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Wedding Bands – 5 Hot and Upcoming Trends for 2018

We live in the modern age where brides have Pinterest boards and Instagram inspiration in abundance, striving for  the perfect wedding. Wedding trends move so quickly these days and we’ve seen so many come and go even in this past year!

Both the industry and couples are constantly re-evaluating what is considered the ‘norm’ when it comes to wedding bands and live music. The truth is that right now is the golden age of wedding bands. There is so much creative license to work with and anything goes.

For those of you with your finger on the pulse, here are 5 things that are hot right now in wedding entertainment and wedding bands and our predictions for upcoming trends for 2018.

1. Nostalgia

We believe a lot of this is down to the age range of recent newlyweds. This year has been all about re-living fond memories from youthful days and enjoying music that we would have grown up with. It’s no surprise then that we’re seeing a lot of 90’s and early 2000’s throwbacks and mash-ups entering band’s sets with an emphasis on those guilty pleasures from school and college days!

We expect to be reminiscing even more in 2018. As the 90’s and noughties start to fade out, keep an eye out for more and more bands bringing in songs from the 2010’s as a throwback. Yes that was almost a decade ago! Now that we’ve made you feel old and possibly induced an existential crisis, let’s move on to our next trend…

2. Awesome First Dance Songs

What was once a meaningful ballad or a romantic cheddar missile of a love song that couples would dance to has now evolved into something completely different. All it takes is one look at YouTube to see how innovative and outlandish some first dances have become.

We always say that having your wedding band perform your first dance song instead of having a backing track is a really special moment, and something you should strive for if possible. Your song choice however is of course going to be something personal to you but we’re seeing so many obscure, weird and wonderful song choices for first dances recently – and we love it!

3. Sax, DJ & Percussion

Sax and DJ performances are really popular right now as people want to recreate the Ibiza club vibe. We see a lot of couples getting stuck between booking a wedding band or a DJ for their evening reception. Many will end up stumbling across this collaborative effort between a DJ and live musicians such a Saxophonist or Percussionist and instantly see it as a ‘must-have’!

This freestyle approach to the party at the end of the night is only going to get more and more popular and has proven to be dance floor filler already.

4. Festival Wedding Bands

Us Brits are self-confessed festival crazy. 100’s of festivals grace our island each year, promising incredible music and an atmosphere like no other. It comes as no surprise then that ‘festival’ themed weddings are one of the hottest trends right now.

You can thank Mumford & Sons for the initial burst of interest in this kind of wedding, but since then this whole scene has evolved so much. There is a real emphasis here on the live music being a focal point on your big day, and every year festival weddings get even bigger and better!

5. Roaming Bands

As soon as the idea of roaming bands came about, we knew it was going to catch on. Giving your band free license to perform up close and personal for guests adds another element to your wedding band.

They can often be fully acoustic, or are just using modern gizmos and tech to be able to break free from the shackles of the stage and free roam between your guests. Roaming bands or ‘walkabout’ bands savour the interactive nature of what they do. They are so much fun and can be completely unexpected for your guests!

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