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From Techno Geek to Retro Chic: Wedding Entertainment to suit your personality

Unique entertainment ideas for different personalities

Whilst we understand that most weddings will follow a similar format, at Warble we really feel that your big day should reflect your personality. So, we’ve put together some wedding entertainment ideas to help brides and grooms show off their own style!

The Techno Geek

Techno geek bride and groom personalityDo you like gadgets? Is your head buried in an iPad or circuit board more often than a good book? Do you talk in acronyms and understand what LED or CAD means? Does anything electrical light up your life (other than just a lamp)? If you’ve answered yes to most of these then we’ve officially called you a techno geek and you should appreciate the following:

Future Harp
Future Harp alternative wedding entertainmentHigh tech, unique and visually stunning – perfect for the evening reception and  if this act does’t tick all of the boxes for you techno geeks then we’re not sure what will?!


Illuminate – LED Band with custom designed light up instruments – need we say more?? Techno geeks all over the country are snapping up these guys to play alongside the DJ at their evening reception!

The Practical Joker

Practical joker wedding personalityDo you own a whoopee cushion? Is April Fools your favourite day of the year? Is You’ve Been Framed clogging up your Sky +?  Did you answer Yep yep and yep? In that case you you’re going to love these wedding entertainment ideas:

Living Trees
Living Trees Alternative Wedding EntertainmentPerfect for scaring your guests out of their wits… Then making them feel better with a big hug! These guys would fit in perfectly during the drinks reception at a garden party wedding, in a marquee or a stately home wedding.

Del BoyThe original cheeky chappy himself! Del Boy is guaranteed to be an instant hit with your guests once they’ve got over the fact that it’s not the real thing!! He’s a laugh a minute and can be booked to interrupt your wedding breakfast or generally hang out with your guests at your evening reception. Get ready for selfies ahoy!

The Weird and Whacky

Do you sleep in a coffin? Have you got more than 7 piercings? Are you considering getting married in Takeshi’s castle? Do you have a pet rat called Freddie?  We’re not entirely sure what constitutes weird but hopefully you get the picture…

Johnny SIf outrageous entertainment is what you are looking for then Johnny S is your guy. With Sword swallowing, chainsaw juggling, pierced weightlifting and the ‘Human Blockhead’ in his repertoire, he is sure to make a lasting impression and his charming manner will entertain rather than repulse your guests!

The Mermaids unique and alternative wedding entertainmentYES! Wierd, whacky, stunning, and not double but quadruple take worthy. The Mermaids are sure to create a stir and can you imagine the wedding photo album!! You just need to make sure granny and grandad are well prepared or as weird and whacky as you are!

The Hopeless Romantics

mr-mrs-640x420Is Valentines day your favourite day of the year? Is Paris where you got engaged? Do you always share your last Rolo? If so, then grab your matching monogrammed hankies and check out these happy tearful worthy romantic wedding entertainment ideas:

Mime artist
Mime Artist romantic wedding ideas
If Paris is the city of love then  channel the romance of this special place with entertainment from a by gone era to your big day. Perfect for mingling with your guests, helping to break the ice and providing some light hearted fun within a romantic theme to your drinks reception.

The Giant SnowglobeCould this BE any more romantic, beautiful, amazing or awe inspiring? Just imagine unveiling the giant snowglobe as a surprise for your guests between courses at the wedding breakfast or during the evening reception – the look  on their faces will have you reaching for those hankies again!

Retro Chic

Do you wear your Nan’s old curtains? Would you prefer a gramophone to an iPhone? Are you considering booking a big red bus to ferry your guests to the reception?  If so then hop on board with our retro entertainment ideas:

The Daisies – Vocal Harmony Group

These beautiful ladies will dazzle your guests with their intricate harmonies showcasing  classic hits from bygone years and modern songs with a vintage twist!

Living Statues
Living Statues Vintage Wedding EntertainmentNot only do these guys help set the scene of your vintage theme wedding, they provide a great sense of fun when they unexpectedly come to life, then leave your guests in awe and suspense when they turn back to a statue!

So, whatever your personality, style or theme, the main order of the day is to have lots of fun and enjoy your special moment!

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