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The Ultimate Christmas Party

The Ultimate Christmas Party

According to the Google calendar, British Summer time doesn’t officially end until the 27th October. According to our wooly jumpers and the extra heater in the office, it is well and truly over. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Although the festivals and summer parties are coming to a close we’ve now got lots of festive shenanigans to look forward to!

We’ve been booking entertainment for all kinds of Christmas parties this week from corporate events to private family parties and it’s got us thinking in the office about what our Ultimate Christmas Party would include… LOTS of entertainment apparently! :o)

We’ve tried to narrow it down a little and thought we’d share what we came up with:

To really set the scene and give us instant Christmas-itis we’d have The Musical Santas with their sexy helpers performing all our favorite Christmas songs.

During the drinks reception the Christmas themed living tables would serve us welcome drinks such as eggnog, raspberry martinis, mulled wine, spiced punch… (and apparently a pint of beer for Matt?!)

Christmas Living Table

Christmas Living Table

Whilst enjoying a sip of our favourite tipple we’d be entertained by a whole array of walkabout entertainers including a magician, caricaturist, festive themed stilt walkers, crystal ball jugglers and walkabout Christmas puddings… Yes, that’s right, large Christmas puddings which walkabout – no Christmas theme event should be without them in our opinion!

Walkabout Christmas Puddings

Walkabout Christmas Puddings

We’d then pop into the photo booth for some selfie shenanigans with crazy props before winning big (this is our ideal Christmas party don’t forget!) on the mobile fun casino tables.

At this point we may want a little break and so we’d sit at a table full of mince pies and other edible Christmas goodies to soak up our cocktails whilst listening to, or in the ladies case swooning over, The Swinging Wolf backed by his full band… Could this night get any better?

Christmas Rat Pack Singer

Christmas Rat Pack Singer

YES! Is the answer and here’s why:

As The Swinging Wolf’s set comes to an end, the lights are dimmed some classical music starts and a Giant Snowglobe is revealed. At over 4 meters high and beautifully lit the globe is a show stopping feature in itself, but then glitter starts to fall inside and two acrobats perform a stunning routine displaying incredible grace, flexibility and strength. WOW! is our only response to this – and by this point we’re feeling extremely lucky to have experienced such an amazing show.

We’re still not done though… after refilling our cocktails glasses, the ladies kick off their stiletto (designer and extremely gorgeous of course) heels and the guys take off their ties (and for some reason tie them round their heads… I’m not sure how this snuck into our perfect evening!) and charge onto the dance floor as the awesome and ultimate Christmas party band known as __________ take to the stage and start what is going to be the most rocking 2 hour set we’ve ever heard.

Now, we’ve left the band blank as there was some controversy at the Towers as to which band we’d have as we represent so many awesome ones and we all had slightly different ideas. The list was quite literally endless and no one was showing signs of backing down so to avoid an all out battle of the favouritest band we thought it best to play it safe… BUT, we did all agree that this would be a pretty cool showstopping moment during the night…

So, that’s our Ultimate Christmas Party… oooh also, we decided that our feet wouldn’t hurt from all the dancing and we’d wake up the next morning feeling wonderful and refreshed with no hangover.

Anything to add? ๐Ÿ˜€

Be sure to check out the ‘Christmas Entertainment‘ section on the Warble Website to find out exactly what we are talking about.

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  1. Abi Baur says:

    now i want to see Cliff singing Slipknot!

  2. Warble Matt says:

    We AGREE! ๐Ÿ˜€