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Winter Wonderland Themed Cakes

Winter Wonderland Themed Cakes

Brrrr…. Winter has most definitely kicked in this week. We’re not enjoying the cold office when we arrive at Warble Towers in the morning but we are loving all things sparkly and chocolatey, which the lead up to Christmas brings! 😮

Winter Wonderland Themed CakesWe have a treat for you with this week as we have a blog from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes who have provided some top tips when thinking about, or, ordering a cake for your Wedding or Party.

“Zoe’s fancy cakes creates beautiful, highly decorative, personalised celebration cakes suitable for all occasions. My focus is on creating something unique and individual of good quality.

Winter is fast approaching and it will soon be my favourite time of the year… Christmas!
Christmas cakes, Christmas puddings, Christmas pies and even more exciting, lots of Christmas Wedding cakes to make.

With lots of styles, themes, shapes and sizes to choose from how do you know where to start? Here are my hints, tips and ideas for your winter wedding cake;

Winter Themed Cakes

Winter Themed Cakes

What size of cake to order?
Many different sites will give you different portion guides for your wedding cake so how do you know which one to go by? The venue will usually cut cakes to standard size pieces, but check with them how large they cut the pieces, or ask them to cut your cake to feed a certain number of people. It is worth remembering that a fruit cake will always feed more people than a sponge cake will.

Generally people will decide the size cake of their cake based upon the number of guests that will be attending their Wedding. Some couples will also save the top tier (only if it is fruit cake) for their baby’s Christening (meaning you may need a slightly larger cake).

If you want a large show stopping cake that grabs everyone’s attention and looks great on photos, but doesn’t need to feed that many people, then go for a cake where some tiers are not real cake, mixed with some tiers that are.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you have a sweet or desert table at your wedding, then not all guests may want wedding cake.

Christmas Wedding Cakes

Christmas Wedding Cakes

So how do you make your Wedding cake Christmassy?
A cake can be made Christmas by its design and colour scheme but also by the actual ‘cake’ and flavours inside! A traditional fruit cake soaked in brandy is always Christmassy, but as not everyone enjoys fruit cake, try a brandy butter cream in a sponge or rich chocolate cake for a more Christmassy taste. Try to keep your flavours reasonably simple as not all guests will like unusual tasting cakes.

As far as the look of your Wedding cake, the most popular colours for a Christmas themed cake are white and red, but all white or white with hints of ice blue or silver can create a really beautiful winter wonderland look. You can go for something traditional or something a little bit different, novel and fun. Bright reds, greens and gold’s can be used to create a vibrant and colourful cake. Cakes stacked and iced like Christmas presents create a novel and clever idea for a wedding cake. A light dusting of glitter can create a shimmery snow and winter effect. You may choose miniature cakes/cupcakes or cake pops instead of a wedding cake or even as well as, so they can be used as wedding favours.

Unique Christmassy Ideas

Unique Christmassy Ideas

Nice ideas for Christmas wedding favours are biscuits, such as hand decorated gingerbread men, or iced shortbread snowflakes, Christmas bauble cake pops or brandy chocolate truffles made to look like snowballs.

A cake can be of more importance to some couples than others, many couples tend to add items of personal importance into their theme, for example, their pet, or reasons they were drawn together. For inspiration for your winter Wedding cake, get ideas from images not just of other cakes, but Christmas cards and decorations or take a look on my website ( for more individual and unusual cake ideas.

I hope this helps 😮 Zoe

P.S I have been busy on this Christmas style cake recently which I will be raffling off for charity. Keep an eye on my facebook page for more details…”

IMG_4904 IMG_4912 IMG_4913Thanks to Zoe for this blog.

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