once we’re happy with how it is all sounding we mix everything together and then move on to the next step.

The MP3s Party Band - New Audio

DK listening party

All of the DK team gather round and listen to the tracks to make sure the demos sound as good as possible. After all, the demos are the first impression of any band, so they need to sound right. Each and every song gets a listen and then when all of us have approved the tracks, we send them over to the guys at Warble. Once they’re happy, the songs get added to the profile.

Rock n’ Roll!!!

Dan (The MP3s)

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  1. Abi Baur says:

    Wicked & original set of demo songs! Rock ‘n roll!! x