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Tips from a Photographer: Getting Ready

Top tips from a photographer for getting ready on your wedding morning

We love it when our lovely friends jump aboard the Warble blog! This week we’re delighted to have one of our fave wedding photographers, Jenny Martin, get in touch with some great tips to getting the most out of your photographer whilst you are getting ready…

  • The night, before make sure all your accessories are in one area including dress, shoes, jewellery, spare lippy etc. That way you won’t be running round looking for things on the morning itself.
  • Have a look at the room you are getting ready in. Is there enough room for everyone to move round? Could you clear any clutter? Do you really want the laundry basket in your photos?
Wedding photography top tips

Jenny Martin Photography

  • When you are having your hair and makeup done, wear something that you can easily get out of like a robe, kimono or your H2B’s nice crisp white shirt.
  • Put someone in charge of tidying up (I often spend lots of time moving knickers and bras out of shot – I joke that I am also the cleaning lady not just the photographer).
Wedding photography top tips

Jenny Martin Photography

  • Once your bridesmaid’s hair and make up are done, they should get into their dresses so they are ready to rock n roll. Your photographer can take some pictures of them on their own and capture those lovely, fun and intimate putting on of the dress shots.
  • Let your photographer know when you are happy for them to come in for those shots. Everyone is different some brides walk around in bra and knickers, others will say I will shout you when my bum is in. Whatever works for you!!
Wedding photography top tips

Jenny Martin Photography

  • OK brill, you are in your dress, they are in theirs, Mum has her hat on, Dad is looking proud as punch and your photographer has captured all those natural goings on. Now time for a few moments with you. Forget everything (easier said than done, but this is your moment) relax, trust your photographer and they will capture some beautiful images of just you before the big moment.

Jenny Martin Photography

  • At this point your photographer will usually disappear, leave you to it for your final family time and head over to the church to capture what is happening there. Good luck and they will be waiting for you as you arrive at the church!

Thanks Jenny, we look forward to hearing from you again soon!

If you are looking for a fantastic photographer for your wedding, you should check out Jenny’s work at:

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