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Warble’s Top Ten Northern Wedding and Party Bands

the kickstarts wedding band

Other than a proper good brew and your local chippy, us Northerners love a top band or ten. And we sure know how to produce some great music with the likes of The Beatles, Stone Roses and The Arctic Monkeys coming from our neck of the woods. So as the title ever so kindly suggests, we have put together Warble’s top ten north west wedding bands for you to enjoy with your favourite biccie and a perfect cup of Yorkshire tea.

1. Friends of the Bride

Owen and the guys really know how to rock a good old Oasis classic or make you sway to a Beatles tune or two. Not only do the Manchester lads know exactly how to make you throw your best shapes on the dance floor, but they are also a lovely bunch who you can trust to make your night a success.

2. Luminate

This funky bunch are spreading musical vibes across and around the Leeds area and what a cracking job they are doing too. With vocals that will blow your mind and a set list that will no doubt have your hips shaking… This lot are definitely ones to watch.

3. Blue-Heart Mitch and the Blazin Jacks

Warble has worked with this crazy lot for some time now and for some real good reasons. Performing a mixture of ska, rock n roll, swing and jive, these guys will put their own spin on your favourite tunes from up North… And we love it!

Blue Heart Mitch and the Blazin Jacks
4. The Kickstarts

One of the top wedding bands in Manchester, lots of beard and full of energy… Couple this with a belter from The Arctic Monkeys and you and your guests will have a party that your dancing feet won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

5. Black Cadillac

Very cool, very chic and very much perfect for any vintage themed event. The Lancashire based band make new songs sound old and old songs sound retro so they definitely get the thumbs up from us Warblers.

6. Meet the Beatles 

Need we say anymore? If you are dedicated to being a true Northerner, a tribute to Liverpool’s biggest band would be spot on and we couldn’t suggest a better band to do it.

7. The Story

After being booked all over the Northern region, these guys are becoming one of Warble’s most booked and why on earth not?! They look cool, sound awesome and have a degree in keeping dance floors full (Possibly not true on the degree part but they sure are good at it).

8. Gary & The Swing Kings

Although Yorkshire based, our Gary and his band travel all over the country swooning and crooning wherever possible. Not only do they perform some of the smoothest tunes around but they can also turn it up a notch with some dance floor classics to make sure everyone of your guests are busting the moves.

9. The Wild Murphy’s

Known by many as ‘The best Irish group never to come out of Ireland’, this rowdy bunch mix the traditional and not-so-traditional Irish songs which we warn, may result in guests dancing on tables.

10. The Icons 

With the very talented Maria fronting the band with a voice to be reckoned with and stage presence that puts front men to shame, this band will have you singing and dancing to every tune going. They definitely get the thumbs up from over here!

So there you have it, our top ten Northern bands available to book for your party, wedding or event. That’s not to say we don’t have lots more awesome options to chose from, we just thought our top fifty or top one hundred may end up being a little wordy!

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