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Top Ten Acts Available For Your St Patrick’s Day Party

cello and acoustic guitar

2017 is going to be one of those years where the planets align perfectly and St Patrick’s day falls on a Friday so everyone has 2 full days to recover before heading back to work (please party responsibly!).  Just in case you’ve been a bit slack with organising your perfect St Paddy’s day party or if you’ve been let down by your planned entertainment, we’ve put together a top 10 list of amazing Warble acts that are still available to make your St Patrick’s day party one to remember.

Here at Warble we believe in doing things a little bit differently so we’ve carefully selected acts that are guaranteed to make your St Patrick’s day event a success and whilst  these guys may not all be Irish, wear green or put on funny accents but they will deliver the perfect atmosphere for your party or event.

To further boost your enjoyment, we are offering a 10% discount off your deposit if you book one of these 10 acts for your St Patrick’s day party before March 17th 2017.

Just Tom & Pete

Just Tom & Pete are a first class acoustic duo perfectly suited for the more intimate venue. Tom’s incredible vocals, alongside Pete’s energetic and animated percussion allow this act to really get your guests in the party mood.  As well as being highly talented musicians these guys are also funny, witty and engaging with an audience so absolutely perfect for a St Paddy’s day knees-up.

Renegades of Rock

If you just want to throw convention out the window and just have an amazing time this St Patrick’s day then Renegades of Rock are guaranteed to get your dance floor rocking!  This energetic trio are all killer and no filler with bucket loads of musical talent and their feedback (from past customers, not from their amps!) reflects this. They also include a free DJ option so can keep the party going before, between and after their sets… If your guests still have any energy left!

The Trilbys

If your St Patrick’s day event is a little more laid back then The Trilbys might just be the perfect trio for you.  Combining Vocals & Guitar, Drums and a Double Bass these guys have a massive repertoire that will ensure that there is something for everyone.

The Magnificent Sheikhs

If you are looking for something a little more Jazzy than your typical St Patrick’s day act then The Magnificent Sheikhs might just be the act you’re looking for.  In their own words This eccentric 5 piece “transform your favourite pop and rock hits into a wild and riotous 1920s jazz rave”!

The Cave

Sometimes when you’re planning St Patrick’s day party you can’t decide between a folky acoustic type band or a more electric rock & pop band.  If this sounds familiar then The Cave might have the answer.  These guys split their performance up into 2 distinct sets, the first full of Mumford & Son’s acoustic styled classics and the second a full on electrified party set with all the hits to get your dance floor jumping.

Affonso & Shears

If your St Patrick’s day event is aimed at a more classy crowd then Affonso & Shears will be a sure fire hit. Featuring Cello, guitar and stunning vocals, this duo breathe new life into the songs we all know and love.  They have the talent to tone down upbeat songs to suit a laid back affair or to electrify classics with a folk/rock slant to suit a more jumping party.

The Nutmegs

The Nutmegs are an acoustic quartet that can provide a vintage vibe to your St Patrick’s day soundtrack.  Their music is so simple and accessible, so even  less familiar songs are still easy to get up and dance to.

Sam and Ryan

What sets this duo apart is that Sam and Ryan both have amazing voices, giving audiences the best of both worlds: male or female song, they have it covered!  Not to mention those moments when their vocals combine to create sweet, sweet harmony against the backdrop of Ryan’s expert guitar chops.  If you book these guys for your St Patrick’s day event your guests will definitely have the time of their lives.

Radio Kings

The Radio Kings are one of our most popular bands playing the South West of the UK and we can’t believe that they’re still actually available for St Paddy’s Day! With a massive song list covering the last 6 decades, The Radio Kings are the ideal choice for a St Patrick’s day party where there is a mixed age group.

James Sings

Last but not least is James Sings, perfect if you are looking for a solo acoustic performer that covers a massive range of songs and specialises in playing hits that you just wouldn’t expect to be played on an acoustic guitar.  James recently played for Warble at one of our acoustic sessions and we were all blown away by his talent and if we were having a St Patrick’s Day party here at Warble Towers he’d be at the top of our list!


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