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Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

March 17 2017

Wedding couples wanting their big day to stand out from the crowd are thinking outside the box… Gone are the days of simply booking a venue, hiring a band and picking the dress; the stakes have been raised!

Brides and grooms are on the lookout for something spectacular that their guests will talk about and remembers for years to come. Themes, trends and influences come and go, but there are plenty of innovative ideas that could boost your special day from lovely to amazing.

Here are a few unique wedding entertainment ideas to consider:

Location, Location, Location!

We’ve all seen the TV property show, but getting the right venue in the perfect location can whet appetites from the start. It can also link well with your other plans, costumes, music and dance celebrations.

Imagine those wedding invitations going out with a mysterious castle on the address, or a stately home steeped in history! Such grandiose ideas come at a price, but shop around and make use of the quieter times of year and you could book a spectacular venue.

Rustic Charm With A Difference…

If your wedding party is modest in size, check out some of the fabulous old pubs around the country. If your guests are using the bar and restaurant facilities, you’ll get a great deal. These venues will often be set deep into the countryside, so think of the truly unique photo opportunities, costumed waiting staff and a folk band playing later in the evening!

Need something bigger? How about a quirky old barn, decked out for a dance, rustic and welcoming, an Irish or Oompah band playing, with so much to see and do for the guests. Wedding licences have been granted at thousands of places, and some of the converted buildings offer a genuine break from the norm. Just add your own finishing touches.

Dandy Costumes

Now you’ve got the venue, let’s have some fun. Guests usually arrive in their finest frocks and suits, but why not have a theme? Medieval outfits are flamboyant, Victorian costumes can be very grand, or how about following the 1930s Art Deco fashion – especially if you plan to coordinate the music and dance!

Image Source: Hyper Hamlet

Go a step further and base your wedding theme on a specific film… imagine guests arriving as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Grease, Top Gun or Braveheart!

Hiring expensive fancy dress might deter some guests, so you can keep things simple with a masked ball. You supply the range of masks, hats or even moustaches, beards and crazy glasses if you want something wacky. Plenty of costume hire firms will cater for large numbers, then your party could mix and match.

Singing Waiters

Budget is always at the back of wedding couples’ minds, but booking waiting staff with a difference is an affordable option. The food and drinks still flow, but why not have lookalikes, singing waiters or even a Fawlty Towers  style production playing out while your guests enjoy themselves.

And then the food! We’re looking for unforgettable, so ditch the standard sandwiches, sausage rolls and quiche. Roll out the Mexican food and hire an authentic band to complement the spicy meal and tequila, or go Greek and have a smashing time with those unwanted plates!

Great Memories

Don’t settle on a photographer; they will always deliver quality images. Go one step beyond and hand out disposable cameras to guests. You’ll get those random moments, priceless pictures to keep forever. And how about a photo booth to add intrigue? Dress it up in line with your theme, and beam the pictures to a screen at your venue, or upload them to social media.

If that’s too high-tech, you could commission a portrait artist for some elegant watercolours of your wedding day guests, or a quick-draw caricaturist to rattle off some hilarious sketches.

Fun And Games

Whether it’s indoor or outside, there are plenty of activities and games to engage your guests – especially the kids! Get people involved with stilts, a unicycle or juggling bags, with a professional on hand to show them how it’s done.

There are some amazing retro arcade games for hire, and pool or table-tennis tables are always popular. A treasure hunt will fascinate and infuriate adults and children alike, and giant jigsaws will get multiple guests determined to complete the puzzle.

Extravagant Musical Entertainment

These days, professional musicians are happy to dress up, play sounds from specific eras and accommodate your requests. Hire performers that incorporate dance, like Russian, Irish and Spanish acts, bands that sing stories based on you and your guests, and groups that teach willing volunteers how to play the most unusual instruments.

You don’t have to be different for the sake of it, but your wedding day entertainment should be an event that you remember with a beaming smile forever…

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