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Unique and Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Make your wedding stand out above the rest by adding some wonderful, weird and wacky entertainment. Here you want be to looking for something that your guests aren’t likely to have seen before and what better place to start than with Warble as we have lots of fabulous unique entertainment ideas!

It can be difficult to find something truly alternative, but a little thinking outside the box and a whole lot of bravery when booking an act for your wedding can go a long way.

There are so many unique acts and styles to choose from. When choosing an act like this though, you will still want to ensure you pick the right entertainment for the right part of the day.

Drinks Reception

For example in the drinks reception you want something that isn’t too intrusive but is still a spectacle. At this point your guests will be drinking, relaxing and chatting so you will want to beware of the vibe you are setting with your entertainment.


Living Tables, Living Statues and Living Trees are all fantastic options depending on your personality or the atmosphere you wish to create. I mean, how many of your guests will have been served a drink from a human table before?!

These little touches are what really makes your wedding stand out, and will have people talking about your day for years to come.

Another great idea for this part of the day are Bubble Performers. Unique, entertaining and visually stunning, Bubble Performers are perfect for bringing some colour and fun to your wedding. Both children and adults will find it hard to resist both chasing, and popping these larger than life bubbles.

Again, think about the atmosphere and the feelings that this will evoke within your guests. A unique act like this provides a childlike sense of wonder and imagination, all whilst setting a wonderful scene that will look amazing in photos.


Wedding Breakfast

As you move through the day, you can really begin to pull out all the stops. The wedding breakfast is a good opportunity to begin to really make your mark on your wedding and show people something they haven’t seen before.

The Giant Snowglobe is one of the most popular and stunning unique entertainment options available here. Two amazing acrobats encased in Europe’s largest snowglobe perform beautiful and captivating stunts of flexibility, strength and grace. It really is a spectacle not to be missed. Unbelievably stunning in its sheer size and ‘wow’ factor and is perfect for making your wedding unique.

Evening Reception

So we arrive at the evening reception now and here we can really go crazy. Entertainment such as fire performers and glow performers are amazing options here and will provide something different to the usual firework display we’re all used to seeing.

Fire performers in particular can add that sense of danger and excitement to really round off the evening. These guys can provide a whole range of fire performing techniques including fire eating, body burning, fire juggling and pyrotechnics to wow your guests at the end of the night!

Be Brave!

It is important however to bear in mind that your entertainment needs to fit seamlessly into your day. Unique or not, don’t force something that doesn’t fit. Think about the venue, the time of year, your theme and what your guests will enjoy.

Remember to be bold and brave though. Don’t be scared of booking something unique, after all you want your wedding to stand out right? Make sure you give guests something to remember your day by and you’ll have people talking about your celebration for years to come.

Featured image from Fantasy Performers

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