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Festival & Folk Wedding Bands in Lincolnshire

Festival & Folk Wedding Bands Lincolnshire

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Festival & Folk Wedding Bands Festival & Folk Wedding Bands in Lincolnshire
If you need to find entertainment for an event then check out the Festival & Folk Wedding Bands below who are available to hire in Lincolnshire. All acts have been vetted by Warble Entertainment’s artist sign up team so you can rest assured that they will be professional, reliable and of the highest quality.
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The prices below reflect a guide to how much each act will cost in Lincolnshire - for prices in additional areas please visit the individual act profiles or alter the search criteria below.
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All Festival & Folk Wedding Bands in Lincolnshire

Folk Fables
Price in Lincolnshire
A folk-infused 4-piece pop and rock band that'll have everybody flocking to the dance floor!
The Broadsmen
Price in Lincolnshire
A feel-good pop and rock trio with a fabulous folky twist!
The Cave
Price in Lincolnshire
The Cave are one of the UK's premier wedding bands - stylish, contemporary and guaranteed to make your day!
Under The Sun
Price in Lincolnshire
A red-hot, party-starting pop and rock band whose epic repertoire of hits will make your dance floor irresistible!
The Ridgeways
Price in Lincolnshire
Delivering feel-good renditions of the latest and greatest hit songs, The Ridgeways have an impressive reputation for filling dance floors!
The Wolfpack
Price in Lincolnshire
The Wolfpack are experts in delivering an upbeat, folksy sound that is perfect for festival and barn weddings.
The Barleys
Price in Lincolnshire
A remarkable trio of multi-talented musicians performing popular hits from the last 60 years of music.
George and the Gentry
Price in Lincolnshire
George and the Gentry come with a wealth of experience, having played at countless events around the world.
Tokyo Lights
Price in Lincolnshire
Bristol based Tokyo Lights combine amazing male and female vocals, a lively performance style and some of the biggest hits of the past 50 years to fill your dance floor!
Ghetto Blasters Brass Band
Price in Lincolnshire
The Ghetto Blasters are Nottinghamshire's only contemporary New Orleans-inspired brass band.
The Festival Vibe
Price in Lincolnshire
The Festival Vibe are a fun, energetic 4-piece folk-pop band from Somerset that love to entertain crowds with their ‘Mumford & Sons’ style!
The Nutmegs
Price in Lincolnshire
The Nutmegs are a fun and lively 4-piece festival band from Manchester.
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