Justin The Caricaturist

Justin The Caricaturist

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Location Essex
Starting from £299
3 Reviews

Justin has become a firm favourite at weddings, parties and corporate events, entertaining guests with his brilliantly observed live caricatures.

  • Highlights
  • Up to 20 faces drawn per hour
  • Will mix and mingle with your guests, providing the perfect ice breaker
  • Paper can be pre-printed with a personalised message free of charge

Justin was amazing and everyone loved him. He broke up the day nicely and was super professional. I would recommend to anyone.

Grant Robinson


Thousands of guests across the South East and London have come away from special days and evenings made all the more memorable by being immortalised in one of Justin’s huge, striking caricatures, giving them a unique memento to take home along with the rest of their memories of the day.

Never one to be found tucked away in a corner hidden behind an easel, Justin prefers to mix and mingle with guests as he works. His likeable personality and ready sense of humour instantly win everybody over and are as much the reason for his repeat bookings as his caricatures. In case you’re worried how your guests might be portrayed, never fear – Justin’s caricatures are always ‘kind’, never wicked (unless, of course, that’s what they ask for!)

Your guests are drawn a lively and instantly recognisable caricature on high quality paper and presented in a protective sleeve to keep it safe from the drink spillages and freak profiterole accidents that occur at all the best events.

Live caricatures are a perfect icebreaker and a great way to liven-up the lulls between the ceremony, meal and dancing at weddings.

Caricatures are also a great addition to corporate events. Training days, exhibitions and team-building events are always welcome changes to the work routine for staff, and a caricature session can give a great injection of fun into the proceedings – especially when it’s unexpected.

Performance Schedule

  • 2 Hours
  • 3 Hours

Justin can draw up to 20 caricatures per hour (sometimes more), so plan for around 40-50 for a two-hour booking... and don’t worry about fitting everyone in, as not everyone will want to be drawn – many people love simply watching the caricatures being drawn and egging-on their partners and friends to have theirs done!

Previous Clients

  • Barclays Bank
  • BP
  • Deloitte
  • American Express
  • May Gurney
  • Ministry of Defense
  • and more

3 Reviews

Top reviews

Grant Robinson

Event: Wedding
Location: Kent

Justin was amazing and everyone loved him. He broke up the day nicely and was super professional. I would recommend to anyone.

Dhruv Doshi - Doshi Accountants Ltd

Event: Corporate
Location: London

Great work and a great attitude - everyone was very happy.

Mr and Mrs P Cunningham

Event: Wedding
Location: Essex

Hiring Justin for our wedding day was a great decision. He drew many of our guests and everyone was extremely happy, amused and entertained. Totally professional and friendly, Justin is a great addition to any wedding. We highly recomend him.


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £342
    • Norfolk £410
    • Norwich £410
    • Suffolk £342
    East Midlands
    • Northamptonshire £410
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £342
    • Berkshire £342
    • Buckinghamshire £342
    • East Sussex £342
    • Essex £299
    • Hampshire £342
    • Hertfordshire £317
    • Kent £299
    • London £299
    • Middlesex £299
    • Surrey £324

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    Justin The Caricaturist
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    How long does each caricature take to draw?
    Black and white caricatures take approx 3-4 mins each for individuals (around 20 per hour) and slightly longer for couples.

    Where do you need to set up?
    I prefer to mix and mingle with guests in a decently lit and not too crammed area of the venue.

    What size are the caricatures?
    A4 size on high quality paper. Each drawing is presented in a clear plastic sleeve for protection.

    How many people do you draw per sheet?
    Couples or individuals per A4 sheet.

    Can we have pre-printed paper?
    The paper can be pre-printed with a small message of your choice at no extra charge.

    How long can we book you for?
    Typically I perform for 2-3 hours at weddings and parties. Longer for corporate events (up to 7 hours).

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