Warble Entertainment's

Rock and Metal Dancers

Rock and Metal Dancers
Location Manchester
Starting from £396.00

Rock and Metal Dancers have developed a high energy and complex dance style unique to them, and performed exclusively to rock and metal music.

They are heavily influenced by modern club, street and belly dance, and give classic dance styles a modern edge.

Their unique style reflects the power and rebelliousness of rock music, and is exclusive to them. You won't find anything else like them!

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Song List
  • Panama - Van Halen
  • Piss - Pantera
  • Redneck - Lamb of God
  • Would? - Alice in Chains
  • Rock is Dead - Marilyn Manson
  • Toxicity - System of a Down
  • Subtle Hustle - Clutch

Starting at £350, bespoke choreography can be designed to a song of choice. 

Although the dancers choreograph exclusively to rock and metal, performing to other potential alternative genres e.g. electro, industrial, can be discussed.