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London Latino Duo

London Latino Duo
Location Surrey
Starting from £540.00

The London Latino Duo is a Flute and Guitar ensemble based in Surrey. They formed the London Latino Duo after their wedding in 2006.

This ensemble will perform live background music from a warm and relaxing classical repertoire for your wedding, cocktail, afternoon tea, hotel lounge or reception, garden party, corporate event, private function, gallery preview and such. 

Their repertoire, essentially inspired by South American composers (Piazzola, Pujol, Machado...), will be the perfect touch to create a  smooth and agreeable atmosphere for an unforgettable moment.

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Song List

Morenita de Brazil by G. Farrauto

Spanish Romance - Anonymous

Choro No 1 (Silver & Wood Romance, Flute and Guitar Duo arrangement) by H. Villa Lobos

Aranjuez by J. Rodrigo

Sambamar Suite by C. Machado

  • Chorinho pra Ioria
  • Sambamar
  • Chorinho sem Lagrima
  • Vamos Nessa
  • Sao Paulo a Noite
  • Frevando na Rua

Suite Buenos Aires by M. D Pujol

  • Pompeya
  • Palermo
  • San Telmo

Pieces Faciles et Agreables op. 74 (15 Pieces) by M. Giuliani

Grande Sonate op.85 by M. Giuliani

  • Andante Molto Sustenuto
  • Scherzo

History of Tango by A.Piazzola

  • Bordel 1900
  • Cafe 1930
  • Nightclub 1960

Dos Aires Candomberos by M. D Pujol

  • Nubes de Buenos Aires
  • Candombe  de Los Buenos Tiempos

Brazilian Popular Music Suite by C. Machado

  • Pacoca
  • Piazza Vittorio
  • Algodao Doce
  • Sambossa
  • Pe de Moleque

Libertango  by A. Piazzola

Vidalita by R. Maldonaldo

Aire in G by J. S. Bach

Siciliano by J. S Bach

Pavane by G. Faure

Fly me to the Moon by F. Sinatra

Girl of Ipanema by T. Jobim

Quiet Night of Quiet Stars by T. Jobim