Location East Sussex
Starting from £696.00
3 reviews
Location East Sussex
Starting from £696.00
Read 3 reviews

Exciting, energetic, toe-tapping, traditional folk music.

Highly experienced and extemely versitile Rackabello can perform rawkus party sets for huge crowds or small, relaxed, acoustic sessions for intimate gatherings. With the option of adding a caller for ceilidhs or barndances, Rackabello have it covered.

Watch Rackabello

Watch Rackabello


Number of Reviews and Counting... 3!

Rackabello are a young professional band playing upbeat, foot-stomping traditional music from Ireland, England, Cornwall, Scotland and Eastern Europe.

The band are life long friends and have been playing the music they love together for 7 years. With beautiful harmonies, fiddle, accordion, banjo and mandolin they never fail to get people dancing and singing along. Rackabello have played festivals, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, ceilidhs, barndances and pubs and clubs across the UK and Europe.

The band are highly experienced and willing to cater to any of your requirements. They can play a mix of lively party sets or relaxed acoustic background sets consisting of solely Irish, Celtic, instrumental, sung or mixed traditional music to suit your preference. The band are also highly experienced in delivering Ceilidhs with a caller should you wish to have a more formal dance event.

Standard 4 piece (4 of the following)

  • Accordion/Mandolin
  • Fiddle / Female Vocals
  • Guitar / Male vocals
  • Percussion / Tin whistle
  • Banjo / Male Vocals

5 piece

  • Accordion/Mandolin
  • Fiddle / Female Vocals
  • Guitar / Male vocals
  • Percussion / Tin whistle
  • Banjo / Male Vocals

Ceilidh/Barn Dance option - 4 piece set up plus a dance caller

Setlists include...


  • Paddy on the railway
  • Holy Ground
  • Auld Triangle
  • Cooley's Reel
  • Irish Rover 
  • Kesh Jig
  • Mursheen Durkin
  • Out on the ocean
  • Waxies dargle
  • The cliffs of moher & My darling Asleep
  • Toss the feathers
  • Scatter the mud
  • Old hag at the kiln
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Fields of Athenry
  • Danny Boy
  • Dennis Murphy's Polka
  • The Butterfly
  • Morrisons Jig
  • Dennis Murphy's and Peg Ryan's Polkas
  • Maid behind the bar 


  • Cuckoo's Nest
  • Byker Hill
  • Tipsy Parson
  • Dido Bednigo
  • Greenland whale fisheries
  • Three Score and Ten
  • Gentleman Soldier


  • Lochleven castle
  • Mason's apron
  • Tam Lin
  • Two Sisters
  • Dashing White Sergeant
  • Cock of the North


  • An Awhesyth
  • Delyow Syvy
  • Tregajorran
  • Newlyn fishermen's reel 


  • Ale Brider
  • Hava Nagila
  • Honga
  • Odessa Bulgarish
  • Freylekhs
  • Chusen Kala Mazeltov

Russian and Eastern European

  • Dark Eyes
  • Kalinka
  • Moscow Nights
  • Hej Sokoly
  • Petyoruska
  • Katjushka
, Other, North Yorkshire


, Birthday Party, The Ballroom, London

This is an exceptional band and an incredibly kind, sincere group of people. We liked the music they had online but hearing them live was like an unexpected quantum leap in exceeding our expectations. Their lead singer was down with flu and they totally styled it out. Incredible energy, such a consistent pace filled the air with a gift of welcome, fun and energy that was completely magical. If we could get them for every party we would!

, Wedding, East Sussex

The band came to play at my wedding and they delivered on so many levels - apart from my wife saying 'yes' they were the highlight of the day! They got everyone dancing and ensured the evening was an awesome party! The Polish guests in particular absolutely loved it as it was something new for them - and the English and Irish guests all said that it was a fantastic reception and all commented on well the band played. Not only are they excellent musicians with an extensive knowledge of Irish and European Folk Music, they are a lovely group of people as well! I would recommend them for any party or function - they were awesome and I look forward to seeing them again soon!

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • England's Medieval Festival
  • Broadstairs Folk Week
  • Pop Up Brixton
  • South of England Show
  • The Green Party
  • Brigthon Council
  • Onca Gallery
  • Crawley Folk Festival
  • Society of Homeopaths
  • Brighton City Reads
  • Geri Halliwell
  • Sofia Dahl
  • Jamie Cullum
  • The late Terry Pratchet

What sets do you play?
Generally 2 x 45 minutes but we can tailor sets to your event.

Are You Insured?
Yes, PAT and PLI certificates are available on request.

Can the band provide a caller for my Ceilidh dance?
Of course! Please ask when making an enquiry to Warble.

  • 2 x 45min sets standard

Can add extra sets or different timings upon request.


Please Note: The fees indicated below are approximate and based on a central location for each county. They are intended to provide a rough guide only and exact quotes can only be given once the date and exact location of your event have been provided.

Foreign Locations

Europe £1,800.00 Rest of the world £2,400.00

South East

Bedfordshire £1,200.00 Berkshire £1,080.00 Buckinghamshire £1,200.00 East Sussex £696.00 Essex £1,080.00 Hampshire £960.00 Hertfordshire £1,200.00 Isle of Wight £1,200.00 Kent £960.00 Oxfordshire £1,200.00 Surrey £960.00 West Sussex £840.00 London £1,080.00 Middlesex £1,080.00
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