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Warble Entertainment Agency’s Top 10 Tribute Bands

The Beatles tribute Bands

At Warble we get lots of requests for customers wanting to hire tribute bands. Sometimes for a venue or a club, sometimes for a wedding as a surprise for guests, and, at other times a tribute singer could be booked for a corporate party or festival. Whatever the occasion there are loads of performers who are more than happy to adopt a persona for a night and quite literally become a legend.

We love tribute bands and singers at Warble as they provide a great chance for everyone to see what a long gone singer may have sounded and performed like live, or, perhaps dance to a band not touring anymore (or indeed even together as a band anymore). And, in these times of economic woe, not everybody can afford to see an act like Tina Turner or Madonna when they do eventually tour as the ticket prices are so high and as rare as the proverbial rocking horse ‘mess’. Tribute bands provide an opportunity for everyone to have a great time listening to great songs performed by great soundalikes, and in many instances, lookalikes also.

So, in celebration of all things tribute here’s our run down of the current top 10 tribute bands available to hire at Warble Entertainment:

Amy Winehouse Tribute

Amy Winehouse Tribute

10. Amy Winehouse
Straight in at number 10 is Amy Winehouse. Tragically, Amy is no longer with us but it would appear that Warble customers can’t seem to get enough of hearing those classic songs, Valerie, Rehab and Back to Black and seeing Amy do her thing.

One of Warble’s most popular Amy impersonators is Tania, who was voted one of the top ten tributes in the whole world! Not bad hey?!

Check out Amy Winehouse tribute Tania here…

Oasis Tribute Band

Oasis Tribute Band

9. Oasis
After years of bitter brotherly in-fighting, Oasis finally decided to call it a day much to the pity for all of us. Even when the songs weren’t up to much they kept us entertained by constantly jibing at each other… still, they haven’t waned in popularity as far as folk wanting to hear their music goes. Warble’s most popular Oasis tribute is ‘Definitely Mightbe’ who we have booked in the past to perform at the mighty MEN Arena in Manchester.

Check out this awesome Oasis tribute and have a listen to them above…

8. Frank Sinatra
Crooning his way to number 8 is ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ himself, Frank Sinatra. Still hugely popular after all these years it seems that ‘New York, New York’ is a dance floor favourite with corporate event organisers and private party-goers alike. And, who can resist the gradual crescendo build of ‘My Way’, a song about dealing with all the challenges of life while still maintaining a respectable degree of integrity. Pure class!

Check out this fantastic Frank Sinatra tribute here.

Michael Bublé Tribute

Michael Bublé Tribute

7. Michael Bublé
Bringing crooning up to date, the next tribute singer on the list is Michael Bublé. Recently, this singing sensation has taken both the charts and many a woman’s heart by storm! With already classic songs, such as ‘Home’ and ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’, plus reworkings of oldies ‘Cry Me A River’ and ‘Feeling Good’ it is easy to see why a tribute to him is flying off the shelves!

For more on this awesome Michael Bublé tribute click here…

6. Queen
Another tribute falling into the ‘gone but not forgotten’ category is Queen… yes, we know they’re still ‘going’ as such. But, without Freddie it just isn’t Queen. Even Adam Lambert (as good as he is) can’t fill the shoes that stole the show at Live Aid and blew us away from Rio! There can be only one… (those ‘real’ fans will understand this reference from the Highlander film). But, checking out some of the great Queen tribute bands around there is plenty of opportunity to be transported back in time to get a glimmer of just how good it could have been…

For more great videos by this Queen tribute band check here…

Adele Tribute Singer

Adele Tribute Singer

5. Adele
Another tribute act bringing us bang up to date is Adele. With Grammy’s to spare and being dubbed with single-handedly rescuing the flagging record industry it would appear that anything Adele touches seems to turn to gold. Well, it’s certainly no different as far as the tribute industry is concerned as there has been a huge influx of Adele tributes coming at us from every corner… and, lots of them are AWESOME! Check out this track from Warble’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’:

To listen to more from this Adele Tribute and watch some videos check here…

Take That Tribute

Take That Tribute

4. Take That / Robbie Williams
Bigger, and almost definitely better than ever, number 4 on the Warble tribute list is Take That! Who would have thought that after fading into the background and sizzling out after Robbie decided to go his separate ways Take That would not only come back bigger than ever, but would also manage to entice said Mr Williams back into the TT camp! And, according to Wikipedia, the Progress album became the fastest selling album of the 21st century! Looks like it might have been worth it then 🙂 Even though the Take That tribute acts were always popular this new lease of life from the guys certainly took things to another level and you’ll be hard pushed to find a Friday or Saturday available should you want to book one. Still, there’s no harm in asking…

Check out some more photos from Take That II here…

3. Elvis
The King is dead long live the King! That’s what they say isn’t it?  Well, in this case the phrase could not have more significance. Elvis tributes are, and always have been, extremely popular and customers even like to specify the era… young, Vegas, gold jumpsuit etc… there really is an Elvis tribute for every occasion. Popular with corporate clients, wedding couples and just those wanting to have a big party, Elvis in the building pretty much guarantees a great night for everyone. With old songs being covered by new acts the King’s legacy is stronger than ever and creating ripples throughout every generation both young and old.

We actually find it hard to believe that the following video isn’t the King himself…

For some more great videos by Lee, a fantastic ‘early days’ Elvis tribute singer check here…

ABBA Tribute Band

ABBA Tribute Band

Just missing out on the top spot are the 4 Swedes who’s harmonies, catchy tunes and tangled love lives are still taking us by storm…. ABBA. With 12 great ABBA tributes on the Warble roster and counting, it seems that customers and musicians alike can’t get enough of the ABBA phenomena. The Mama Mia musical and movie only added to the popularity of the act and it is guaranteed that an ABBA tribute will be spotted at at least one major festival every year, such is their appeal. The ABBA tributes are available as duos or 4 piece acts and each one has perfected their Swedish accent to perfection and know that as soon as ‘Dancing Queen’ starts… the floor will be FULL!

Just one of the ABBA tributes available can be seen here…

Still Numero Uno - The Beatles

Still Numero Uno – The Beatles

1. The Beatles
*Drum Roll*…….. well, it can’t come as any surprise that still the number 1 tribute band at Warble (and, they’ve been there since day one!) are the four loveable lads from Liverpool… The Beatles. What is there to say about The Beatles that hasn’t either been said a hundred times or written about in great detail in a plethora of bios, autobios and unofficial bios… so, we won’t say anything, instead we’ll have a listen to some of the awesome Beatles tribute bands we have available….

Thanks for reading and we hope you have enjoyed checking out the top 10 tribute bands and singers 🙂

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  1. Warble Matt says:

    Incidentally, close runners up for the Top 10 were Madonna, Kylie, Madness and Rod Stewart… just so you know 🙂

  2. alstar says:

    Oooh, I was just about to ask about Madonna 🙂

  3. Warble Matt says:

    Haha beat you to it 🙂

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