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Here’s Why You Should Book A Mariachi Band For Your Event

With the national Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo just a few days away on the 5th May, there’s no better time to make a noise about Mariachi bands and all they have to offer!

There is something about the splash of colour, the musical surprise and the vibrancy of a Mariachi band that brightens up everyone’s day, provides a lasting impression and leaves achey cheeks from so much smiling.

Join the Mexican wave and find out why they are a must have for your event or wedding!

A Great Way To Spice Up The Party

The inclusion of a Mariachi band is without a doubt one of the most guaranteed ways to add a touch of fun to your event. The big sombreros and siesta filled tunes are enthralling and inviting for you to get up and dance or join in by clapping along.

A great way to utilise your Mariachi band is to keep their appearance a closely guarded secret from your friends and family… We know it’s hard to not tell everyone about it, but honestly, it’s worth it to see the look on everyone’s faces when the band come out and start serenading tables and guests!

Be Authentic

It is extremely difficult to locate a Mariachi band in the UK that actually originates from Mexico, but we do have Mariachi bands available with true Hispanic origins that can provide an authentic sound and look to your Mexican themed entertainment.

London Mariachi are a great example of this. These guys also use traditional instruments that are handcrafted specifically for use in Mariachi, costumes handmade and tailored in Mexico, as well as a wealth of experience with adding that unique, Mexican twist to events.

Let Your Band Loose!

How you use your very own Mariachi band is ultimately your choice. The great thing is, they are so versatile and can take on many different roles at events, meaning that you might be spoilt for that choice…

One of the more common options is to let your band loose so they can wander and free roam throughout your event, causing some Mariachi mayhem! They will perform up close for tables and guests, working the room and making sure that everyone gets involved.

Serenade Your Sweetheart

A Mariachi band is an amazing way to serenade your señor or señorita on your wedding day, and adds some Mexican flair to the romance.

It can also be an incredibly memorable way to propose to your loved one! Of course this is something that you’ll want to keep a secret, but it can really make a moment like a proposal something to remember for years and years to come.

What better way is there to spice up your event? Contact us to book your perfect Mexican themed Mariachi act today.

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